A lamentful dental poem

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Why are there nerves in teeth? Why can't we shed them and grow new ones continuously throughout our lives, like sharks?

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Holy rollin' novocaine

my face, a carnival of pain.

oooh it's gone, oh not again....

manky tooth oh please refrain,

it hurts me every time i eat,

it makes real tears stream down my cheeks.

I want to pull the bugger out,

I cannot wait for two more weeks.

It wakes me up when i'm asleep.

It's there each time i try to chill,

i'm curling up, a crumpled heap

my face is fat

i look dead ill.

Oh evil tooth of misery,

embedded there

just taunting me,

when you are gone i will be free

to eat my nacho's happily.

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