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What was the real colour we are wondering to have.....

Thanks to Sugi. Sivam,  Popular Scholar in Tamil.

Once there was a panchavarnam bird (Parrot) and Crow guested in the same tree.
The parrot always use to kid the crow,  Hey you black dirty crow ....Don't touch or sit next to me... keep some distance... 

Crow:  Really I am feeling bad,  What i will do friend? Its my color. 

One day the crow lost his patient prayed the god why you blessed me like this.  You made some partiality to me?
God Appears: Hey Crow I never do partiality for any livings?. 
God is completely out while arguing with the crow, So finally God Said I can able to give you a boon, But it was my deprecation days, 
Only after this half-moon day i am able to sancation this boon. Pls wait until that. 
One day the hunter came to that forest and caught the parrot & taken to his home.
On seeing this, The crow followed the hunter and seated on the balcony wall watching the things!
The hunter sealed the parrot into the closed net 
The man started to teach the parrot hey bird say "Good afternoon!"  ......
Tell-??? Tell-??? hmm  later he taken a stick in his hand and started beating hmm Tell??
Parrot: ki ki kii......
later in a force the man pasted the green chilly into the mouth of the parrot?
Hmm Say..."Good afternoon?"
Parrot: Kiii KIiiii... Kiiiiiii.....

That day was a Half-moon day, The hunter's wife on the top floor with some food and started shouting.
KA... KA.... KA.... KA.... KA.....

God Appears: Hey Crow i think its your day.... See the man training the parrot to make him to speak his language. But other side they are calling you in your language for your food.... Now Tell What kind of boon you need???  

- Chandra 


Submitted: August 17, 2014

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