From Fires to Floods

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Colorado Springs! I wrote this while I was watching parts of my home be ravaged by floods. It hurts to see Colorado in this shape.

Submitted: September 12, 2013

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Submitted: September 12, 2013



First we get the Waldo Canyon Fire in late June of 2012 which destroyed 356 homes and killed two in the Mountain Shadows area of Colorado Springs and removed the Water Shield for the Fountain Creek of Manitou Springs. Next we got the Black Forest fire almost a year later which destroyed 509 homes and killed two more people. We lost A major chunk of the landmark known as Black Forest here in Colorado Springs. The summers are dry here and for the most part we get little to no rain so Fires are a common thing here, however it was said that this year (2013) is a monsoon season for this colorful state of Colorado and that meant rain, a lot of it in a very short time. Night after night we got rain and hail that would flood the streets of Colorado Springs and surrounding towns and cities. The City of Manitou was hit hardest as the Waldo Canyon burn scar left nothing to hold back the water. Homes and businesses were destroyed along with the death of several people. If it couldn't have gotten worse the sight of a tornado forming of top of Colorado's most famous 14,000 ft mountain, Pike's Peak, shocked us all. It did not cause any damage, but showed us that yet another Natural disaster is quite possible here. After September started everything started to clam down. The rain subdued and the fires stopped. The whole state took a sigh of relief as it appeared everything was over. On the morning of the 11 I woke up to find the skies filled with dark clouds. It was something most everyone was used to by now, but what we didn't realize was that the whole front range was covered by these dark illuminous clouds that sat just over the mountains to where we could no longer see the beauty that was our home. For most of the day they just floated on by, not dropping but very small amounts of rain. I went through my day at UCCS expecting it t just downpour at any minute. However, nothing happened. The clouds just blocked the sun, until after 7:00pm. It was the time of which my last class got done. I started my drive only to be met by a downpour of rain that caused me and the cars around me to slow down to speeds almost half the actual speed limit. Water rushed up from under my car as I drove down the hill at Flintridge and Dublin. On way home the rain stopped and everything was dry all the way to Falcon on Woodmen road. I went to bed thinking that this was just a small storm that would blow by. When I woke up this morning I opened my Facebook feed to find that all of the cities on the front range had been flooded from Fort Collins all the way to Pueblo. Bridges had be destroyed, lives had been lost, rivers had been overflowed, cities wiped almost off the map, and major high-ways closed. And as I write this the road in front of my house, continues to fill with water as the rain pours onto my window. God help this city as I wait to hear about the earthquake that happened in my sleep. -Derreck Allen, 8/12/13 8:25pm

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