Revenge is Coming

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Revenge is coming to the Hern family. They are enjoying a typical evening at home, until Revenge is upon them.

Submitted: July 02, 2014

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Submitted: July 02, 2014



Revenge is Coming


Revenge is coming to the Hern household.

It’s early evening, and the entire family is busy doing what typical families do. Phil was finishing up invoices on his computer, wondering when he’d finish this seemingly never-ending stack. In all honesty, his mind was more on tonight’s movie than it was on the paperwork, but he had been doing the paperwork long enough that he could catch any mistakes without too much thought.

Revenge was in the woods, looking towards the house.

Kim was sitting in her bedroom, preparing for her evening soak in the tub. It was her favorite time of evening, since she had a private bathroom, could lock the door, turn on her favorite music, and let the stress of the day just float away. She loved her family, but sometimes it was required to just get away for a while. This evening’s music selection would be a selection of soothing bagpipe melodies. She knew that some other people in the house, which would remain nameless, turned up their noses at bagpipes, but she had always been drawn to their sound.

Revenge stepped out onto the dirt road leading to the house. There was no rush now. Not when people would be going to sleep before too long.

Eddie was painting his game pieces in order to help himself relax. He took care to make sure that every detail was perfect. After all, if he was going to do the job, then he might as well do it to the best of his ability. Like Kim, he listened to music while he relaxed, but his music choices tended more towards metal than soothing. He had just finished painting a dwarf when he caught a faint flicker of movement out the window and down the road. As he was about to get up and check, he accidentally knocked over his red paint. Reaching over to grab a rag to clean up the mess, he completely forgot about what he had seen outside.

Revenge was cold. Revenge was looking forward to getting in the house, and taking care of business.

Bret was laying on the couch, texting on his phone and half paying attention to the show on TV. He thought he heard a noise outside, but he didn’t give it much thought. But he did look around and wonder where the dog was. Then he dismissed the thought, since the dog was probably laying somewhere asleep. After all, he was discussing the distinct odor of the locker rooms at school with his friend, and they were coming up with things that smelled worse. The list was a short one. He yawned, set his phone on the end table by the couch, rolled over and fell asleep. That was the last thing he remembered before Revenge struck.

Revenge was ready to go in the house. Revenge knew how to get in, since there was a door that the family always forgot to lock. Revenge crept into the house and went to visit each member of the family. Revenge found Bret in his usual spot, sleeping on the couch, but when Revenge left the living room, he made sure to leave a mess.

Next, Revenge went to pay Eddie a visit. Eddie left his door open when he went to sleep, which made it simple for Revenge to get in. Revenge took a minute to look at the pieces that Eddie had been painting, and noticed all the rags scattered about on the floor. Looks like Eddie had made a mess of his own. After the mess that Revenge had left with Bret, he decided to leave Eddie clean, and went to work. Eddie woke up when Revenge started, but that didn’t stop Revenge at all. He shortly left Eddie’s room in search of the others.

Revenge found Kim asleep in bed, an open book beside her. It looked like she had found her comfort zone, and had slid right into it for the night. That was fine. Revenge would change that in a hurry. Revenge got on the bed beside Kim, moved the book out of the way, and studied her face. Revenge put his face right against hers, and her eyes flew up in a panic. She started to scream, but realized it would not stop what was coming. After a short while, Revenge left her room, hunting for the last member of the family to be visited that night.

Phil had finished the invoices, had made himself a sandwich, and was leaning back in his computer chair, watching one of the sci-fi shows that he loved so much. He had his ear-buds in, so he didn’t hear Revenge enter the room behind him. Revenge took a moment to look over the scene, and considered how best to proceed. He decided that a surprise attack was always fun, and from this angle, it would be the easiest to do. So Revenge crept up by Phil, keeping his body low so as not to attract attention before he wanted it, and sprang.

Phil screamed as Revenge landed in his lap. He couldn’t remember who had convinced him to name the beagle Revenge, but it had stuck. The dog was covered in mud, and he just knew that Revenge had been all over the house before coming in here. Why did they always forget to lock the doggie door at night? That was something he’d have to remember in the future. He picked Revenge up and took him to the bathroom to clean the mud off of the dog. On the way, he poked his head in to see Kim reading. She said she had dozed off, but had been woken back up when Revenge came in to give her good-night kisses. There was mud on her sheets, so they’d be doing laundry in the morning.

After cleaning the dog, Phil went around to survey the rest of the damage. Eddie’s room was a mess, but it looked like that was more due to paint than mud. Next was to check on Bret. His room was empty, which wasn’t a surprise, so he went into the living room where he found a horror show. Revenge had gone in and decided to do some painting of his own, it would seem. He had to have shaken for a good ten minutes to get mud all over the furniture, lamps, ceiling, and even Bret. However, it looked like Bret had slept right through it. Yep, this would be the room that Bret was assigned to clean in the morning, no doubt about it.

After all of this excitement, Phil decided to leave the rest of the cleaning for the morning, and went off to finish his show before bed. Revenge just padded along beside him, wondering if there was any of that sandwich left, and what where the odds that Phil would share.



The End

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