What Happened???

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A ponderous thought...

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



This morning as I stepped out of my front door it was like stepping through a porthole to suburbia.Winter is nearing an end so the air was clean and crisp, but not cold.I was greeted by a clear blue sky and a pleasantly warm glow from a soon to be spring sun.as I indulged in a deep breath of fresh air I saw myself standing in a picture of a picket fence existence, free from the manipulation of media and corporate industry imposed on humanity today.Suddenly the inadequate existence of one small cul-de-sac in the heart of nowhere, inhabited by a herd of nobodies, became the ultimate, politically acceptable society.

My usual brisk trot to the bus stop was replaced by a leisurely stroll, accompanied by mindless banter on a mobile phone.My mobile phone.My society, neighbourhood, picket fence and my manipulation.For once I could stop and take in the surroundings without rushing off to be somewhere, with someone, doing something.I missed the bus, of course, but that left me ample time to sit and think before the next one came.

But what could I think about?The normal everyday trivia’s had been replaced with non-sequacious acts of idealism, savourism, not to mention several other ‘isms’ thrown into the bargain.As a regulatory I should have been contemplating fate in residual situations and mourning over the state of health, wealth and humanity, before getting to the main point of the uncopious state of copulation in my life.

But, as I said, this morning I had no need for anything but the air that I breathe and a couple of paracetamol to get rid of my stinking headache.Now I think I need a cold glass of water to go down with the dictionary I appear to have recently swallowed.Eventually I hit the real world at work before becoming devoid of any such person who might belong to the human race.I resorted to returning to my semi-detached, two bedroomed, picket fence, suburban existence.But by then it had become colder, the sky was dimmer and the air was now poisoned with the fumes of an everyday build up.So I returned to lose myself in my huge bed and worry about how much weight I might have lost, how the flu is invading my life and how the hell to get the man of my dreams into my life!!!

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