Pleasure within Fire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem of fire consuming everything.

Submitted: February 26, 2018

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Submitted: February 26, 2018



Fury is I

I engulf you in flames

Can’t you see?

You wake up one evening to me

Red and orange as can be

Hearing children screaming

You open a door to see your son burning

Crawling to you with cries of dire need

You stand there so helplessly

You cry, as he comes near you with me

You cry as he dies helplessly on the floor

In need of medical attention this kid needs no more


You hear your daughter screaming down the corridor

Running with everything until no more

You see her wave to you away from me

But it was too late for you

I had hit you with everything I had in me

Now this story gets interesting

Ooh yes indeed

To your daughters perspective of me

Watching as her mother is engulfed in flames of terror and rage

And somehow she is able to escape her room

Running down the street is her only dream

Screaming Help! Help! My house is burning

She ran to the baby

But it was too late you see

For a flaming wall had got her for me

The daughter tries to escape out the door

But I crush her with the chandelier she adored

Now I only needed one more

I hear the husband crying out loud

For Me

Cursing that I took his family

Hearing a cry from a baby

He ran to see

If a dream or reality

But there he was safe and sound

I need to fix that


How I did, it was oh so grand

Letting him go through insanity once again

His wife and daughter crying out for a helping hand

He does not listen to what is fake

Only that he gets his baby child out safe

He runs down the stairs

With his child in hand

Hello there

I am here to take care

Of that child, you got there

He does not agree

So I set him burning

So joyfully to me

I got the daughter can’t you see

The screaming of her makes me so happy

Soon she will die with her family

The fire around her so gently

On top of her burning so joyfully

All you can hear and see

Hearing screaming and baby cooking

Sizzling, skin falling, and Shrieks become Screaming

The father quickly died to the burning 

I am your passion; I am your fear,

If you die from me, it was only fair

I am not sorry for what I do

I am your misery


© Copyright 2020 chaotic Quietness. All rights reserved.

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