Love's First Valentine

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Cody wants to ask Andrea to the Valentines Dance. And he only has 5 days to do so. Will he make it in time?
A short Valentines story to warm up your heart

Submitted: February 10, 2010

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Submitted: February 10, 2010



<3 Happy Valentines Day! <3
- - - Cody Little - - -

It was February 9th, 5 days until Valentines Day and the Kenson High's annual dance. I'm Cody Little; captain of the soccer team, popular, the "it" guy... whatever. Mike, my best friend since 3rd grade, mister blond with a brain, or thats what he calls himself, was the one who wanted to get actual dates this year. I had someone in mind.... I've had one for almost 3 years.

"So, are you going to ask her to the dance this year Cody?" I snapped out of my thoughts to hear Mike addressing me.
Mike rolled his eyes, "I said, are you finally going toask Andrea to the dance?" he asked, staring intently at me.
The day we met in 3rd grade, wewent into a fist fight over who's car was cooler and faster. We, of course, ended up in the office. Mike with a towel to his nose, and me an icepack over my eye. We've been friends since then.
I let out a sigh. "I don't know. I mean, she went to the dance with that idiot, Jack, last year. I heard he wanted to ask her to the dance again," I said, looking over the court yard. There wasthe most beautiful firey-haired girl.

"Oh, come on. You've liked her since 9th grade! It's almost been three years, dude," he said brushing the hair from his eyes. "It's really about time you did."
I leaned forward and ran my hand through my hair. Gazing in awe, at the girl of my dreams.
Mike let out an annoyed sigh, "Look, I'm going to ask her friend, Kelly, this year. How about you come with and ask her then. And stop looking at her! Jeez, she'll start to think your a stalker or something."

I rolled my eyes, and turned to look at him, " I guess I could do that. Maybe I won't be so nervous," I said, leaning back again.
"I got through to you! Its a miracle!" Mike said punching me in the arm.
After that, I turned my attention back to that red hair.

- - - Andrea Reinton - - -

"Do you think Mike will finally ask me this year, Andy?" one of my best friend, Kelly,asked as sheswallowed the food she had in her mouth. She's one of the funniest, and the nicest person you'll ever meet. I've always loved her perfect brown hair. She makes it look easy, the different ways she styles it. She flipped it back behind her sholder and took a bit of her fries.
"Well first off.Chew and swallow. Second,he is. He came up to me in math class and asked meif you were still free," I smiled and winked at her.
"Really?" she asked eagerly,her eyes getting bigger.
I nodded taking a sip of my lemonade.
"Well, do you think Cody will ask you to the dance this year?" I looked up to see my other best-friend and her boyfriend sit down next to us.Teya, was always the one for doing wild things. Last year she made me and Kelly drag our butts in to an Extreme Sports camp, complete with, kyaking, river rafting, rock climbing, and my all time favourite, mountian hiking... yeah real fun.
She met Sam, her boyfriend, in a way you wouldn't think for Teya. They bumped into each other in the cafateria. Love at first sight.
"I don't know. I hope he does though. Last year really sucked," I said sighing. Last year I had gone to the dance with the most self-centered, idioticguyever! Jack Lawess. He's lucky he's a good looking guy, cause if I didn't know he was like that, I would have never had agreed to go to the dance with him.

Sam slid his arm around Teya and agreed, "Yeah, it really did. You ended up sitting at the back most of the night. Teya asked me to get one of my buddies to dance with you. Oh, and I heard Jack asked someone else, so you're not in any trouble."

Kelly suddenly stood up and asked, "Are you two free? We need to get at least something nice to wear to the dance. There's a sale on dresses at Royal River mall. Fifty to eighty percent off! So that way we don't cut into prom money."
"Yeah, I'm free all weekend. So pick a day, I'll be there."

"Sam's taking me to a movie on Saturday, so we can go on Sunday," Teya said smiling up at Sam, who leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

Kelly and I both rolled our eyes. Just then the bell went, signaling the end of lunch break.
"I'll call you two later. Bye!" Teya got up with Sam, who wrapped his arm around her waist protectively, and walked towards the school.
"Those two are going to get married and have blond dare devil kids in the near future," Kelly staring after them.
I laughed at the wild thought," I agree. Hey, I'llcatch you later. Off to science with me!" I said grabbing my school bag and slung it over my shoulder. I threw my lunch out on the way and walked into class.

- - - CodyLittle - - -

I sat down at my assinged table. This class is my favourite class in the whole school. Partly because science was easy, and second, because Andrea was my partner. I took out my things getting ready for the day's lab.
"Hey Cody,"greeted that sweet voice. I looked up to see Andy set her books down and smile at me.
"Hey Andy. How've you been?" I asked smiling back at her.
"I'm good. How about you?" she looked at me with her pretty emrald green eyes, and tucking some lose strands of hair behind her ears.
"I'm ok. Hey, c-could I ask you something?" I stuttered a bit. Why was I so nervous? Oh well, I really wanted to ask her to the dance.
"Yeah, sure. Whats up?" sheasked smiling at me again. I just wanted to kiss her right there. I held me self back, "This is not the time to be thinking about that!" I thought.
"How wou-" Just then I was cut off by the bell, the STUPID BELL!
"Tell me later," she said grinning at me, thenshe turned to face the teacher, who was already starting today's lesson. I sighed.
Stupid Bell...

- - - Andrea Reinton - - -

The bell rang, ending the last class of the day. I was putting the work I was doing in my binder, when I rememberd Cody wanted to ask me something.
"Cody? Were you going to ask me something?" I asked, looking up. But he was already out the door. Was he going to ask me to the dance? Was he scared to ask? Gosh, he was! I sighed. I was so close to being asked by him. Why didn't I ask sooner? I should have let him ask me at the beginning of class. I was really close to getting asked by the boy I've liked for, who knows how long, to the dance and I missed it! I frowned and grabbed my book, then headed up the stairs to my locker.
"Hey Andy! How was science?" Teya asked, leaning up against her locker, setting her bag by her feet.
"Science was science, but I think Cody wastrying to ask me to the dance," I said putting my text book in my locker and grabing my French homework.
"Really? Wait.. you think?" she said giving me a confused look.
"Yeah. He sounded like he was going to, but then the bell rang!" I said raising my voice louder as I spoke."I told him to tell me later, but he left before I could ask at the end of class." I grunted as I pushed my text book into my bag a little to hard.
" He's just probably just scared. He'll come around, don't worry," Teya comforted me."Oh, and I was also thinking after we go to the mall, we could head over to that new restaurant to get lunch. I hear it's really good. What do you think?"
"Sounds cool," I said.
"Hey, Andrea!" someone called my name over the busy halls.
"Hey Tom! What can I do for you?" I asked, raising my eyebrowat him.
"Hi, can I borrow your French notes? I was absent Tuesday."
- - - CodyLittle - - -

"The bell rang?" Mike asked, leaning against the lockers and giving me a weird look.
"Yes! The freaking bell! I was going to ask her," I said crossing my arms in frustration.
"Well then, go ask her now, before she heads home," he said pointing in the direction of her locker.
I sighed, "Maybe I will!" I said un-crossing my arms and buckling up, "I'll see you at practice," I said calling behind me.
"Good luck dude!" he called after me, showing his crossed fingers.
I headed down the hall, my pace quickening with every step. I bumped and pushed through people all the way down the hall. I shoved through a group of people and my heart sank. It felt like someone was ripping my heart in half. I was going to ask Andrea Reinton to the Valentine's Dance. The dance everyone gets too worked up about. The day of love. The day I wanted to finally call Andrea my girlfriend. To hold and to comfort her when she cried. Laugh endlessly with her. But I didn't have that chance now. 'Cause now I saw Tom Chantasking her.He was the defenceman on the soccer team, a good one too. She was smiling her perfect smile, nodding, then mouthed..sure. The second I saw that, I turned and basically ran down the hall to the locker room. Anger was bubbling up inside of me. I had to ask Tom why he had asked her after all those talks we had together! He liked Nicole in my English class.
When I entered the room, I let out abig, longsigh. Why do things like thisalwaysseem to happen to me?I walked over to my gym locker and grabbed my strip.

That's when I saw Tom walk by. Good thing I caught him before he went out. Then I would have never been able to talk to him.
"Tom! Wait up for a sec!" I calledout.
"Yeah? What's up, bro?" heasked, turning around to face me. Tom wasn't a big guy. I was taller... by a few centimeters.Ok, actuallyI wasa lot taller, but he was fast, and was always on his feet. No wonder coach picked him to be on the team. "I saw you talking to Andrea in the halls before practice..." I trailed off, I didnt know how to put what I wanted to say to himinto words without sounding mean or jealous... which I was.
"Oh yeah. I needed her french notes. I missed Tuesday's class. Why? Did you need them too?" he said, looking totally oblivious.
"Huh?" I said. So that's it! He needed the homework, that's all. She wasstill available! "Oh no. Never mind, its not important anymore."
"Ok. Well, see you on the field, captain," he said, turning and heading out to warm up. I sighed with relief, then I headed outside with a sheepish smile on my face.

- - - Andrea Reinton - - -

I climbed up the front steps to my house, andI saw my mother inside cooking.I walked in the houseand headed right into the kitchen. The familar smell of my mom's chicken soup filled the house. I took in a big wiff and sat down on a stool, leaning on the counter.
I inherited my mother's firey hair, and her emerald eyes. The only thing I received from my father was his body, which was just the way Iliked it.
"Hey mom," Igreeted her,dropping my bag to my side.
"Hi honey. How was school?" she asked, while she chopped up some vegetables.
"It was good.Cody Littlewas almost about to ask me to the dance," I said as casually as Icould.
"Really? He's such a nice boy. Although I think it'stime he got ahaircut though," she said adding the mix of vegetables to the boiling pot on the stove. "I hope he asks you, hun. That Jack kid was pretty lame." I giggled softly.
"You got that right," I said.Suddenly the front door opened and closed with a slam. My dad was home.
My parents don't really fight that often. They recently got into a big fight. Which rarely ever happens, but when it does, it's big. They never talk, sometimes for days, one time it was two weeks. I don't know how they do it, but it can get pretty annoying. It's currently been going on for four days without a word. I had to say something.

I turned my head slightly, " Hey Dad," I said putting on my best smile.
"Hi, sweet pea," he said nodding once to me, then hurrying up the stairs to his office.
My mom just stirred the contents in the pot and didn't even glance up at him. My mom sighed, "Well, I need to finish dinner. Oh, are you going to go shopping for the dance or something this weekend?" she asked putting the spoon down and looking at me.
"Yeah, on Sunday. Royal River has a store with a big sale on dresses. We're going there so we don't cut to much into our prom dress money," I said.
"Okay, thats good. You really do need to go all out on prom right," she winked at me," Well, go do your homework. I'll call when dinners ready."
"Okay," I said scurrying up the stairs to my room.

I opened my room, threw my bag on my bed and laid on the floor by my jewlery box. I sighed. I really do hope that Cody would ask me. He's really sweet and funny. Always making jokes in Science. Everytime he makes me laugh. He always has been a good friend to me. Something Kelly or Teya couldn't be. Then there was his shy side. He, of course, has a fan club, in my own head I'm a part of it. I've always liked Cody, but never really liked him until this year. I guess I grew up and really got to know more people outside of my own friends. I was fiddling with one mf my many necklaces, and smiling. Then I remembered I had homework. I sighed and pushed myself up off the floor. It was going to be a long night.

- - - CodyLittle - - -

I slammed my locker shut. I was running out of ways to ask Andrea to the dance. Some were good, but corny. Others ended in total embarassment. I don't know why I made the out come like that. Maybe she would say yes. Or not laugh at how I asked. I really didn't want to be sitting in the back like last year, watching Andy dance with Jack.
"Cody? Cody! Are you listening to me?" Mike said waving a hand in front of my face.
"What? Yeah, sure go ahead," I said, still trapped in my thoughts.
Mike rolled his eyes, "Get your heads out of the clouds man! I'll repeat myself. Have you seen Andy yet?" he asked.
"Nope, but I'll ask her! I swear by it," I said leaning up against the lockers.
"Good. I'm seeing her next in Math. I'll drop a hint to come by," he said, winking at me and smiling he's dumb, smug smile he always uses right before something blows up in his face. This was going to be fun.
Just then the bell rang. "Thanks, see yeah later."

40 minutes later, the bell rung again, ending the first class of the day. I was out the door and was heading straightto my locker, when I heared Mike calling me in the halls.
"Cody! CODY!" I turned to see Mike running towards me,"What?"
"M-Max Peters is going to ask Andy to the dance! He asked her to meet him by his locker after class, then winked at her! I ran here to tell you!" Mike threw his arms up.
"There she is! It's now or never, man. Go ask her.Now!" Mike said, or more like yelled, turned and pushed me in her direction. I shoved past teenagers, almost tripping,calling Andy's name the whole time.
"Andy! Andy, wait!" I picked up my pace," Andy! Andrea!" I called louder this time. She turned and looked at me.
"W-will you go to the d-dance with me?!" I blurted out, maybe a little too loudly, since everyone in the halls had stopped whatthey were doing,and turned tolook us.
She went bright red andreplied, "I would love to go to the dance with you, Cody," she said smiling wide.
- - - Andrea Reinton - - -
Cody was looking right at me with his sky blue eyes. I smiled at him, and blushed. That definitly was one way to ask, but it was also the most perfect way. He ask me. Me!
Cody smiled back, "Okay. I'll talk to you later then," he said smiling one more time and turning back down the halls.
I stood there looking down were he had come from when Teya and Kelly came bursting through smiling, and bombarded me with a hug.
"Guys..need to breathe," I said as they let go, laughing a bit.
"He finally asked!"Kelly squealed.
"Finally! Now we really need to go outfit picking!" Teya said.
Then Isuddenly saw Max walk down the halls past us, and ask a girl to the dance. Actually, I didn't exactly hear what he said, but I was guessing he asked her, since the minute he left she squealed and jumped up and down. For the rest of the day, I had a smile planted on my own face too.
- - - Cody Little - - -
"Cody! You finally asked her! Congrats," Mike said, punching me on my arm.
Yeah, I finally had done it. I finally asked Andrea Reinton. I had a sheepish smile on my face for the whole day. I was probably the happiest man on earth right about now.
"Yeah," I said smiling wide, "I did. Oh, and I was wondering if you wanted to share a limo and all that jazz."
"Sure. We can split the money. Sounds fine to me," he said. "Oh and, I asked Kelly today in Tech," he said putting on a very cheeky smile.
"She must have been happy," I said.
"Yeah, she fell right on me," he said, looking almost, embarassed?
"Fell? As in collapsed?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Women," we both said together. Then we laughed and walked out of the school for the day.
- - - Andrea Reinton - - -
I must have been sending off a happy vibe too when I got home. I skipped into the kitchen and sat down like I always do, to see my mom baking a pie. I sighed and giggled to myself.
"He asked you didn't he? She said popping the pie in the oven and leaning against the counter.
I sighed happily again, "Yes. He did. Mom, he's so perfect! Caring, sweet, kinda shy...." I trailed off day dreaming about him.
"So this Codys' the one who you talk about to your self all the time?" she asked chuckling to her self.
"Yeah..wait, What! You know about that?" I said bringing myself back to earth and going red as a tomatoe.
"Honey, how could I not? I got it on tape. It's very cute. You'll laugh about when your older," she said again giggling.
"Mom!" I whined. "You can't do that! Get rid of it! Burn it, dump it in a vat of toxic waste!" I screeched, turning really red now.
My mom just laughed at me, and turned around to wash some dishes. I made a face at her when she wasn't looking.
"I saw that," she said, right before I turned the corner.
What was it with mothers and knowing everything. They don't even have to be looking at you, or in the same room for that matter! It's as ifthey have super senses, and can read minds or something!
I rolled my eyesand headed upstairs to my room. I threw my bag by my desk and sat down by my jewlery box and looked in the mirror.
I took off the necklace I was wearing and started to untangle my others.
I, was going to the Valentine's dance with Cody Green! he had asked me! Me! Me! It was still hard to believe. He finally asked me. The captain of the soccer team, able to kick a ball hard enough to break a goal post, but wouldn't hurt a fly. His perfect model smile that was to die for. His eyes you could lose yourself in. God, I didn't know how much I really liked him until now. Well, after all, Valentine's Day maybe over rated, but, at the current moment, I couldn't care less. I had fallen in love.
"Oh. My. God! I totally just found my dress!" I heard Kelly say from the change room beside mine.
"I've got mine! Sam will love it!" Teya said from my other side.
"Does everything always have to envolve Sam?" I asked, looking at the dress I had on from side to side.
"Yes," Teya said sounding proud.
Both Kelly and I laughed, as I put on a new dress. "I think, I've got mine!" I said twirling around looking at myself in the mirror.
"Okay, good. Now one at a time let's pay for the dresses so know one sees," Teya said, "I'll go first." I heard her unclick the door. I changed back into my clothes then paid next, once Teya was done. We both waited for Kelly then headed across the street to that new restaurant Teya was ranting on about. The whole time, I couldn't get Cody out of my head. His smile, his eyes, or just the way he talked, made me want to drool. I was on cloud nine.
One more day, I thought. One more day until your dancing with Cody Green on a colourful dance floor. One more day...
- - - CodyLittle - - -
* The Dance *
I was waiting outside on my front steps. Where the heck was Mike? He was suppost to get me fifteen minutes ago! I sighed, then felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.
I cheaked the caller ID. Mike.
"Mike! Where the heck are you?" I said into the phone.
"Sorry, there's a detour, right outside Teya's house. Lucky Sam with her, so hold tight for like 20 more minutes or so. Give Andy a call, tell her to hang on,"Mike said.
"Okay, I can wait," I said, "I'll call, see yah soon," I hit the end button on my phone and speed dialed Andy.
- - - Andrea Reinton - - -

I walked into my room onlyto hear my phone go off. I picked it up off the desk and checked to see Cody calling. Cody was calling? Oh great. I sighed and answered the phone.
"Andy!" Cody sounded happy to hear me, "We're going to be a bit late. Mike and Kelly are stuck in traffic and still need to pick up the other two. Can you hold tight for fifteen minutes?"
"Sure, I can," I said, pulling my dress out of my dresser and putting it on my bed.
"Okay. Can't wait to see you. Bye." the line disconected, and I flipped my phone closed.
I picked up my dress and slipped it on.
"Mom! I'm ready!" I called from the top of the stairs.
"Okay, I've got the camera! Come down!" my mom called.
I took a deep breath, preparing for a gazillion hugs, I'd get the tears at prom and headed down stairs.

I stopped a few steps from the bottom. Mom's camera went off.
"Wow, honey. You look stunning! I can't wait to see you at prom," she smiled at me. Okay maybe there was going to be tears. My dad came and stood in the door way.
"You look beautiful sweet pea," he said smiling at me too.
"Thanks Mom and Dad," I said as I made my way down the rest of the stairs.
"The limos going to be late. I'm just going to play the piano until it gets here."
"Okay. I'll tell you when dear," my mom said.
"Thanks," I said before passing my dad and sitting down at the piano. I took out some music and started playing.

- - - Cody Little - - -
The limo finally arived at Andrea's house. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. I climbed the front steps, hearing a soft lullaby being played on the piano. I knocked on the door, a woman in her mid 30's answered. She must be Andy's mom.
"Hello there. You must be Cody, come in," she smiled and moved aside for me to come in.
I shook her hand and looked around for Andy.
"Andreas in the living room. Shes been waiting," Mrs. Reinton said before leaving to go into, what I think was the kitchen.
"Thanks," I said before she left. I walked into the room she had pointed too. I was blown away at this beautiful stranger sitting by the piano.
"Andrea," I said, looking at her back.
Her hands hit all the keys they were on, sometimes even at the same time. She quickly spun around and stood up, looking a little startled. Her dress was made for her. A light violet colour, which hugged her waist, and flowed out, down below her ankles. Her firey red hair was down, with the bangs pulled back. She looked like a princess.
"Wow. Y-you look amazing," Istuttered, and managed to stillsmile my best smile at her.
She blushed a bit, "Thank you. You7re very handsome yourself," she said to me, putting her hands shily behind her back.
"We should get going. Teya was really anxious to get to the school. And you mom probably wants a picture too," I said motioning to go to the front door.
"Yeah, of course she does," she said giggling, then walked past me to her mom with the camera.
"Get closer you two," Mrs. Reinton said waving her hand for us to get closer.
I slid my hand around her wasit, holding her like she would break, and she lightly leaned on me. The flash of the camera went off and I took my hand away.
"Now get going! Dance the night away!" her mom shoved us out the door, and closing it softly behind us.
I held the door open for her. She climbed in and I plopped down beside her.
"Head to the school!" I called to the driver as we headed down the road.
- - - Andrea Reinton - - -

I hopped out of the car and stood beside Cody. I also got to, finally, see both Teya and Kelly's dresses. Teya's was perfect. A dark purple, strapless, with a silver beads at the top, then cut down the middle of her chest and around her waist, ending on her lower back. Her hair was done nicely, looking a little curled rather than straight. Kelly's totally brought out her personality. A sun gold yellow, with bead work, which looked like wings, all around her waist. It was also strapless but made her look perfect. Her hair was up, with big thick curls, which made her look flawless. Mike and Sam, could really clean up too. Nicely cut suits and their hair like it always is.
"You guys look great!" I said smiling brightly.
"Thanks! You too," Kelly said.
"Yes, most definately. Now that we've got that done. Can we go dance now?"
I laughed, "Yes. Come on Cody," I said taking his hand and walking with him inside the gym.
Teya, Sam, Kelly, and Mike ran into the gym and started dancing. Cody and I took our time walking in. The gym was actually well decorated this year. Good Student Rep.
There was a DJ putting on fast paced music. Then the coloured lights moved along the gym floor in random patterns, giving it a club kind of feel.
"Let dance!" I heard Cody say over the loud music.
"Yeah!" I said smiling and dragging him to the dance floor.
- - - Cody Little- - -

We danced together for what felt like a life time. Laughing and being random the whole time.
The gym was getting hot, from all the dancing and being filled with over 500 teenagers.
"Want to go outside?" I called over the loud music.
"Sure. I need a break," Andrea said.
I walked with her outside to the fountain in the schools court yard. There was other students talking with each other, and laughing. The fountain area was clear,

We both sat down on a bench. The music from the school now sounded muffled, but it was a nice break.
Andy, looked up at the moon, smiling the while time. We sat in a peaceful silence. Enjoying each other presence.
"Are you having a good time?" I asked breaking the peaceful moment.
She stopped looking at the sky and down at me, "Yeah. Makes my top ten nights for sure."
"Top ten? Then where do you place it at?" I asked.
"Ok, well its more like a top four. But number one all the way. Mostly because I get to spend it with you," she said smiling and turning a little pink. I smiled back, just then
a slow song came on. I stood up and held out my hand.
"Want to dance?"
"Sure," she said, taking my hand. I pulled her up, and slid my hand around her lower back and swayed to the soft beat.
- - - Andrea Rienton - - -
He twirled me around and dipped me down. We just looked into each other eyes and danced.
I wouldn't trade this moment for anything in the world. It was all too perfect.
He pulled me closer and I rested my head on his shoulder. He held me so lightly. He never once took advantage of me. Held me like he really did mean it. The most perfect moment. I never wanted it to end, but it did. The sang came softly to an end. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you," I said. That was the last song of the night too. I wish it never had to end.

We walked around to the front of the school hand in hand. We saw Mike and Kelly coming out together, and stood and waited with them for our ride.
"Hey guys. Had fun?" I said waving and then putting my arms behind my back.
"Yeah, we both did!" she looked at Mike who nodded at both of us.
"Were are the other two love birds?" Coody said glancing around.
"Sams walking Teya home. He'll get a ride later. But right now there's ours," Mike said pointing to the limo pulling up by the curb.
Cody held the door open for me while I climbed in. I scooched a bit closer to him while we dropped off Mike and Kelly. When the driver pulled up to my house I let out a happy, but sorta sad sigh. I didn't want the night to end.
"Looks like your parents went dancing too," Cody said pointing out the window.
I looked out to where he was pointing. The were dancing. I smiled, they seemed happy.
"I'll walk you in," Cody said opening the door and hopping out.
We climbed up my front stairs and stood in front of the door.
"Thanks again for a wonderful night Cody. I had so much fun," I smiled. Would this be the last time I ever got to hang out with him like this?
"It was my pleasure. Just make sure you drop by and say hi," he smiled and winked at me.
I giggled, "I'll be sure too. See you around Cody," I said putting my hand on the door to open it.
"Wait," Cody said pulling me back to face him.
- - - Cody Green - - -

"Wait," I said pulling her back to face me, and I kissed her.
She faintly tasted like peach lipgloss. She placed her hand on my shoulder and I held her close. She was the most perfect thing in the world right now. Not one thing could take her from me, not one. I slowly ended the kiss, still holding her and smiled. She smiled right back with her big green eyes.
"Yeah, I'll definately see you around," she said again, this time chuckling.
"Yes you will, see you at school," I said before kissing her again.
She opened the door and went inside. Once she was inside I headed over to the limo.

The myths of finding your soulmate, or ones true love on Valentine's day is still over rated.
But, hey, it happend to me. Maybe you too.

© Copyright 2017 chanson. All rights reserved.

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