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Go shopping, or fail.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Needing, spending, buying, shopping.

Want a telly

make it whopping!

Forty two inch, fifty four?!!

Can i get it through my door?

Look, John Lewis...

brand new store,

ten million things on every floor,

buy the lot and then buy more,

or everyone will think you're poor!

and every one they'd have you think

you need

you must

buy everything.

Up on billboards girls akin

to me say i need perfect skin

and teeth, if i'm to be successful.

Who made living so damn stressfull?!!

Games and clothes and lots of toys

and things for little girls and boys,

Armani, Fendi, Baby Dior,

innadaquate, your kids needs more.

Dressed in Primark

gosh! neglected!

All thier lives they'll be affected.

Maccy's used to be a treat

and now it's all the buggers eat!

Everybody wants a car,

that's four by four a bit "rock star"

we're all forgetting who we are,

but we've got finance gosh rah rah!

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