Overkill: The Legend of Steve Johnston

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This is the story of Steve Johnston a solder for the US Military, read on through the life of Steve and his legendary actions!

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



Overkill: The Legend of Steve Johnston
by Chandler Vining
Chapter 1 My Life
Well, This journal was given to me by my grandfather, he knew it was illegal to tell me but he could not stand hiding it anymore, he told me in World War ll he was sent in a special ops task force to emerge a sneak attack toward Hitler himself, they were successful and he was face-to-face with Hitler when, he shot himself right in front of my grandfather, everyone had thought my grandfather had shot him, to get the reward, he said he did, got the medal and went on his way, retired, and lived forever with his guilt he told me on his death bed that this happened, he thought smoking could calm him down but, he only got lung cancer and past away in 2009, I feel I should finally put this journal to use, I’ve been under some stress lately.
When I was 8, my older brother was 10, and my little brothers were both 6, they were identical twins, my mother and father died in a car accident, a diesel driver fell asleep behind the wheel, crossed into on coming traffic and hit head on with my parent’s small Toyota, the car spun out and a small pick up truck smashed into the side my mother died on impact my father survived for about another 8 hours. In his last hours he told me “Son, don’t ever let anyone hold you back, go for your goals, do something good with your life.”… Those were his last words.
Ever since my parents died my grandparents raised us, and since my grandfather died my older brother has raised us but, now all he does is clean his hunting rifles and look at gun magazines, I’ve been helping my younger brothers mostly now, I think my older brother has to ask me something, very important.
Chapter 2 Boot Camp
He finally asked the question, he wants me and my little brothers to join the military with him, my little brothers said they would do whatever I do so that’s even more pressure on me, he told me how everything would be and he is a skilled marksman and said without me know he took my little brothers to a shooting range, Joseph (one of the brothers) was a good submachine gunner, Jonathon (the other brother) a good short range man, so, as I sat and decided, and finally came to a conclusion, we would go to boot camp.
As we arrived at boot camp, Stephen (my older brother) took a breath of fresh air as if it smelled good, I think it reeked of body odder, Joseph and Jonathan seemed more interested as if this were history class or something, we went to unpack our stuff at our bunks, luckily they were next to each other, I found my old middle school friend, Corey, he looked better than ever it was his first day to, he came in this morning, Stephen never really liked any of my friends, he lost all his friends when our parents died, he lost interest in friends and then became his love for guns, Corey was a nice kid, had a lot of guts, I don’t think he was the military type though, but neither was I, I feared the idea of real action getting in a fire fight or even experiencing an explosion, I had a feeling if anything like that happened me, Corey, and all my brothers would die, but, I had to believe in them so they would not lose there potential in being a good solider.
`last night I had a dream about my mother, tucking me in as a young boy, every night before the accident she would kiss me on the cheek, tell me she loved me and then I would go to bed, I told Stephen about my dream, he just looked at me as if I whew some kind of crazy person, but, I wanted to believe my mother came to me that night, in my dream, she seemed happy and seemed proud that I did what my brother wanted, that’s what I thought.
Chapter 3 the Sorting
Well today was sorting day as they called it, we will receive our ranks and be put in a task force, they called Joseph up, he was ranked private, got put in task force 239, Stephen was called up, he was also ranked private, got put in task force 121, I feared none of us would be in the same task force, then me, I took a deep breath, I got rank private, got put in task force 121, right as I heard the name I immediately felt good, then they called Corey, he got the same rank and got put in task force 121 also, sight of relieve flew through him, then little Jonathon got called, he was put in the task force 124, he appeared pale and looked sick to his stomach, probably just really scared that he would not be able to fight with us.
After we got back, everyone was like a chatter box talking about they cant believe they made it threw nine weeks of terror, all five of us wore scared for the twins, they’ve never been apart for more then five minutes witch was when they were in the bathroom, now there suddenly looking at up to 4 years without ever seeing each other, you would never have guessed Jonathon, one of the most exited to come down here, now sits on his bed, wishing he had never came down here after bed time I went down to his bunk and told him the story about grandpa and how he was so scared when Hitler shot himself, he could barely stand it, all Jonathon did was hug me and told me he wished dad was here, I told him I did to, I laid nest to him Intel he went to bed and then I crawled back to my bunk and laid there for well over and hour then finally fell asleep.
Chapter 4 Departure
It was departure day and everyone was very, very sad, I went to Jonathon and said “c’mon, you’ll be fine out there, here,” I gave him an old radio and said “ if you need anything I’m on the other line”, he just hugged and said thanks, there plane left 10 minutes later, then Joseph’s plane left, then me, Corey, and Stephan’s plane left, we were took to an old house in the middle of south eastern Russia, a man named Nexpoxan, a Russian warlord lives there we are supposed to infiltrate the house kill everyone inside and retrieve Nexpoxan alive, we arrived at the house everyone creeping very close Stephen dived behind a car I was signaled to go in downstairs and I reached the basement door, slowly crept in, then a loud crashing noise came from upstairs, a grenade had went off in the door way some one accidentally pulled there pen out, I hope it wasn’t Corey or Stephen, gunfire went off, it sounded like a cold hard thunderstorm swept inside the house, I stood up and began to run down the hall “downstairs clear” I shouted in to the radio I hope they heard me, “ copy were sending troops your way private be ready for covering fire” captain Biggs said, I knew my orders I ran on to the stair case and began shooting rapidly, I caught a glimpse of Corey, thank god he’s ok, then Stephen, then Biggs, I had to reload so I had Stephen take over while I got a new mag, then something came over me, a burst of energy, like I could do anything, I took of like a cheetah after pray, took the corner upstairs, and let loose I had actually killed 5 men in 4 to 5 seconds, I felt so much adrenaline running threw me, I felt horrible about killing them but felt like moving into the next room for some reason, Biggs and me went one way, the rest in the other, we turned a corner, immediately a man smashed his gun into Biggs’ chest knocking the wind out of him, then the man fell down I had shot him, and then I looked the other way the man had a knife to his chest, I must have stabbed him, then I saw Nexpoxan, started to run after him, he was fast, I was faster, I jumped on his back we both rolled down a hill, I knocked him out and I didn’t have a scratch on me, “finish up in there Biggs, I got’em.”, so they did and we headed to Moscow.
Chapter 5 the Call
We stayed in the house for the night, I got a call on the radio that I gave Jonathon, he said grandma had past away from old age, I could not believe what he said,” Steve, it finally happened, grandma is gone she past away about 5 hours ago”, isn’t it funny how when one person dies another is born, but in this situation, am I getting punished by my mother and father for killing those men, did they take grandma away from me for some kind of permanent punishment, maybe next time they’ll take Jonathon, or Corey, or even Stephan, I do have skills in fighting, but if my parents are punishing me for using them, maybe there not good maybe there bad, maybe mother and father took away grandma cause I did bad, they would take my favorite toy as a child when I did bad, I guess now its more serious.
Chapter 6 an Unexpected Event
We cleaned up the next morning, and waited for the chopper to get here, I told Corey and Stephen about grandma to spend the time, then the chopper arrived, we all barreled in there exited to get to Moscow, the pilot came into do a head count, she was the most beautiful girl in the world, long brown hair with bright blue eyes, her voice was as pretty as a song birds song, she was just perfect, she asked my name as I daydreamed about her, she said it twice and then Corey slapped my shoulder to snap me out of it she said my name again, “oh, yeah, um, that’s me Steve,” I said all embarrassed like while blushing, she smiled at me and I smiled back then she finished the head count and smiled at me again, then went to the cockpit to fly, then Cpt. Biggs said well to pass time I might as well hand out letters, everyone smiled at that Corey got an old necklace that was his fathers in the war with a personal letter from everyone in his family, every couple of seconds he would giggle and just smile the whole time, Stephen got a letter from his old girl friend telling him something very unexpected, the broke up a few weeks before we left, they broke up because Stephen wanted to join the military, the letter stated she wants to get back together and the last night they spent together was great and she was indeed, Pregnant, with Stephens ]’s baby, he always wanted a boy, so did she. I got a letter from my old friend nick and that he was joining to, not surprising, he always loved the military, he taught me and Jonathon how to use a gun. Well Stephen had a baby on the way; he said he’s going to go as long as he can in the military then go home.
Chapter 7 presidential gun fight
Its Jonathon’s first mission, he has to go walk with the president down Main Street in Washington DC. In some kind of parade, I’m listening on the radio, there continue down the street when, a loud roaring gun shot went of, 50 caliber sniper rifle, the president flew off his limo, people are scrambling then more shots ring throughout DC as if it were the house we were just at, “President Carter the second has been shot on live radio and TV broadcasting,” the man on the radio said, I don’t care if anyone finds out, I pulled out the radio I gave Jonathon and said “Jonathon, do you copy”, his voice was sad an scared “ Brother, I’m so scared, I’m right next to president carter,” he said, “ how bad are his wounds,” I yelled, “there fatal Steve, its in his heart, wait no, no, Mr. President wake up wake up!” he shouted and cried, “Jonathon, Jonathon, he’s gone there’s nothing we can do about it,” I said sadly, you could here him sobbing threw the radio as if he were right in front of me, “Jonathon,” I said sadly in the radio, ”yeah, Steve,” he said still crying with gun shots in the background, “ I’m on my way,” I alerted Cpt. Biggs what happened and he told the pilot, “Turn this ship around, we’re going to help Jonathon kill some Russians,” he said loudly, the whole plane roared in happiness, we arrived in Washington about one hour later, the war still raged on, we barreled out of the plane so fast, you didn’t know who was who, I got to Jonathon, he said “there, there in the hotel with heavy fire power,”, I took of running toward the building, the adrenalin the energy flowed threw me again, I felt like a monster, I kicked the door in, and flew inside shots barreled through the building men just started falling, then suddenly a sharp pain came from my back, my body whipped and a threw my knife into the mans chest, the pain was there, Stephen ran in yelling your going to be ok don’t worry I had know idea he was talking to me, I had been stabbed, I didn’t even know, this energy, I began to run again, up the stairs, started to shoot again then I was pushed, then again, I turned around, one load roar from the mans gun, a pain that was like no other, this time I knew what happened, I was shot, fell out the second floor window, I plummeted to the ground, with a smack I fell into a dreaded sleep. Stephen ran up behind me got shot three times in the chest then the rest of the squad went up, they couldn’t stop the Russians, everyone evacuated the building and the shot the building with missiles and it tumbled to the ground.
Chapter 8 the First Date
I awoke in the Washington hospital, I couldn’t feel anything, I looked at a small dry erase board on the wall across the room, the date, I had been out for a whole day, there were two small chairs next to my bed, one chair had Corey in it, the other had Jonathon in it, they were both asleep, I wondered where Stephen was he was always with me, or Jonathon, I called for the nurse and asked what happened, she said she didn’t know, I arrived here asleep losing much blood, there was another man injured with me, I asked who it was she said it was my brother, Stephen, he ran up to the second floor behind me to stop me, I was shot out the window, he took 3 shots to the chest and fell down the stairs, Cpt. Biggs got everyone out of the builder and blew it up with the Russians inside, Stephen was at the red cross medical facility, I asked if anyone else was here she said the pilot was, I asked if she could come in. the pilot came in and we had a long talk, her name is Kati, I asked her on a date she said when I get out of the hospital yes we can go to a fancy pizza place before we go to Moscow, I cant believe they waited.
I am on my way to me and Kati’s date, I’m scared and nervous, we will leave to Moscow in 3 hours, I arrived in a cab, and she was inside waiting at the table, we slowly got to know each other, she asked me how many men have I killed “well, up to 25,”I said quietly, she looked at me and winked and said “I’ve killed up to 20, or how ever many there were in that building,” she smiled and we both shared a small giggle, at the end of our date she said “we should do this again,” and smiled and I said “oh, we will” I paid for her ride to the military air station, I went to the military armory, I was supposed to meet my old friend nick there, he was in the same squad.
Chapter 9 Moscow
As we started to arrive at Moscow when we heard more gun fire, sounds of machine guns, sniper rifles, and even air missiles, then I thought If there’s air missiles, why would we fly over Moscow, then a ringing roar of an RPG, then a plow, the whole plane started to spin we were definitely hit, as we plummeted toward Moscow the back of the plane blew off, a few people fell out then suddenly, Corey, Corey fell out with two other people, my adrenalin is built up again I ran toward the back of the plan grabbed a shoot then let loose again flew out of the back went straight toward the ground saw Corey and went even faster, I had know control over my body I reached out grabbed his hand a ripped the shoot open, as it ripped, I turned his body around so he was in-between me and the shoot we both went up about 20 feet, then came down slowly, landed on top of a big hotel that looked on the verge of falling, I looked up immediately and saw the plane land safely an a hill in the distance they were safe, but I wasn’t, the building kept creaking, Corey thanked me with his life and I told him that’s what friends do and he said “no, friends buy you a piece of candy, give you a ride to school, no, you, you are brother, you treat me like I was one of your brothers,” and I just looked at him and said, “maybe you haven’t had many good friends,” he looked at me and said “well, lets find the task force,” and we ran down stairs shooting and blowing stuff up, we reached the bottom, tanks drove by, there were Chinese’ here, we hid behind trash cans, and waited for them to leave, then took off up the street, the city was dead, after about 30 minutes of running, we reached the crash sight, everyone was intact except, Jonathon was in the explosion, he was pretty badly burnt, the whole left side of his body he could not move, Stephen was perfectly fine, Kati was fine, Biggs was fine, I told Biggs there were Chinese military here, he seemed more worried that we were stuck in Moscow with the Russians, we all left the crash sight, I told Biggs the hotel we were on seemed old but sturdy, he told me to take him there, we ran the same 20 minutes, down reached the hotel it was clear we reached the roof, that’s where we settled a base, Kati got a radio working with Overlord, Biggs told them to send everything we’ve got there was Chinese and Russians here ready to strike, then a big boom sent a shockwave threw buildings and in the distance a building collapsed, it was worse than anything I’ve ever seen before, it was like hell on earth, another missile went threw another building, the builder slowly collapsed, then a russling noise the building vibrated, it was falling.
I lifted my head up of the ground to see if we were all here still here, gunfire ringed threw the city of Moscow Russia, there was another building across the street started to rustle like dead leaves scraping each other in the wind. I tried to stand but something kept me down, my leg had been crushed, or broken. The pain was excoriating, I finally stood my self up, and I couldn’t tell if everyone was dead or just knocked out. Then Stephen pushed himself up of the ground and looked at me, he looked horrible, bloody and burnt. Corey said my name; I stumbled to where he was, I finally reached him and collapsed at his feet. He pushed himself up and looked toward Stephen and asked Stephen if he was ok, Stephen looked over and said “yeah, I’m fine, just a little stunned, I think hit my head.” Jonathon had still not moved very much from the crash, he still hadn’t moved, he appeared to be dead. I thought to myself, where is Joseph. I hadn’t heard from him since we left, Biggs radio went off, “we’re sending task force 239 your way,” that was Joseph’s task force, he was coming to find us. A few military helicopters flew over. They dropped men with shoots they landed with us. There captain shouted “task force 239 reporting for duty sir!” Biggs still did not move, I feared he was dead, he was limping leaving from the crash, all there medic’s ran threw checking people, one of them stopped and said “oh no” there captain responded with a scared looked, then the medic said “Cpt. Biggs, is… is dead sir.” Everyone stopped, “check the other bodes” there captain yelled, one of them ran toward me “everything ok here” he said. I looked at him and said “I crushed my leg wit some rubble, I need something it hurts bad,” I said loudly trying to yell over the gun fire that seemed to be coming closer. I asked about Joseph, the man said he had been badly wounded in there last fire fight they had on the other side of town, said he might have died, he did not know for sure. After we discovered who was dead and who wasn’t, when Joseph’s squad left they took Jonathon and Kati with them, Kati gave me a note with her cell pone number and her address, se said she would wait for me, Jonathon had to be put on life support. So, now it’s just me, Corey, Nick, and Stephen, I took Biggs’ radio and talked to Overlord, they asked me if I wanted to take Biggs’ place as captain, I immediately said yes. I told the squad we would just continue with task force 239 threw Moscow and move on, everyone agreed, we stormed threw Moscow, Russians and Chinese’ on both sides of us we did our best to let them shoot each other, my rage and adrenalin was not kicking in for some reason, like I wasn’t in as much action. We started to hide in buildings I asked Overlord if they had any troops next to us and he said a whole bunch of our men were pushing the Russians out of Moscow, we learned weren’t just killing Russians, that’s why the other Russians we saw did not shoot at us, we were killing Nexpoxen’s men and flushing them out of Russia, the red army were are allies for the first time in a long time, then a squad of red army men ran up to us asking for help, they were with five other squads and they were being hammered at the Russian capital building, two more squads ran up to say they would help, so we stormed there men from the back we had them surrounded, Russians we dropping like flies, then are Russian friends started to fall, they had a sniper he was behind us, I looked back quickly I was lucky I spotted him immediately he was aiming at Corey, I took one shot with my pistol, the bullet went threw his scope into his eye and he fell off the building, we were lucky then massive explosions erupted on the battle field, the united states air force flew over dropping bombs all over the capital yard. We were saved.
We replenished our ammo, and kept moving everything was quite, the a loud shot roared threw our street, we immediately ran into a partly destroyed house another shot blew a brick of the wall next to me, he was aiming at me, I threw a brick a crossed the small opening, it blew into a bunch of little pieces, that scared me, but the energy started to rise in me, the adrenalin ran threw me never before, I looked at nick and told him to ran out the back door then
Corey, Stephen then me, he looked at me scared like. I said “ill send covering fire, I have a feeling where he was at”, he said ok a took off running, Corey right be hind him as a leaned out to shoot, I was wrong, a loud shot roared a looked back, nick flew to the ground I looked at the angle of the shot then I new, I leaned out took one loud heart pumping shot he fell a window of a four story building then I ran to nick, he looked at me and said “I’m fine don’t worry ill be ok, ill go to a better place, I’m ok with this,” I looked back as a single tear ran down my face I said “ no, you will be fine me and you re going to finish up and grab a cup of coffee just like we used to,” I stated to cry harder, he told me it’s ok, I would not leave him, I picked him up put him on my shoulder and ran with everyone following me and Nick spoke his last words “Steve, do what your father said, do something good in your life for all three of us ok” I just kept running, we reached a medical plane, I gave them nick and said please give a nice grave, he said he’ll do what he can. I said “no, that’s not enough this man risked his life so I could take a shot to take down a stupid sniper, I should have ran it should have been me!” as a shouted and started to cry some more, he said he’ll get taken to his family and his funeral will be totally paid by the military, I said ok. We continued to the newly learned LZ, we didn’t have any action on the way there, we finally reached the LZ, and we were done in Moscow.
We were in the plane, we received more mail, Stephen got pregnancy pictures from his girlfriend, Corey got more letters from his family, I got a small letter saying how when he was out he had long dream about talking to dad, dad asked about everyone, and at the very end of the dream dad gave him hug and he suddenly awoke like a miracle. We approached Rio de Janeiro; we are after Nexpoxen’s weapon provider Fabian El Baneiro, I started to see the favela I knew we would end up running threw, we started to land as we were immediately greeted by Russian terrorist, the blew up one of the engines so we had a rough landing but we all ran out firing our weapons, the rage came out like a raging beast coming out of a cage, I started to shoot and there bodies started to fall then Stephen pushed me down as I was shooting my gun, he was lucky I didn’t accidentally shoot him, he looked at me evil like and started to shoot people, I tripped him and then we finished the terrorist’ of and got inside a few fifteen passenger vans and drove off toward Fabian El Baneiro. As we approached the favela and I saw the Russians running into house and setting up C4 bombs around in houses, we parked outside a small coffee shop and some men in suits from the first van slowly walked out at the same time as Fabian El Baneiro, they walked up to each other, the men in suits showed there badges and Fabian pulled out a pistol shot both of them and we opened the back door and barreled out running after him, Stephen flew in front of me and pulled out a pistol and started to shoot his legs but missed every time, I started in front oh Stephen and got close then he took a corner then I stopped and had to turn around, I looked toward Fabian and he was faster than ever, I built up that energy and took off threw an ally and ran as fast as ever, I reached the favela and jumped down a few houses then they broke threw Fabian jumped out on to a roof top and Stephen right behind him, I took off down the roof tops, jumping left and right, I finally reached the level they were on and I was in front of him I hid inside the house, when he ran by I dived out at him, we collided in the air and flew down the favela we hit a trip line that triggered the C4 bombs in the houses, then a bunch of houses blew up, luckily none of them were near Stephen and the rest of them, we stopped tumbling cause we were at a cliff, Fabian was ok but I was forced to grab the edge before I flew off, I looked at Fabian and he looked at me and said “you have failed your mission, Nexpoxan is escaping your little base in Russia right now, foolish American, now die, “and he stomped on my fingers with his boots, I fell for a good five seconds then smacked the ground with a loud scream, then I heard gunshots Fabian El Baneiro fell of the cliff and hit the ground next to me breaking the wood platform we were on and we fell another ten feet into a room full of images, they were a bunch of American and Russian people, one of them was President Carter the second, this was clearly Nexpoxen’s room, then everything went into a blurred scene I looked where we fell in and Stephen stood there yelling my name, then I fell into a sleep I felt would be my last.
Chapter 11 The Delivery
I awoke I was fine I fell 10 feet, the doctor said I wood experience back pain for the rest of my life, I was just thankful I was still alive. Our task force got a new name, Task Force Bravo 4. The next mission would be to finally end the Reign of Nexpoxen’s terror, we would load the back of a semi truck full of explosives and troops, we stop off everywhere there is Nexpoxen’s men, we began to pile in to the truck, me, Stephen, Jonathon, Corey, and Joseph arrived right before we left, and how great it was to see him. We began to drive, first stop, Intel of a 7 storied hotel with Antonio El Baneiro in it. He was the one of the last lieutenants of Nexpoxen’s army. We stopped up the road then Gen. Harrison stood up with his clip board instead, “many of you will face death today, Intel says he has suicide bombers, dogs, and very big explosives, but that’s why today we fight fire with fire! Today we blow that hotel to nothing, we will end this war!” it was the most heroic thing we’ve heard in a long time. “now, a moment of silence for those lost so far…”, it was at lest 3 minutes before we began to drive again. Reloading our guns, grabbing extra ammo. The hotel was insight, the ringing shots go off everywhere bullets piercing the truck, thank god it was bullet proof, the truck slid to a rolling stop and the back hatch swung open, everyone ran out opening fire on the building, we kicked open the doors a rolled in to the hotel, Jonathon and Joseph were put on top of the building a cross the street for sniper support. Kati was up in the air ready to blow up the hotel on our mark. Once inside people swarmed, you couldn’t tell who was who, then I saw Antonio and bolted ahead, Corey running after me and Stephen holding up by the door. We ran up the first set of stairs, a bomb went of and the building shook, we kept running Corey stopped to shoot then lost me. But I kept my pace, ganging on him then the next set of stairs, right as we got up there they lit up the stairs with hundreds of bullets. Right as they stopped I new what to do, I unpinned all my grenades and I turned the corner, threw the bombs, and started firing and then ran. Antonio was already toward the top of the building, I called for backup through the radio. “Cpt. Steve Johnston backup on the way, General out.” then I just ran air strikes hit the building left and right, when I reached the top the building was creaking and starting to tip, I looked at Antonio, he pulled out a gun, I had no ammo, I knew I was done. Then Jonathon got him in the back with the sniper rifle saving my life. Then the moment ended and the building started to fall, I ran toward the edge and jumped pulled my Para shoot, and floated to the ground. When I got there marines were falling all over the place I told Kati to blow up the building, so she hit it with everything she had. What was left off us barely made it to the truck, Stephen was driving, we still had the bombs, we drove down the road at like 70 miles and hour. Then more shots went off, one of the bullets went into the truck and hit a bomb, the last lieutenant was straight ahead, the bomb would explode in 30 seconds, before we knew it the back hatch was open and people were jumping out, Joseph told Jonathon to jump so he did, then he pulled me out of my spot and I tumbled out of the back of the truck, he looked at Stephen and said “Stephen go, ill take it from here.” Stephen was about to say something when he was pushed out, Joseph controlled the truck all the way to the building, when it exploded, killing the last lieutenant, and him. Then I heard Jonathan in the background yell “No!,” he started crying his eyes out. Stephen looked at me and said “I failed dad.”.
Chapter 12 My Grandfathers mission
Once we got to the chopper and started to Paris, France. Local civilians saw his chopper there, they say he’s in the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. It was just me, Corey, Jonathon, and Stephen. Of in the distance we began to see the Tower. We were on a special ops mission, to infiltrate and find Nexpoxen and kill him, just like my grandfather. We flew around the building a few times, then a Private said “positive ID on Nexpoxen.”. “Overlord copies all, Task force Bravo 4, take him down, talk to when this war is ended,”. “could’ve sworn Joseph ended this war yesterday.” Stephen said like a smart-aleck. We zip lined down on top of the tower, breeched in opened rapid fire, once they were gone we looked for Nexpoxen. Then Nexpoxen jumped up and said. “I’m sorry about your brother Captain.”. I turned to him and listened to what he had to say. “cant we settle this without violence,”. I looked at him and said, “I will never make a piece offering with you,” then he said, “no, well you will fail just like you grandfather did.”. “No!” I yelled, he pulled out a gun, put it to his head, and pulled the trigger.
Chapter 13 a Happy ending
This time, people knew the truth about his fate. But I received a medal anyway, so did Jonathon, Stephen, and Corey, even though Joseph was dead, he received the purple heart, for saving 25 men’s life in that truck. We went home,
Corey moved next door to Jonathon, me and Kati moved next door to him, and Stephen, his girlfriend Samantha, and there baby girl June. Moved in across the street, and Kati got pregnant. And we all carried on our normal lives.
50 years later (Epilogue)
Well, now its just our children and grandchildren, Stephen Johnston past away at the age of 64. Jonathon Johnston past away at the age of 68. Corey Brown past away at the age of 69. And Joseph Johnston past away at the age of 19. And me, Steve Johnston past away at the age 72, after becoming president of the United States of America, on his death bed he spoke to his son, like his grandfather, he told him his grandfathers mission. But this time, he told him “Son, don’t ever let anyone hold you back, go for your goals, do something good with your life.”…and then he past away, a hero, like his father wanted. Task Force Bravo 4 then went down in history, forever.

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