Dragging in the Dust of Time

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Dragging in the Dust of Time

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Dragging in the dust of time

Wishing it would end but I know it will never

Having that never ending hunger that never ending thirst

To know will I make it to that green hope for life Instead of the gray doom of death watching time take away the lives around me

Asking God will he give me enough time to get to that green place of hope?

Or will he leave me to my dusty grave

There is never enough time when I know I’m going to die

But always enough when I know I’m still alive

But God gives me no answer so time just drags on and on to that never ending death

Now wishing god would open his gate before

All my loved ones are dead

No one but me to care for to die for I just lay here in my dusty grave

Waiting for time to embrace with the dust of my grave

So that the only thing left will be my bones

And a note that says “Here lays a man who was dragging in the dust of time”

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