An Open Letter To The Different

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Being different is not a crime. Yet, it is often treated that way.

Submitted: October 10, 2013

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Submitted: October 10, 2013



An Open Letter to the Different


To those that are different, or even just feel different, if you choose to show the world that difference, there are things that you should know.  You will be judged by others.  Your life will not be easy.  Your entire world will be open to scrutiny by those that do not accept you.  You will be harassed and made to feel like less than you are.  These things are nearly unavoidable.  Just remember that these reactions say more about others than it does about you.  They are really voicing their problems, not yours.


That being said, you will be judged by others, but never by me.  I will not judge you for who you love.  I will not judge you for your choice to worship or not.  I will not judge you for how you express yourself.  I will not judge you for being yourself.  I am not alone in this regard.  You are not alone, either.  You have people in your life that will see you for who you are, not the labels that society has placed upon you.  Your life and individuality matter more than you will ever know.


When you are comfortable enough in your own skin to live your life as you will, that helps show others that it is okay to live their lives as they need.  There is no need to hide the magnificence that is ‘You’.  Be yourself. Be strong enough to hold your head high, even when others are trying to break you down.  Continue to see the larger picture of life, even though others choose to focus on their little piece of it.  Because you are a piece that does not fit in their puzzle, they feel the need to make you fit what they see, even though you are part of a much larger picture.  Never forget that.  You do fit in, even if you are currently part of the wrong puzzle.


It is okay to be different.  You are unique and wonderful.  Do not stop being you because someone else cannot get past themselves.  You are worth the fight.  You are worth the pain.  You are worth the love.  You are worth the happiness that is waiting for you.




Your Friends,

The Also Different

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