I'm a Fan of Metal (But Country Won't Let Me Be)

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As a metalhead, I've had a long standing hatred of country music. As I've grown older, I've widened my range, and a lot of the artists have been at least influenced by country stars. Now that I'm including some of the stuff I used to despise, I got the idea for this.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



I’m a Fan of Metal (But Country Won’t Let Me Be)


Introduced to metal in high school, we’ve been together ever since.

Through ups and downs and in-betweens,

Through teenage angst and leaving home,

Each other’s company we keep.

But someone else is out there, and like a little kid,

Refusing to go away, poking my shoulder and just saying “hey”,

Scooting chairs to try and edge the other out,

Every once in a while he feels a need to shout.

So I’ll give him some attention just to get him to shut up,

But eventually, as it happens, he wears his welcome out

And once again he’s back to where he was before.

Not to be deterred, as persistence goes, he slowly edged back in,

Taking other forms that he had helped create,

Slowly but surely making another way in.

So now I may not be devoted, it’s just a little here and there,

I’m still a die-hard fan of metal, and just a little bit country.

© Copyright 2017 Charles Ryan. All rights reserved.

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