Pianists and Pianer

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My first article when I just returned back a bit of my history.

Submitted: July 03, 2010

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Submitted: July 03, 2010



I was on a vacation somewhere in the South of Vietnam when I meet this artist who played piano for a 5 star resort. She has spended 2 or 3 years working during customers' Breakfast time, Lunch Time and Dinner. Mostly her playing has reminded me about the concerto in Nguyen Du street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city where I spend 4 years of wasteness learning things that prefer as theory and how things work, as similiar to Design Technology, when according to me you spend 1 year just to learn how machine works.

I was badly dissapointed about the entertaining business from 2008 till now. What I have in my country was the loosing of music and the copyright from other melody which was certainly being mixed and reformed from classic pieces. For certain using young teenagers to be a new idol for other teenagers to spend their money on just to be like them is one way to raise the democracy, not for less the techno that they have added to music video, modern music and some other entertained skills. So much people want to feel the music and just become popular from now on. But for my hearing, they have lost the soul and leaving the shit up front, having people laughing and dancing to some soulless thing around.

What I have been concerned is the massive developement of the movie career. But take a look at the soundtrack yourself. Does the good films always got their music from the oldies, the modernest is in 2007? Unless you are watching TV series like Jersey Shore or MTV series, teenages film then you would pretty much saying music in this modern time can't seemly deep enough for a good film. Many songs and pieces are also needed the atmosphere to listen in, but for too much I think the only atmosphere that I can listen to this upcoming teenage 2008 is when my body is full of adrenaline.

I have spended 10 years for my piano, and suprisely, the only time that I can feel liking the classic music is when I was at my 12. After leaving the large concerto I got myself in a small music school where there is a pianist who was now trying to fix my piano hand. Pretty much it is a tough time, but I found myself playing with a different soul. I like the new me, but I'm not advertising it. After this article I want you to listen back to your music, but this time I challenge you to listen it more closely.

*For a bit of warning, anything in here maybe wrong, as for considerating it is only being made by a reckless teenager itself.


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