The Onsite Curtain

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We can’t be good for everyone at every time,
Unfortunately we can’t be bad too…

The Onsite Curtain

There was a three easy going guys named Anto John from Kerala, Karan from Andhra and Ragunan from Chennai they were not known to each other until they stepping into their career in Mahindra Sathyam, Chennai.  They were joined as a Senior Software Engineer in a same team. These three guys are well known for all not only to other team peoples and also for the entire office itself.  Because they always use play and making fun with all people & being very cool in stand even it was any critical issue or bugs or any emergency scrum or client calls, they are more technically stuffed.  These three guys easily nail down any kind of critical requirement and will be ready on time with the proof of concept and functional models. Anto expertise in designing the server side architectures, Karan & Ragunan expertise in defining the functional and business logics through software engineering diagrams and algorithmic expressions and more importantly Ragu was a young boy and he was a short temper but having a quick understanding on things and has ability to articulate technical jargon to a non technical audience.  Generally people came out of Autism seems to be more effective in their thoughts and activities, so Ragu also not unbound to this rule. Even Project architects, Managers use to support and shows up these guys as an example for others.  Sometimes these examples are suggested for some Team Leads and Module Leads too.  So some Leads are always use to keep on reporting bad and mess up with these guys, but they never mind it, unfortunately the architects and managers too.  So every time those leads will get disappointed.

It was a usual thing will be happened at any kind of work. There were some black dotted dice always use to roll down on the office pantry, corridor, parking place and even it sometimes smells out in office wash room too… Other Leads are also getting polluted on words of one another.

The new product discussion was started for the UK based company Manisha, Architect, Beema Rao, Product Manager was in explaining the requirements to Mr. Mukesh, Module Lead who having a very great experience in various corporate and expertise on complete SDLC and business models and technically he was sounds good and 2 other leads also in the meeting hall.  It was the long-term development so it won’t affect on the recessions and there is a quick opportunity within a month to go and work at ONSITE.  These leads are not that much clear with the understanding because being open it was a Legal & Statutory domain.  So the discussion was going more than 3 hours continuously.  Later Rao call’d up these three guys to seat in this discussion. The leads faces were got faded out. They continued their discussion the leads tried to ruled out these guys but finally after 5.5 hours came to the conclusion, Mukesh and other 3 guys are assigned for 3 business weeks to get done with the plan, product design with metrics, architectural diagrams and algorithmic expressions. But Mukesh was acted like partially in words to work with these guys.

Mukesh was completely working on this product and these guys are allocated partially for this because they are already in development on other client side projects.  But Mukesh don’t want to keep these guys into this product because he knows once keeping these guys in our work, definitely they will take the entire credits and it won’t help to showcase him among the architects and managers.  So he planned in many ways nothing worked out well.Every day use to assign irrelevant functional task to these three guys to divert them in the functional flows. It was proven because assigning the things in Verbally, Not keeping the things in mail, Even in call too he is not recording the sessions.  Even they ask anything about functional scenarios are not matching the BRD (Business Requirement Document), Mukesh use to say it was an update from the client on my last night call.  

One day Ragu able to smell that Mukesh is misguiding him Later Anto and Karan also agreed the Ragu’s point that definitely Mukesh words will lead to reach us into trouble.  But daily Mukesh keep on assign some irrelevant task to these guys and doing the actual work by own and preparing docs at his night times.

End of Third week these guys submitted the High level functional docs to Mukesh once he reed and found it was completely new one it was not related to his daily task it was matching the requirement.  He was not able to speak but trying to act as a smart started searching in finding up the errors into that but he can’t able to find it out because he was little bit in tense and finally going to the algorithmic part.  Mukesh sees the manager and architects are coming to the meeting hall from the glass door and he wants to push these guys down So without checking the algorithms just tear the document paper and started shouting this way of code won’t works will reach into some performance issue and shouting like something……bla..bla…bla ……….. you people wasted all of my last 3 weeks of my time………bla bla…. The guys were lost all their patience because every day these three guys use to spend more than 6 hours at night to design the actual report. Ragu not able to control himself in anger he slapped Mukesh and Karan pushed down the Mukesh to the stairs.  Managers and architects were seeing this from the entrance of the meeting hall.

The problem was taken to The Asha, HR Lot of discussion were going what happened??? Whats the reason???  Everything is against and no one is ready to stand and support these guys!  It was the right time, so the Leads and senior resources were joined together to started talking about this problem and made that into a very big issue.  These guys are not having any proof to show what was actually assigned.  So they were cornered and HR was forced to make a permanent black mark on Karan & Ragu’s profile in the NASCOM and also to fire Anto from the job because they has to inflate the cost and also ragu & karan won’t get a job in other companies too.But Asha was not interested to do this.  Finally handed over the things to Mukesh its all yours please you have to decide and we can go according to that. 

Mukesh: Yes, I can tell but you need to do without questioning me, why?

Asha: Sure, But… Okay I will do it

Mukesh: Please provide me immediate transfer to our Pune Branch for the offshore support & no need to punish these guys and send them back to their work.

Asha: Hey Mukesh? Your are the only Senior Tech. Lead here…? & also how we can leave this problem just like that?

Mukesh: Yes, I think it’s very easy for you to do this :-)

Asha: Okay.

At the end of day Mukesh while taking his car from the parking lot.  The three guys went in front of him.

Ragu: Mukesh you know it was happened because of your mistake, Now showcasing like you as a Hero infornt of HR? Thinking you are an intelligent ah? Whether you only able to do the actual work at night time ah?

Karan: Even you don’t know the effort of our work… It was 3 weeks went like with night mare for us to prepare this doc…. But once you tore that document we have not able to control our self… very sorry.

Mukesh:  With tears, Hey guys really my intention is not to push you peoples down on the appraisal or performance, everybody knows you peoples were intelligent but if you know? Everybody have their own commitments, I was suffering to get an ONSITE opportunity for past 5 years now my age is 29. My girl is waiting for me in 28 and 3 sisters in the queue for the marriage, housing loan, educational loan, father and mother’s hospitality everything firing in mind… Even you people did not work on this product also you won’t lose your credibility and also nothing for you on completing this work. But for me it was only the golden opportunity to grab this ONSITE.  The little anger of you people spoiled mine and your name also… how can i come to this office from next day? Even I Go other place someone use to pin point me!  I got one point very clearly we need to wait until our curtain opens….. Patience is more important Or else only the shame remains…

We can’t be good for everyone at every time,

Unfortunately we can’t be bad too….

  -  Chandra  




Submitted: September 25, 2014

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