The Most Influential Person in My Life

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The person who has had the biggest effect on my life.

Submitted: September 12, 2013

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Submitted: September 12, 2013



The Most Influential Person in My Life

The most influential person in my life is not my mother or father, it is not my brother or sister, and it’s not even my best friend or my girlfriend. No, the most influential person has been by my side from the day I was born. This person knows my thoughts, actions, and habits. He lives within my conscious and within my body and decides for me what is wrong or right. This person decides whether or not I am going to be alive in the morning. It seems as the days go by he knows more about me than I do. He is my life and I must care for him as he can no longer care for himself. He is a crippled man sitting in a wheelchair that can do nothing. If I were to let him go I would surely become sick and gravely ill. He is me, and I am him. We are the same, but yet we are very different.

When I was born this man was born with me. I was healthy, and so was he. We lived a happy life full of joy and excitement. When I got sick, he did too. When I was hurt, so was he. When I did something wrong and got in trouble, he did it too. He wanted to mimic everything I did and be exactly like I was. Between the two of us we had many secrets. My favorite was the hiding spot under the stairs. He was my one and only friend. We never fought and we never argued. Then it all changed when I was to start Kindergarten.

Two weeks before the school year started I became inexplicably ill, and so did he. I was placed into the hospital, and so was he. No one was able to explain it to me, but that day a part of me died. I did not understand, but I did know that my friend had changed like me. After that my friend and I did not get along. When I wanted something he wanted something else. When I said something he thought the opposite. When I was happy, he was sad. When I was sad, he was happy. When I was angry, he was calm. I no longer wanted to be connected with him. I wanted him to disappear from my life, but he was always there and he would never go away.

As the years passed I learned to tolerate his opposing moods and actions. He attempted to kill me several times, but was always unsuccessful. No one else knew he was there except for me. Some nights I would stay up crying because I missed who he used to be, who he was before all this had happened. He was affecting my life in more than my health and well-being. He was stopping me from having other friends than him. He was causing me to fight with my family and ruining their trust and love. He knew that he was winning this battle with me. No one was able to help me find the tools to fight him off, my closest friend, and my biggest enemy.

I moved and depression sunk in for me, and he took advantage of this and wreaked havoc on my mind. He made me want to take the knife and finish pulling it across my throat. He made me want to pull the trigger so that I would not see tomorrow. He bent and twisted my mind so that my thinking was so out of whack that I would tell my mother that I did not love her. He made me believe that there was no reason to continue my life, that I had nothing to offer this world. I believed every word he said as if he were a preacher. My thoughts became more and more dark and depressed to the point where he was helping me plot the death of my own brother. Then a light shown through the dark cave he had pushed me into.

My old friend was once again getting sick, just as I was. He had gained control of my body far too many times and now he had to pay the price. I watched as he became ill and unable to properly affect me. Although he was still causing pain he could not continue to plunge me into a deep dark hole. I was able to start my life over at a new school called Vista Ridge. In the first week I was able to make more friends than I had ever had in my life before. He attempted to squash my hopes and dreams, but was ultimately unable because I refused to be destroyed by him ever again. I fought his strength and won. I put him down where he belonged. I took control of my own life.

To this day I am able to hold him at bay even though he is still slowly degrading my body. I love this person more than anyone in the world. I love him but I hate him more than anyone in the world. He is me and I am him. We are the same, but we are very different. This person has been a part of my life since it started. This person is the disease I have lived with for 14 years. This is my Diabetes. 

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