Her Life as a Black Glass Cup

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Her Life as a Black Glass Cup

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



A black glass cup sits in front of a young woman this cup represents the curves of her life

The way it is fragile but strong like the way she is with her friends fragile to their hurtful words and comments

But strong in not showing how much they hurt her deep inside where the cracks inside the cup hold the secrets she keeps within herself

And the ridges on the outside are what stops her from ending her life every night

The handle which is neither straight nor crooked is the path that lies before her that she refuses to travel which will ruin her life

The color of the cup is the dark and lonely sky she lives under each and every day of her life locked within the lies she tells herself

But the smooth, white bottom is the part of her life that is always there but that she can never see this cup

This simple black glass cup, which sits in front of her in her hands, reminds her of her life that is why it sits in front of her each and every day

So that she knows her life is as simple as a cup and her life can shatter by one simple mishandle

That is why it is never used for she is afraid it may break and her life will be shattered into pieces

As her heart once was

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