Darker than Black: The Samantha Morgan Story

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Samantha couldn't take it anymore. She wanted her dead. She took everything from her...everything. Now she wanted everything she had...she wanted to be Mrs. Perfect for once and the only way to do it was to get rid of her...her best friend.

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Opening Scene:

Girl Stands in the middle of the stage with her head down wearing flower printed dress with a white sweater with a serious look on her face but sadness in her eyes. She looks up past the audience then she puts her head down then looks up again this time at the audience.

Samantha: Hello, My name is Samantha Ann Morgan but people tend to call me Sam they say it is shorter and easy to say (chuckles a little) but I always liked Samantha better. I guess because (looks down then up)...because it was my mother's name but I am not here to talk about me (takes a breath lets out) I am here to talk about my best friend, Diana Lee Thomas. (pauses puts her head down) She is dead. She is dead because of me. (She looks up and starts pleading to the audience) She had everything and I had nothing. She was Mrs. Perfection and I was Mrs. Hi, what was your name again? You have to understand why I did it. If she was not there I could take her place I could be her. (Her voice starts to elevate) I did not want to be in the background anymore I wanted to (pauses and takes a deep breathe) She was my best friend and she deserved to die. (She walks off stage left) (Curtain closes)

Scene One:

Curtain opens.

Samantha: Why me? What did I do to deserve this? (Raises up her hands to the sky) Why am I so stupid? (Paces back and forth) I should have known I couldn't trust her. Why am I so trusting? God! I should have known. I'm so stupid. I just want to d-

Robert: Do you always talk to yourself like this?

Samantha: (Jumps) have you lost your mind?! Don't do that! You scared me half to death.

Robert: Oh, Sorry. (Looks down at the ground)

Samantha: (picks up her bag) what do you want anyway?

Robert: I was wondering if you want to go out with me this Friday?

Samantha: (looking confused) who are you again?

Robert: I'm Robert Wells my friends call me Robwizzy but you could call me Rob. I know you don't know me but I just moved in across the street from you and thought we could get acquainted a little better if you know what I mean. (Smiles big and elbows her playfully)

Samantha: (looks at him with disgust)You must be out of your cotton-picking mind if you think I would go anywhere with you

Robert: Maybe I am but at least I'm not the one who is complaining about someone stealing the guy they liked or should I say still likes.

Samantha: (infuriated) You know what?!

Robert: (smirks) what?

Samantha: Urrrgggh! I don't even know you but I can't stand you already

Robert: Why? Because I know how you truly feel.

Samantha: Trust me if you knew how I truly felt, you would not be standing here talking to me. I can guarantee that.

Robert: Really? Then go out with me and tell me how you really feel.

Samantha: Fine, you want a date, I'll give you a date. Friday. 8 pm sharp. Don't be late or I'll kill you.

(Robert smiles and walks out stage right)

(Diana walks in stage left)

Samantha: (says Fake Jolly) Hey, Dye.

Diana: Hey, Sam.(puts bag on floor)

Samantha: (stares at Diana impatiently) So, are you going to tell or do I have to wait all day?

Diana: Your going to have to wait all day (said teasingly)

Samantha: Come on tell me, did Richard ask you out? (Shakes Sam playfully)

Diana: (smirks) Yes, he did!! (They hug each other excitedly jumping around and release) Samantha: I'm so happy for you. It's about time you got a boyfriend.

Diana: I know I'm so happy! I thought you would be mad though.

Samantha: No, why would I be mad at you? Your my best friend.

Diana: I knew you would understand. It's not like he liked you anyways, right?

Samantha: Right.(smile fades a little)

(Richard walks in stage right and grabs Diana by the waist pulls into a intimate hug)

Richard: Hey, baby.

Diana: Hey, I tried to call you this morning but you did not pick up.

Richard: I must have still been sleeping. Sorry.

Samantha: (clears throat) I am still here you know.

Richard: Sorry, Sam.

Samantha: It's okay. I know how (stops) (sees Robert coming toward her)

(Diana turns her head to see why Samantha stopped talking sees Robert)

Robert: Hey, Samantha. Who's your friends?

Samantha: Hi. This is Dye and Richard. Dye. Richard, this is Robert.

Robert: (inclines head to both) I came to offer you a ride home.

Samantha: (rises eyebrow in question) excuse me?

Robert: I said can I give you a ride home?

Samantha: No...(looks at Diana and Richard being adorable) (Gives look of disgust) Yeah. I guess so.

Robert: Then let’s go I do not have all day.

(Robert picks up her bag walks off stage right)

Diane: When did you meet him?

Samantha: This morning.

Diane: Really? He's cute.

Richard: What?!

Diane: What? He is cute but not cuter than my pooky bear.(squeezes cheek)

Samantha: Well...I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

(Samantha walks off stage right) Richard: Did Samantha seem weird today?

Diana: No. (Gets angry) Why? Did she try to come on to you or something?

Richard: Whoa! Calm down. She's just not been acting herself lately that's all I was saying.

Diana: (gets sweet again) Oh! She's just jealous that I got you that's all but you see she is over it. She's already found someone to stalk I meant you know what I mean and I think he actually might like her. Now, come on now so you can take me home and maybe you might even get a kiss.

(Diana pulls Richard off stage left)

Night Descends.

Scene Two: Distant voices arguing car door slams. Samantha walks on stage right infuriated.

Samantha: I knew I shouldn’t have told him. God!

(Robert comes in stage right laughing.)

Robert: Why did you get out of the car?

Samantha: (looks at him like “are you serious?”) Are you kidding me, right now? What do you think?

Robert: (serious tone) you weren't really serious were you?

Samantha: (looking queer end) I am serious extremely serious.

Robert: (laughing pulls Sam into arms) come on baby, you can't be serious?

Samantha: First of all, Get off of me. Second of all, I'm not your baby. AND (loud) third of all, yes I want her dead!!(Screams) Now take me home.

(Samantha storms off stage right)

Robert: (wipes hand over face) God. What a woman.

Samantha: what did you say? (says off stage)

Robert: Nothing. (Sam walks back on stage)

Samantha: You said something what was it (crosses arms)

(Robert stares at her)

Samantha: Well, I'm waiting. (says with attitude)

Robert: (lets out breathe) I just said what a woman.

Samantha: (smirks) Now, really?

Robert: Yeah.

(Samantha laughs)

Robert: What's so funny?

Samantha: Oh, Nothing. So, I hear you’re related to Christopher Wells, is it true?

Robert: Yeah I'm related to the bastard.

Samantha: (tilts head to side) Interesting.

Robert: Why?

Samantha: Oh, no reason...yet.

Robert: And what's that suppose to mean?

Samantha: I don't know yet. I'll tell you when I find out.

Robert: You’re strange.

Samantha: (says happily)Thank you. So, why aren't you spending (quotations with hands) “quality time” with your cousin?

Robert: Because I would rather spend it with you.

(Samantha raises eyebrow in question)

Robert: Plus, he's probably out beating his girl somewhere.

Samantha: Oh yeah, he goes out with Richard's sister what's her name again?...I can't remember it to save my life ummm.....

Robert: Leona I think it is.

Samantha: Yeah! That's it. I heard she just lets him beat her because she supposedly loves him. (rolls eyes) She's crazy. No matter how much I love a guy the first time he puts his hands on me it will be his last time.

Robert: (sarcastically) Really?

Samantha: Yes! Really. You can be such a jerk. I do not know what made me agree to this. I'm leaving. ( starts to walk off stage right)

Robert: Wait! Don't go! I'll be nice I promise, stay.

Samantha: (stops) What are you willing to do for me to stay? (turns around)

Robert: Anything you want just don't go.

Samantha: (smirks) Oh, really?

Robert: Yes, really.

Samantha: For right now, you can just take me home.(Exits stage right)

(Robert follows (stage right) with a smile on his face)

(Leona stumbles in stage left crying)

Christopher: (off stage) Next time, be there when I tell you to be, you hear me.

Leona: Y-yes.

Christopher: (walks in stage left, grabs Leona’s arm) Where were you?

Leona: (Shaky voice) Lauren asked me to go out for pizza and I said yes that’s all.

Christopher: (shakes Leona) Who was that boy you was with? Leona: That was Lauren’s boyfriend, Jarred.

Christopher: (intensely stares at Leona) It had better been because you know what will happen if not, don’t you?

Leona: Y-yes, I-I know. I love you, Christopher. (Christopher lets her go abruptly turns his back on Leona).

Christopher: Why do you always say that?

Leona:(walks up behind Christopher and puts hand on back) Because I mean it.

Christopher: (lets out breathe) Come on I'll take you home. (Walks off stage right)

(Leona walks off stage right with head down)

Curtain Closes.

Scene Three:

Curtain Opens.

(Samantha already on stage back to stage right. Robert walks in stage right and walks up to Samantha)

Robert: Were you really serious about what you said in the car last night?

Samantha: (looks dead in eyes) Yes, I was serious.

Robert: You’re out of your mind!

Samantha: No, I'm not. Last time I checked I was completely sane.

Robert: Well, I think you need to check again.

Samantha: I'm perfectly fine but I guess I'm not good enough for you. (Walks away toward stage right)

Robert: (grabs Samantha's arm) that’s not at all what I meant. It just that-

Samantha: It just what, Rob?

Robert: (looks down at the floor) what do I get?

Samantha: (confused) for what?

Robert: (looks up) if I do help you what do I get?

Samantha: (smiles) what do want?

Robert: Are you serious?

Samantha: (smile fades) yes

Robert: (talks to self) what am I thinking? I must be insane.

Samantha: (sighs and walks away)

Robert: Wait!

(Samantha stops)

Robert: Alright but I want you in return.

Samantha: (turns around and stares at Robert for a moment. Sighs.) Alright meet me later. (walks off stage right)

(Christopher walks in stage right passes Samantha. They look at each other and walk on)

Christopher: What up, Robwizzy.

Robert: Hey Chris.

Christopher: I saw you talking to Sam. What's up with that, man? You two go out or something?

Robert: Sorta kinda. I don't know how to explain it.

Christopher: Look it's like this you either with her or you’re not? You’re either tapping it or you’re not? So which is it?

Robert: (looks at Christopher with stern look) You know I got that.

Christopher: You a playa now. Is that right?

Robert: Yeah, man. I'm Robwizzy.

(Leona walks in stage left)

Christopher: What took you so long, woman? (puts arm around Leona's neck)

Leona: I had to get your book bag from your locker.

Christopher: Well, next time don't take so long, you hear me.

Leona: Yes. Hi, Rob.

Christopher: Did I say you could say hi to him. (tightens arm around neck) Robert: Hey, man, calm down she just said hi to me that's it.

Christopher: She knows I don't like her talking to any guys even you Rob I know your my cuz and all but I don't trust her.

(Leona puts her head down)

Christopher: She knows that, right? (smacks her face twice not hard) right?

Leona: Yes.

Christopher: Come on, let's get us some breakfast. You coming.

Robert: Yeah.

(All exit stage right) (Richard and Diana enter stage left)

Richard: So what are we doing Saturday?

Diana: We are doing nothing but me and Samantha are having a girls night.

Richard: Awww, no time for me, baby.

Diana: Please, I spent enough time with you this week.

Richard: (begging) Baby, Please. Just Blow off Sam. She'll understand.(grabs waist)

Diana: ( push away from him) Get off me!

Richard: Baby.

Diana: You've been on my behind all week. Can't I have one day to myself?

Richard: Yeah but baby I just want to spend time with you.

Diana: Yeah, well, we've spent enough time together for the time being.

(Samantha enters stage right)

Richard: But-

Diana: ( grabs Richard's arm)(says in sweet voice) But what baby?

(Confusion on Richard's face)

Samantha: Hey Dye. Hey Richard.

Diana: (turns and looks at Samantha) Hey Sam! (let's go of Richard's arm to hug Sam)

Richard: Hey Sam.

(Diana looks at Richard puts arm around Samantha's neck and moves away from Richard)

Samantha: Are you and Richard alright?

Diana:(says happily) Yeah we are just lovely (says seriously) Why?

Samantha: Oh, no reason. So are we still on for Saturday?

Diana: Of Course we are you know I would not miss it for the world

Samantha: Make sure you bring the movie, okay?

Diana: You know I won't forget.

Samantha: I got to go, see ya later. Bye Richard. (Exits stage right)

(Diana turns and looks at Richard)

Diana: You disgust me. I saw the way you looked at her.

Richard: What are you talking about Diana?

Diana: Your eyes were all over her.

Richard: Diana, what the heck are you talking about? My eyes were on you the whole time.

Diana: Please, You want her admit it.

Richard: No, I want you.

Diana: (walks up to Richard and slaps him across the face) Tell me you want her.

Richard: I want you Diana. Only you.

Diana: Awww, how sweet? You have feelings for me that's just too bad.

Richard: (confused) What?

Diana:You like Sam and I can't be with anyone who likes her.

Richard: (still confused)What are you talking about Diana?

Diana: Wow, you are truly dumber than you look. It's Over. Do I have to spell it out for you?

Richard: What do you mean it's over?

Diana: It means I do not want to be with anymore. It was fun while it lasted though.

Richard: But I love you, Diana.

Diana: Awww, that is just too bad. Goodbye, Richard.(walks towards stage right)

(Richard stands there looking hurt)

Diana: (turns around) So, are you going to give me a ride home or what?

Richard: (looks at her with hope) Yes.

(They walk off stage right)

Scene Four:

(Robert walks on stage left looking around for Samantha. He gives up and sits down to wait)

(Samantha walks on stage right)

Robert: Where have you been you told me to meet you here an half an hour ago?

Samantha: (walks in angry) Well, get over it.

Robert: What the hell is wrong with you?

Samantha: Nothing. I just want her dead. We'll do it this Saturday when she comes over my house.

Robert: Sam, you can't truly serious about killing her. She's your best friend.

Samantha: All the more reason I want her dead. Do you know what she did to me?

Robert: Is this about Richard? I know you liked him and she stole him away from you.

Samantha: NO! This is not about Richard.

Robert: Whatever she did is not worth her life.

Samantha: She watched him violate me and then when I told she said I was making it up. That I was taking drugs and consented to it. She said that I invited him that night when it was her.

Robert: Sam...(walks up to her and tries to put his arms around Samantha)

Samantha: Don't, Robert!(steps out of Robert's reach and turns back on him) I love her so much that I hate her.(long silence) I can't believe she had the nerve to sleep with him when he was finished with me. They both laughed at me called me all kinds of names then she told him to do it to me again. She told me after it was all over that she couldn't stand that I was Miss Innocent and she was not. She hated my innocence and her sin so she made us equals. (turns to look at Robert) Best friends are supposed to be alike in every way. She killed me. Now, I'm going to kill her.

Robert: Sam, I know she hurt you but-

Samantha: Hurt me? She did not hurt me. She killed me. She killed everything that I once was. Do you not understand that?

Robert: That’s not what I'm saying?

Samantha: Then what are you saying Robert?

Robert: I'm just saying that your life is not worth her life.

Samantha: Her life is my life.

Robert: No, it's not. Sam...

Samantha: You’re not going to talk me out of this. She needs to die, she deserves to die.

Robert: Look at the way you’re talking. You need help Samantha.

Samantha: I don't need help. I need to get rid of Precious Dye.

Robert: Samantha, don't be like this.

Samantha: Oh, shut up. She made me this way. Her and that bastard cousin of yours. They made Richard do it.

Robert: My cousin? Chris?

Samantha: Yes, that bastard. It was Chris and her. You know after I told and no believed thanks to Diana he took me again. He told me I was so good that he had to have me again. When Diana found out she decided to make nice with me and I fell for it like a sucker that was until I saw them kissing. That was the day she took Richard from me and the day I met you (becomes sweet and walks over to Robert). I knew we were meant to meet that day(strokes his cheek with finger). You were meant to help me get rid of her.

Robert: (grabs her arms) You need help, Sam.

Samantha: No, I need you. I need you to help me.

Robert: Don't make me do this, Sam.

Samantha: (pulls away from him and turns back on him) You don't want me, just like Richard didn't want me after he found out I was not a virgin.

Robert: No! That's not it. I want you I want you more than you know.

Samantha: (turns around) Do you love me?

Robert: Do I love you?

Samantha: Yes, do you love me? Because I love you. So do you love me or are you just like the rest of them?

Robert: No.

Samantha: Then tell me do you love me? I'll give you what's left of me to prove that I love you. (starts taking of jacket)

Robert:( walks over to Sam to stop her) No, Sam. I love you and all I need is your heart.(Hugs her close)

Samantha: (looks up at Robert) So are you going to help me?

Robert: Is this what you truly want?

Samantha: Yes...Yes, I do.

Robert: (sighs) Then yes I'll help you.

Samantha: Good. We'll get rid of her on Saturday. We'll make it look as if your cousin did it. Make it look as if he were in a jealous rage because he found out she was sleeping with Richard...yeah that sounds perfect. (lays head down on Robert's right shoulder and smiles)

(Robert shakes his head then puts it down)

Samantha: Could we go to your place? I want to lie down and finish planning.

Robert: (lifts up head and sighs) Yeah (pulls out of hug) Come on. (grabs hand and walks off Stage right)

(Leona runs on stage left)

Leona: Stay away from me, Chris.

Christopher: (off stage) Leona, baby, don't be that way. It was nothing. Where'd you go?

Leona: (out of breathe) Just leave me alone.

Christopher: (walks on stage) What did you run away for?

Leona: Stay away from me, Chris.

Christopher: Come here, baby. You know you’re the only one for me. She was nothing. It was just one kiss.

(Leona just stands there looking at him)

Christopher: Stop looking at me and get over here now.

(Leona steps slowly towards him)

Christopher: You know your mine so come here.

(Leona reaches him and braces herself)

Christopher: Baby, I'm not going to hit you.

Leona: Your not.

Christopher: No, your mine and I know you care for me.

Leona: I do I really do and I love you.

Christopher: But if you ever (Slaps Leona in face) follow me again(slaps again) I'll kill you (slaps again) Do you hear me?

Leona: (holding face and lips trembling) y-y-yes.

Christopher: (turns away from her) Me and Diana weren't doing nothing. You hear me.

Leona: y-y-yes.

Christopher: Now, get up. You’re going to take me out to dinner.

(Leona doesn't move)

Christopher: I said let's go or did you not hear me? (grabs her arm) let's go. (Walk off Stage Left)

Curtain Closes.

Scene Five:

Curtain Opens.

(Christopher and Diana whispering in the right corner intensely. Diana slaps Christopher then pushes him.)

(Robert walks in Stage Left. Sees Diana and Christopher about to turn around when...)

(Diana sees Robert and calls his name)

Diana: (calls) Robert. (Walks away from Christopher and walks to Robert)

(Christopher walks off stage right)

Robert:(nervous) H- Hey Diana.

Diana: Where you going?

Robert: I w-was... j-just looking for Samantha.

(Christopher walks back in stage right and walks over to them)

Christopher: Hey Rob. Where you heading?

Robert: I was just looking for Samantha.

Christopher: So you two now a couple?

Robert: Y-Yeah, I guess you can say that.

Christopher: What's wrong with you, man?

Robert: Nothing, nothing’s wrong with me.

Christopher: Well, you seem tense.

Robert: No, (puts hands in pockets) I'm fine.

(Distant yelling heard grows louder)

Samantha: No, I won't help you get her back.

Richard: Yes, You will.

Samantha: Let go of me, Richard.

Richard: Sam, stop being difficult.

Samantha: You want my help after what you did to me?

Richard: I told you I was sorry that now keep your voice down before someone hears you.

Samantha: No, I will not keep my voice down.(shouts) I want everyone to know you Richard Dee Campbell-

(Complete Silence) (Loud Slap) (Hear struggle)

Richard: Stop it. I’m not going to hurt you. Samantha, stop it.

Samantha: Get off me you jerk. (Runs on stage from right) Bastard! (sees Robert and runs into his arms)

Richard: Come back here, Samantha. I'm not done talking to you.

Samantha: Well, I’m done talking to you.

Richard: (storms in stage right) Sam-(stops and sees Diana) Diana.

Diana: Hello Richard. (grabs Christopher's hand)

(Richard looks at Diana then at Christopher and then Diana holding Christopher' hand)

Richard: What is this?

Robert: (angry) Samantha says you hurt her.

Richard: (looks at Robert confused) What?

Robert: You heard me?

Richard: Sam tell him it's a lie. You know nothing happened.

Samantha: I know you took the last of what was still me and told me not to tell. Now, you don't lie.

Richard: You know I was drunk. I don't know what happened.

Samantha: Yes, he does. He took advantage of my innocence, Robert.

(Diana looks at Samantha and laughs)

(Robert let's go of Samantha. Walks up to Richard and punches him in the face. Richard falls on floor)

Robert: Get up!

(Diana laughs)

(Richard gets up)

Robert: (punches him down again) Get up! (kicks Richard in the stomach)

(Richard slowly tries to get up)

(Robert kicks him in the stomach repeatedly)

Samantha: (runs over to Robert and grabs his arm) Okay, Stop Robert!

Robert: (stops kicking Richard and looks at Samantha then kicks Richard again) Alright.

Samantha: Come on let's go.

(Both walk off stage left)

Diana:(walks over to Richard) Your pathetic. I can't believe I let you sleep with me. (laughs) You were bad in bed any way. Disgusting. (turns and looks at Christopher) Is his sister as bad as him?

Christopher: She's twice as pathetic but at least she's good in bed.

Diana: Such ashame, I thought I could use you for at least a month but you’re too damn clingy. (shutters) you got on my nerves to easily. All you had to do was treat me as a queen but no you couldn't do that, Could you? (sighs) Come on, Chris baby. Take me home.

(Christopher walks over to Diana, grabs her hand and pulls her off stage right)

(Richard tries to get up but only manages to sit up)

(Leona runs on from stage left to Richard)

Leona: Oh my God! Richard, What happened?

Richard: Nothing. Help me up.

Leona: (helps him up) Richard, who did this? Do you want me to call the police?

Richard: No, I'll be fine. Help me home.

Leona: I can't I have to meet Christopher.

Richard: No, you don't.

Leona: Yes, I do. He'll get angry if I'm late.

Richard: Trust me. He'll be happy you’re late. Now, help me.

Leona: (stares at Richard for a moment then puts her arm around his waist) O-okay.

(They walk off stage right)

Scene Six:

(Samantha runs across the stage left)

(Robert runs across after her)

Robert: Samantha! Wait!

Samantha:(off stage) No! Let go of me!

Robert: (pulls Samantha on stage and let's go) Would you stop I told you I'll do it.

Samantha: Good! Come around ten o'clock and call my cell phone when your there. Don't be late. You hear me?

Robert: Yes. Can I have you before tonight?

Samantha: No...when it's over you can.

Robert: Can I at least get a kiss?

Samantha: Yes, of course you can.(kisses him on the cheek) Now, Goodbye

Robert: Until Tonight for parting is such sweet sorrow.

Samantha: Nothing like Romeo and Juliet such a wonderful tragedy (smiles). (Walks off stage right laughing)

(Robert walks off stage left shaking head)

Curtain Closes.

Scene Seven:

Curtain Opens. Living Room Setting. Diana sitting on the couch laughing at a movie. Samantha in a corner talking on a cellphone.

Samantha: Where are you Robert? You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago.

Robert:(off stage) I know but Chris showed up and I've been trying to get rid of him.

Samantha: No! You idiot! I sent him over there now get over here now! and bring him with you.

Robert:(off stage) Sam, are you sure you want to go through with this?

Samantha: Yes, I'm sure so get over here and remember going through the back the door is unlocked.

Robert: (off stage) Okay. I love you.

Samantha: Bye. (hangs up phone) (Walks over to Diana) Do you want some soda?

Diana: Yeah. Who were you talking on the phone with?

Samantha: No one just the wrong number.

Diana: Yeah right. Ain't no way you were talking to no one for ten minutes. Who was it?

Samantha: It was Robert.

(Cups crash to the fall)

Diana: What was that?

Samantha:(shrugs her shoulders) I don't know.

Diana: Well, go see what it is?

Samantha: No! You go see what it is?

Diana: Fine! I will. Your such a baby. (gets up and walks out stage left)

Samantha: (smiles) Be careful.

Diana:(Screams) Are you crazy?

Samantha: Diana! Are you okay? (runs off stage)

(Richard stumbles onto the stage)

Diana: (walks from stage left) Are you crazy or something? I can't believe you would break into Samantha's house.

Richard: I did not break in. I...I just climbed through the kitchen window.

Diana: And that's not breaking and entering?

Richard: It is only breaking and entering when it's someone you don't know and Samantha does not mind.

Diana: Oh, really? Well, I mind. And I would be in the right mind to call the police to have you arrested.

Richard: You would not do that to me, baby.

Diana: Yes, I would in a heartbeat.

Richard: Baby (reaches for Diana's arm) you know I love you and would never hurt you.

Diana: (steps back) Please! Didn't I tell you it was over between us.

Richard: I know you did not mean that I know you love me.

Diana: (Disgust on her face) I hate you. You need-

Richard: (steps closer to Diana) There's a thin line between love and hate so you had to love me in order to hate me or you hate me because you love me.

Diana: (steps back again) You have completely lost your mind. I should have let Samantha have you when she wanted you so she would be going through this not me.

Richard: what?

(Doorbell rings)

Samantha: (off) I'll get it!

(Door opens)

Samantha:(off) Hello?

(loud thud)(Male laughter) Samantha:(off) You guys are such jerks!

Christopher: (off) (laughing) Aww! Did we scare the little girl?

Samantha: (off) I'm not a little girl! And don't touch me!

Christopher: ( walks in stage left) I sure know that. What the hell is this?

Diana:(quickly walks over to Christopher) Nothing. He was just leaving.

Richard: I'm not going anywhere!

Diana: Samantha! Call the police because Richard won't leave!

Richard: I will not leave not without Diana! So go call the police.

Diana: Sama-

Christopher: Look man! You’re going to get out or I'll make you get out!

Richard: I'll leave only if Diana leaves with me.

Christopher: That's it! It's time for you to go! (walks toward Richard)

Samantha:(off) Don't you lay a finger on him, Christopher.

Christopher:(turns around and looks toward stage left watches Samantha walk out)

Samantha:(walks out stage left) Leave him alone. He can stay right where he is.

Christopher: What?!

(Robert walks in stage left (rope hidden under jacket))

Christopher: Man, you need to get your little girlfriend for I have to smack her up.

Samantha: You will not put a hand on me.

Christopher: You think I won't. I've done it before and you've loved it.

Diana: Chris! Stop!

Christopher: ( walks towards Samantha)

Robert:( walks in front of Samantha) Don't man!

Christopher: Move the hell out of my way.

Richard: (walks over to Diana) Come on Dye. Let's leave and go to my place.

Diana: Get away from me, Richard.

Christopher: (turns around) Get the hell away from her! (walks over to Richard and punches him in the face)

Richard: ( falls to the ground) ( starts searching for his pocket knife)

Christopher: (turns back on Richard) Are you okay Diana?

Diana: ( holds her head and stomach) I feel sick!

Samantha: That's because she's pregnant.

Christopher: What?!

Richard: what?! (stops searching and gets up)

Robert: (turns around and looks at Samantha)

Samantha: (Pushes away from Robert) She's pregnant.

Diana: Samantha you said would not tell.

Samantha: Yeah well, I said a lot of things.

Christopher: Who's is it?

(Pounding on Door)

Samantha: I wonder who that could be? ( walks off stage left)

(Door opens)

Leona: (off) Where is he?

Samantha: (off) This way.

(Samantha and Leona walk on stage)

Leona: (sees Christopher) Chris.

Christopher: What are you doing here? (walks over to her) I told you I'd be over later just keep your window open.

Leona: I wanted to see you with her.

Christopher: Go home, Leona.(points to door)

Leona: (turns to leave)

Samantha: Don't you move one each, girl.

Christopher: Stay out of this, Sam.

Samantha: No, She has as much right to be here as Richard for it is my house.

Christopher: She doesn’t need to know-

Samantha: But she has the right!

Christopher: I getting sick and tired of you!

Robert: (steps in front of Samantha again)

Richard: Who's the baby's father?

Samantha: Christopher'.

Richard: (turns to look at Diana with fury in his eyes)

Christopher: (steps in front of Diana)

Leona: (grabs for Christopher)

Richard:(walks over to Christopher and punches him in the stomach)

Christopher: (punches Richard in the head)

(Fight breaks out between the two. Richard pushes Christopher off of him pulls open knife.)

Christopher: What you going to do with that?

Leona: Chris, stop this and lets go him. (tears stream down face)

Richard: (runs toward Christopher with knife)

Christopher: (moves out the way in time)

Richard: (comes at him again)

(Turns into a struggle for the knife Christopher goes ridge on top of Richard)

(All in shock)

Richard: ( pushes Christopher off of him to the side)

Diana: (runs over to Christopher kneels beside him) What have you done?

Richard: If I can't have you he can't either.

Diana: (jumps up and starts hitting Richard) You Bastard! YOU NO GOOD BASTARD! YOU KILLED HIM! I HATE YOU! (runs off stage left )

Richard: (turns back to pick up knife)

Robert: (Drops rope on the floor)

Diana: (runs back on stage knife in hand stabs Richard in back)

Richard: (falls to the floor)

Samantha: (walks from behind Robert smile on face) Look what you've done now.

Diana: (looks at Samantha then at her hands)

Samantha: Not so Mrs. Perfect now are we? Nothing like murder to add to your sins hahaha...

Diana: Your crazy, Sam!

Samantha: But you’re a murderer!

Diana: NO! NO, I'M NOT! YOU ARE! (runs towards Samantha with knife)

(Before Robert steps in front of Samantha, Leona wraps rope around Diana's neck and strangles her to death)

(Leona looks at Samantha and runs off stage left)

(Robert and Samantha look at the dead bodies)

Samantha: (smiles) Nothing like a tragedy. For parting in such sweet sorrow, well, in this case such sweet happiness. Don't you think? (looks at Robert)

Robert: (shakes his head and walks off stage left)

Curtain Closes.

Ending Scene:

Samantha walks on stage dressed like Diana.

Samantha: Hello, again? My name is Diana Lee Thomas but people tend to call me Dye they say it is shorter and easy to say (chuckles evil) but I always liked Diana better. I guess because (smiles)...because it was my best friend's name but I am not here to talk about me (smirks evil) I am here to talk about Samantha Ann Morgan. (pauses puts her head down) She is dead. She is dead because of me. (She looks up and starts conversing to the audience) She had nothing and I had everything. She was Mrs. Hi, what was your name again? And I was Mrs. Perfection. You should understand why I did it. If she was not there I could take her place I could be her. (She voice starts to elevate) I am her. She was my best friend and she deserved to die. (She walks off stage left)

© Copyright 2017 Charley Black. All rights reserved.

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