On the Loose

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On the Loose is a short story about a young Michelle Berg who vanished one night. This story creates tension and adds a sense of curiosity to the readers.

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



On the Loose

By: C.A. McBride


A day. A day was all it was to Michelle Berg on June, 14. High expectations she had not. Just a day. Michelle had heard of mysterious disappearing’s in her area, but thought very little of them. It was 8:52pm on that Saturday evening she vanished. No screams. No hollering. Just silence.

Michelle’s friends had planned a day at the mall to get her mind off the struggles occurring at home. She lived a simple life. Going to the mall was not her preference, but she later agreed. Cornerfield Mall, it was, where they all gathered. Michelle, of course, was last to arrive. Her mother was hesitant in allowing her to due to the disappearing’s of young women. Michelle had no interest in shopping, so wandered off into a nearby bookstore. Rachel and Jordan had not noticed Michelle had wandered off until an hour later. Little did they know, Michelle was only two stores away. The two friends searched and searched for hours until the finally spotted her sitting and reading in one of the bookstore’s chairs. With anger, Jordan burst into flames. She began shouting and yelling asking why Michelle had left them stranded. Michelle just sat there and stared. No emotional reaction, just stared.

“Why on Earth would you leave us like that?! Do you know how much of a worry you gave us?! This day was for you! I knew we shouldn’t have invited you.” Jordan hollered.

Michelle seemed confused. Unsure of the current situation. She looked up at Rachel, then at Jordan, and back at Rachel.

“What’s going on? I told you guys where I would be and the whole time you were right behind me? The entire time I was walking to and throughout the store, there were two figures just a few yards away from me.” Michelle said calmly.

“What are you talking about Micky? We haven’t seen or heard from you in hours.” Rachel voiced.

“I just want to know why you left!” Jordan shouted.j

“Well, the important part is that you’re okay”, said Rachel.

Michelle stood up and walked to put back the book. She didn’t speak, just walked. Jordan and Rachel continued to ask questions, but never received a simple response from Michelle. Not even a nod.

“What’s wrong Mick? Did something happen while we were gone? Did you see someone you knew?” asked Jordan.

“It’s okay. I’m sure it was no big deal. Can we just go please…now?”

Michelle was baffled. She just couldn’t figure out who or what the two figures behind here were. As she continued window shopping, Michelle repetitively looked behind her to see if the two shapes were still following her. They were gone. Not even a glimpse. Although the mall was very crowded, you’d still be able to tell if things seemed unusual.

“Am I delusional?” Michelle thought to herself.

She struggled with finding a reasonable explanation for whom she was speaking to, and who was trailing her.

“But they responded? They said ‘we’ll be behind you the whole way.’”

She was stumped, but acted very nonchalant for the rest of the evening.


It was 6:37, about 2 hours before her disappearance. Jordan, Michelle, and Rachel began walking towards the food court. Jordan noticed a large group of shoppers frantically running from a sushi restaurant, Wagamama, while screaming. The three girls couldn’t make out the situation, but in that moment, Michelle spotted a tall figure. The tall figure. His physique and body stature resembled one of the figures that was trailing her. She noticed him suspiciously peering around the corner of the Wagamama as if he was checking to see if police were arriving.

Michelle thought to herself...but out loud.

“Could it be him? Nooo, there was two of them? But, where’s the other one? What is he doing here?”

“We’re right here? What are you talking about? Who’s he?” questioned Rachel.

“Never mind. Can we just get something to eat?”

Then suddenly, in that moment there was an announcement over the intercom streaming throughout the mall.

“Shoppers. Please evacuate premises. There is a hostage situation occurring in the food court. Please evacuate the premises.”

Immediately, dozens of shoppers began running out the doors. Just as Jordan, Rachel, and Michelle were heading towards the doors, five masked men started sprinting towards them. They were carrying large guns and wearing all black. The men motioned the shoppers back into the mall. The three girls darted towards another exit, but weren’t fast enough. Out of nowhere, more masked men came upon them and dragged them into the store with the rest of the hostages.

“Everybody drop your belongings!” shouted one of the men. “Everyone back into that store!...You over there!” He motioned towards Michelle. She stuttered in fear. “Ye…yes?”

“Empty out your bags.” He demanded.

He turned towards her. Michelle caught a quick glimpse of his face as her took a breath of air. He looked familiar. Who was he and why did he only want Michelle to empty her bag? Michelle began emptying her purse. Tissues, mascara, her wallet, and a few coins fell out. Michelle never carried much with her.

“Where’s your phone! It’s not in your purse.” one of the men demanded.

“I don’t have a phone”, whispered Michelle.

He kicked her in the stomach twice and yelled again.

“Where’s your phone!”

As the man was about to kick her again, Jordan abruptly stood up and grabbed the man’s neck attempting a headlock.

“Stop! Please stop! She doesn’t have a phone, okay!”

You could hear the panic in Jordan’s voice. The man thrust his arms and head free and shoved her down. He called over one of his accomplices and asked him to get rid of the other shoppers. It had already been two hours. No police sirens or lights. No helicopters or choppers. Nothing. How did they cancel the connection to emergency response? They then took Michelle and escaped into the parking lot. She had bruises on her body and scars from the rough handling. They took her…she was gone. And the criminals were on the loose.


The End


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