The anti-social network

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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



The computer is sucking the life out of me,

and i'm too busy writing my status to see

that i started at eight

now it's quarter past three,

and i could have had real people over for tea.

I go for a drink but i'm sat on my own

checking notifications and stuff on my phone

having a laugh or just having a moan,

I've got three hundred friends but i network alone.

Ooh, i've got a new message,

i read it and weep.

I don't feel like adopting a virtual sheep.

I don't feel like engaging in mafia wars,

I don't feel like supporting a new worthwhile cause.

I comment on pictures of dogs wearing glasses

and read other comments,

how fast that time passes.

There's break ups and arguments,

bitching is rife

and you think to yourself

"they should just get a life"

so you say it and then someone says it to you,

and then sadly you realise you're doing it too!

But you're still sitting there,

with a fag and a brew

and your laptop a'lap like it's stuck on with glue.

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