the half felt poem

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i wrote this to someone when they left!

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




First of all,

Congratulations on the job,

Have a ball,

And earn some bob!

Get some shoes,

For you in pink!

Get some booze,

Then have a think;


The bunnies on a green field,

Rainbows across the sky,

You have helped me shield,

Now you’re saying good bye.

Don’t forget me,

I hope for sure,

We all agree,

I’m the best of course!

You have helped me smile,

Told me not to frown,

When I haven’t in a while,

And when I’m down,

When I’m in need,

You prove me wrong,

Even if I plead,

You remain strong,

You such a feminist,

How a girl should be,

There’s no word that rhymes with feminist,

And there defiantly should be!



Not Miss or Mrs,

You’re very precise,

And correct in your ways,

And it is how proper teachers should be!

I would cry in front of you,

But it objects what you’ve taught me to do!


Just hang in there,

Because you have a mini me,

You have inspired me,

Bought me out my shell,

And definitely made me want to do to others,

What you have done for me!

There is my reason for becoming a teacher,

She is reading this, (and probably crying like me)

Don’t forget not to buy,

Some white stilettos,

As you aren’t as Essex

As I thought you would be (shut uupp!),

By the way,

I have just wiped the tears out my eyes,

Along came the tears,

Come on ms have a cry,

It’s good once in a while,

It makes you take away your fears,

And makes you smile.

So I take it,

It’s our last good bye,

Think back to me once in a while 

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