In Our Defence

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A story from a childhood memory. Sometimes we all rely on family.

In Our Defence

Jenny is the nicest person you could ever wish to meet. Caring, gentle and kind but above all that extremely level headed. If you were a child with a problem then you would normally go to Jenny for comfort or advice. She was later appointed head girl at her school, for the qualities I have herein described. She was liked by one and all.

One day on a crowded bus on the way back from school, Jenny managed to slide onto a seat just before an older boy. Outflanked he was not content to leave it there and insisted that it was his seat. Jenny looked uncomfortable but refused to be budged as she had got there first. The boy was getting more aggressive and started to physically push her off the seat. Without giving it any pre-thought I rushed to Jenny's defence. I faced up to the boy and said "if you pick a fight with her then you will have to deal with me as well."

The boy was older, bigger and likely stronger than me, but was taken temporary aback. Just as I braced myself for the expected painful fist in my face, I was suddenly aware of a disturbance around me. All the children from our children's home had stood up and Marion who was the eldest and a bit of a tom boy said firmly, "yes, and us as well." Seeing he was well outnumbered the boy quickly and sheepishly backed down the bus to the cheers of the other children. This was the first time I remember us all acting together.

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