Trapped in my own world

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Its no good but I thought id post it anyway - just how i feel.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012




I sit there all night, all day

With nothing to say

Thinking, what have I done wrong?

This has gone on for far too long


I haven’t done anything to deserve this

But what is there to miss?

Alone, in the darkness

I can’t come out, no one will be there

No one will care


I might smile, I might laugh but inside it’s all a mask

Hiding behind a fake face, kicking my inner self, wondering what to do

My feelings just waiting to burst out of my body and show the true me

But maybe that’s just not meant to be


I get home

 I cry, I scream, I lie. But all to myself

No one will ever understand.

No one will ever offer a hand.


I fight and fight, for happiness

But that’s just a dream

A dream in the back of my mind that will never fade, never wash away

It will always sit there, day by day.


Maybe, just maybe, one day, someone will see

That this is me. 

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