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I'd never hurt one but I don't really like them.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Soaring, diving, shreiking, swirling,

nasty, chip shop sausage twirling

seagulls in thier droves descend

so watch your fish and chips my friend.

A renegade cacophany,

just stay the fuck away from me

you're waiting there to steal my tea,

Oi! piss off and let me be.

Nasty seagulls steal and beg,

look that one's only got one leg,

his mate there's only got one eye,

you wonder how the buggers fly.

Patrolling beaches night and day

the seagulls never go away,

the screechy skurmish of the bay,

they're shitting on your sunny day.

They're shitting on your clothes and hair,

they're shitting on your picnic too,

they're shitting bloody everywhere,

they're happy when they shit on you!

So when you see one,

eyes all beady

hopping on his club foot, greedy

waiting for his stolen feedy

watch his every move indeedy!

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