The Quick Chat

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Where we are in Humanities and Education!

The Quick Chat 

Conversation going on in one Group Chat:

Girl:  Hi Friends, Anybody needs Laptop, I am gonna to sell mine which was issued by tamil nadu Govt. for free?

Unknown1: Good! I too searching for a second hand laptop? What price?

Unknown2: Price? Configuration?

Unknown3: Govt. ? I think whether it was branded one?

Girl: Rs. 13,500/- Conf: Model: HP 5610 Processor: i3  HDD: 250 GB, Ram: 4 GB Ram

Unknown1: oh nice.... I think it was good configuration!

Unknown3: How many years old?

Girl: Just 6 Months, Having 1 Year warranty too

Unknown1: ya Good Configuration... How it works for this cost? 

Unknown3: May be its was fake guys!

Girl: No, Pls I was not going to fake you... Just give your address i will make this as cash on delivery.

Unknown1: Then, definetly there will be some open issue with that?

Unknown2: Yes, I too having a doubt in this?

Girl: Yes, There is a issue

Unknown3: Sure, with out any problem to that why you going to sell for this price...

Unknown1: Oh OMG....

Unknown2: I guessed it!

Girl: Tommorrow I need to pay my college Term Fees! 

 [10 minutes later]

Girl: Anybody there?

Girl: there???


Please make a self check where we are in Humanities and Education?

- Chandra E

Submitted: October 02, 2014

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