I want to stay here forever

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This is a story about a man of pure heart but ruined by his pride and ambition.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



I want to stay here forever

This is a story about a man, a man of pure heart but ruined by his pride and ambition. The man was a typical resident in his mid-twenties. He had a job and lived in an apartment with his loving and caring wife. All though his life was fine, somehow he wasn’t contented. He was always good at his job but he never really was the best, he wasn’t the swiftest and he wasn’t the most skillful either. As you can see he was just plain. His co-workers see him as weak and defenseless and they never really saw him as competition that’s why during work they never talk to him, his boss was strict and he keeps yelling at him and pushing him to do better but somehow he’s having a hard time to excel. Work was never really the place he wanted to be, but even though that’s the case, his wife never fails to make him feel wonderful. One day on his way home from work he passed by an old temple, he was about to pass the temple when something caught his eye, he saw a wishing well and walked near it, the well was old and he couldn’t really see any coins inside. He reached his pocket and took a penny, silently he wished “I wish for fame and fortune, I’d give everything to finally receive praises from my boss.”

After that, the man went home to his wife. The day after that he went to work, somehow he felt that the atmosphere was different, he heard his co-workers mumbling but he can’t seem to figure out what it was all about. His boss came in and approached him, stared at him with a look he can’t understand. He wondered why, is he in big trouble or something? Will he get fired for not excelling? And then, his boss smiled, took his hand and congratulated him. His boss told him “Son, congratulations you are now the new manager of this company.” The man was shocked, his eyes went as big as tomato and he immediately jumped with glee. The company threw a big party for the man; they went to a five star restaurant to celebrate. They drank and drank until their heart’s content. Later that day, the man went home to his wife and told her the good news, the wife was so happy for her husband, she reached out to give him a big hug, and his wife said “I’m so happy for you my love, you really deserve it. You’ve worked very hard and now, look at you, you’re manager now. I have a surprise for you as well.” The wife smiled, the man looked at her, just before he could reply his phone rang, his boss was calling, they have important business to attend to, and so he gave his wife a hug and bid farewell. Weeks passed and the man became busy as ever. The normal 4:30 pm schedule of going home became 9:45 pm. Sometimes he sleeps at his co-worker’s house instead of going home making his wife worry. He became bossy and arrogant; he gets mad at his wife for no reason and yells at her every day and even makes her do things like carry very heavy stuff. The once pleasant and happy woman became weak and pale, she couldn’t understand what happened to her beloved husband, and she became really stressed. The man’s salary went from 800 yen per week to 3500 yen per week. He was very successful and very well-known too. One day, after another great day of work, the man went home to rest. As he arrived at the front door he knocked but no one would answer, he knocked again still no one would answer. 15 minutes passed and the man got worried, what if a burglar went in and took all his money? He immediately ran to the apartment owner and took the spare keys. He opened the door and it was quiet, the house was in good shape but somehow it didn’t feel right. He went upstairs to change his clothes and when he opened the door, he saw his wife lying on the floor and barely breathing. He immediately called the ambulance; it took 23 minutes to get to the hospital. When they reached the hospital, the nurses took his wife to the emergency department, the man waited and waited for the results. The doctor went out and told the man about the news. “I’m truly sorry sir but both of them did not survive.” The man looked at the doctor and replied “What do you mean both of them?” The doctor said “You mean, you don’t know? Your wife was 3 months pregnant, the reason why she died is that she had a miscarriage and I guess she was pushing herself too much that’s why her body and the baby inside her did not make it.” The man kneeled and cried, he wished that everything was just a dream and that he’d wake up everything would go back to the way it was but he couldn’t change what happened, what’s done is done and it’s too late. Days passed after his wife and child’s death, he went back to the apartment and remembered all the great memories of him and his wife. He sat on the sofa and cried, he cried himself to sleep. On that night he had a dream, he was walking in a garden with beautiful flowers and fountain on each side. He walked and walked until he saw a light, beyond that garden lays a gazebo with vines and roses hanging from the roof. He saw a woman sitting there, he walked closer just to see who that woman was, the woman looked at him and gave him a smile, the woman looked familiar, as he walked closer the woman waved at him. Suddenly tears fell from his eyes, the woman was his wife. He ran to her and gave her a big hug he kneeled in front of her and asked for forgiveness, the woman brushed his hair and said “I forgive you, no matter what you do, I’ll always forgive you. You are my dear husband, I have loved you for as long as I can remember but I’m not the only one you should be asking for forgiveness.” The husband asked “What do you mean?” The wife said “Come with me.” The wife led him to a bridge and both of them crossed it. At the end of that bridge the man saw a little boy playing and singing “Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes! ashes! we all fall down!” The boy stopped as he saw the woman, he smiled and ran towards her. The woman gave the little boy a big hug and carried him.” The little boy looked at the man and asked “Mommy, who is he?” The woman smiled and said “He’s your father.” The boy smiled and immediately went to his father’s arms; the man cried and asked forgiveness to his child. The family was reunited once again, the wife then asked the man “Do you wish to stay here with us or go back to your own world?” and the man replied “I want to stay here forever.”

The End

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