Grandad, RIP

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This is a poem I wrote when my Grandad past away, it was the only way I felt I could let my feelings out.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




Woke up one morning. Dad was crying.

Never before had I seem him like this.

I asked what was wrong, he cried some more.

I didn’t know what to do.


Cried like a baby, tears streaming.

Anger, guilt and sadness bursting through his body.

What had happened?

Then I found out.


I broke down inside.

Tears broke through, I got a big knock.

Why had this happened?

He didn’t deserve this.


You used to make me so happy.

Id come to see you and we’d both be happy as ever.

You would play like a child, a friend to me.

Why did you have to go?


People say it was your time

But it wasn’t. I didn’t get to say

Bye. No one did, it was too sudden.

Too much of a shock.


Can we just have one more minute, hour or day.

Just to say I love you, maybe a goodbye.

You will never ever be forgotten. You was the



You will be watching over me.

Over your family, taking care of us.

At least you didn’t suffer.

That’s what counts.


The funeral came, church was crowded.

People were standing, the seats were full

You were truly loved by everyone.

People no one knew.


I tried to hold myself together, but everyone fell apart.

It set me off like a bomb.

I blew up into one big mess

Ill never see you again


All I have is memories inside.

Memories that will stick like a stain

They will be forever inside me

But no one else will see.


RIP Grandad jim

Now my life is dim

I wish i said goodbye

It wasnt your time to die

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