7 Days to Suicide Day 2

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Short story on how i would keep a journal leading to my suicide

Submitted: May 10, 2008

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Submitted: May 10, 2008



7 days to suicide

Day 2

Love is something every cherishes forever but can they hold onto that long.A love shared by a Mother to a child knows no bounds, something I have never experienced but have witnessed trough every corner and every dinner I visit. It is one of the best loves to receive when she has made her child dinner and even getting a last kiss before heading to school and even a family laugh those are something some people will never experience. There is also the love shared between two people, moments a couple will never loose or rivaled with another, For me I had Brandi, she was the one I was searching for and i fell for her at first sight and soon after spending time with her i knew that one day I would soon be with her. I'm sure everyone shears that feelings with another and hopefully that first words will sprout a relationship but as Life decides it can only end in a break-up or death. I would never be able to deal with that cold fact of death of my loved one . Losing the person I adored so much and never being able to see them again. much less feel the grasp of there hand onto yours hope they will never let go. All the times you got them to smile and shared the most happiness together will just be memories. That last kiss would be full of sorrow, laying on the side of them holding onto them as if you will have the turn to never let go but watch them fade away. No one should ever experience that, but it happens, thats the backside of love, a last kiss.I will never forget all the memories of Brandi that will never be forgotten not let go. My favorite memory of her was in her bedroom, dim lights with beautiful music playing all the time my hand placed on her waist and gently grasping each others hand, She was smiling and laughing as i tried to teach her to dance. Her repeating laughter and constant i cant so this as she stepped on my toes. But I refused to stop, I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go. I wanted that dance to last forever. But knowing how it ended today I wish I would of died in her arms the last time we where together so I wouldn't have to wake without her today. Those moments are what everyone should cherish cause they will be over way too soon.

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