Miles to go...!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before i sleep!
- Robert Frost.

Miles to go…!

Ragu and Anu are the childhood friends both are easy going guys never took hard things into their minds, just handles the situations very lightly. They use to spend a lot of their times with each other both are working in the town, they use to come native only on weekends and in the working town Ragu stay with his friends and Anu stayed with her office colleagues and even daily both use to spend at least two hours for a day and use to have their dinner at outside hotels. 

Anu was a second daughter to her parents. Her elder sister got married when anu was 6+ so there is no chance to spending time with her. It was the time started with Ragu, she lost her parents in one accident at 13 she got alone not have good relations to take care. So finally cheers up with the Sivanandha Gurukulam. Her father’s PF, FD & some property helped her studies. Now she completed MBA, Got placed in Mahindra Sathyam as HR and handed over some of her properties to Gurukulam except the one small open plot.

Ragu who born with 2 twin sisters, unfortunately, he lost his both sisters. He was from a typical middle class and was not that much good in studies, so his uncle's forced him to quit the studies at 6th and want him to go for workshop or hotels because they don't want to waste money for him, Ragu's mom and dad or only 8th discontinued, they know about the value of education, his mom begged them for Ragu's education and asked her younger brother to help Ragu to join the Govt. School and some internal family problem grow on finally at the age of 13 ragu, mom and dad were pushed out from their family and living house. there is nobody here to help them ignored by all in his life even at this age 25 he never seen his father's side relations and also never know about the problem why relative from mom side did like this and he not taken any interest so far to ask about the things what was happened? Now He was working in iNautix as a Senior Software Engineer. He only needs to light the lamp for his family.

On every Monday both use to take the same Cab or Bus to reach out the town likely on Friday they will return back to their native. 

One fine Monday morning travel @ 4.30 AM Anu, sitting next to the CAB window

Anu: Ragu I thought of marriage with you?

Surprised Ragu: Hey Anu!

Anu: Just got into my mind at last night

Ragu: Sorry, I never thought about my life with marriage Hmm…

Suddenly CAB got stopped due to breakdown, so they got down and started with Bus in-standing. The days were rolled on... after that both of them not even talked about this, but daily use to spend their times as usual and chat about a thing.

After 3 months, it was in the town hotel while having their dinner.

Anu: Long back, One of our discussion is got stopped because of something?

Ragu: Ya, Yes anu I remember.

Anu: Let me start now?

Ragu: with the smile

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep And Miles to go.........."

Anu: hey...!!! Robert Frost poem ah?

Outside the hotel, there was a very huge sound. The highway accident with two cars, everybody spot out... On hearing the sound Ragu got unconscious and let anu hold his hand and arms made him to reach his room. Yes, Ragu easily caught into fear or sick on seeing any kind of accidents or blood. So while traveling also he never uses to sit next to the window and even found any accidents he closes his eyes and won’t speak to anyone for next 2 to 3 hours until getting out of cab or bus. Anu was a very strong hearted girl, even she lost her parents on accident she was seated next to her dad in that car.

Later 6 months, it was the Friday evening Ragu called up Anu, It will take me another 1 hour to start, I think today we won’t get seat for our native until we are going to the bus stand, So I will come to the nearby railway station please keep the change for the ticket from there shall we take a train to reach bus stand.

Anu: Sure. Before you start, give me out a call?

Both reached the railway station. Anu was in the opposite platform!

It was a Friday weekend trip! So the station was too Rush. Ragu showed his hand and made some action & signals. Anu watched that but not responded to him. Now ragu picked his phone and dialed,

Ragu: Hey Anu? What happen come soon? 

Anu: No Ragu... You need to conclude?

Ragu: What you want me to conclude? Oh... I Got It….

Anu: What you got it?

Ragu: Yes, I think next month we having one good day? Shall we marry...?

Anu: oh… :) you, idiot… hah, haa. Oooh

A small kid playing next to anu dropped the ball into the track… and intend to catch the ball, the kid is also stepped down to the track. On seeing that Anu jumped down to the track and helped the kid to get that ball. Ragu shouted from the next platform hey!!! Anu No… Use the steps…

Sooner Anu caught the ball and lifted the kid to go onto the platform… Anu is not a tall girl, she tried to get up from bottom track to reach into the platform…Suddenly the Train Rushed into the Platform at the Anu’s End, She was helpless, unfortunately, the train too…

Anu Was Smashed and thrown out of the station, there was a very huge sound and the station was flooded with blood, her two legs & one hand departed down to the opposite track.

Her body with some piece of cloth thrown out to the road below the Station again got a nice hit with the local mofussil bus and thrown off to the auto front mirror which stands on the opposite road side... finally anu reached the ground…

Ragu: ____________________________________________

But the Anu is still alive… An ambulance was called on and moved to the town hall hospital. Still, anu is able to see the peoples around her

Doctors said Hey guy we are sorry! We can’t do anything... and we are very surprised still she is alive... She wants to talk with you pls go… that only we can able to do for you now.

Ragu: Hey Anu! It was a small one, No problem? You can get started in another 2 weeks?

Anu: ____ _ me__?

Ragu: Yes Anu, I talked with our temple saint he said this month itself we have one good day? So I think!!!! :)

Anu: Then its fine Ragu… So a month earlier we are going to marry ha :)

Anu: But there will be one condition from my side, it’s my longtime dream too. Wants to adopt one handicapped child from my ashram and to give a nice life. I think you know am having one open plot, It is for that child only.

Anu: __________ on holding the ragu’s hand, now its 8:50 PM right? But I will be available here till 9:00 PM only so…,.……

Ragu: Hey Anu!!

Ragu found a 2 rupee coin in Anu’s hand it was the change Ragu asked her to bring for a ticket. It was still in Anu's hand.

Now Anu gave that coin to ragu and said If Possible! Pls, try to make my dream to happen, anyway give this to your wife and let her put this coin into our temple pond.

Anu: I am all right now because I was feared how you will be on seeing me like this? You are ready to face anything... So you can... Pls, don’t give my body to the relative or anybody else. Just finish it off here in this hospital they will use me for their research and Pls share my available organs to any of charity needs...

Hey, Ragu you know.

“The woods are lovely dark and deep

But (you) have Promises to keep

And (you have) Miles to go (After) my sleep…..”

Thanks, Ragu... I never said this word to you, always you made me in comfort zone, All the Time. Now too… So it’s the reason to get into Love with you…. Our Life bag has full of surprises it was opened once we started crying and coming into this world.

Now it was 9:00 right!!! Good Time Started... Bye Ragu!

- Chandra

Submitted: July 15, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Chandra. All rights reserved.

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