escape plan

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
when you've been running all your life will you stop when you get old?

Submitted: August 31, 2017

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Submitted: August 31, 2017



The 'Big Man' that's what they called me, not so big now. I could lie and say they don't feed you that well in here, but you wouldn't believe me if you saw the menu.  There's five of us, all put away, incarcerated cos we were up to no good and are a menace to society so said the Judge

Grew up together we did, all went to the same school and then on to our different jobs, we kept in touch of course through our families and attended weddings and funerals, lots of funerals.

We got into the game quite late in life it was funny how it happened but through bad luck and misjudgement we all ended up, well, on our uppers.

Bank robbing in the old days was so easy, none of this time delay rubbish and computerised stuff.

 Funny isn't it? Now it's the bankers who rob us.

We never hurt anyone intentionally, lovable rogues the ladies called us, especially that landlady we stayed with in Blackpool when we used to go up on business, yes I remember her like it was yesterday.


The lady in the Jobcentre told us to write down our skills so we sat in the pub and put our heads together, with all our skills we had the perfect gang.

Harry the Flash, he's the one who was the lookout, he was like quicksilver, he could charm the birds from the trees that one. Now he's just happy to get a pudding with his dinner.

Peter, he was the money man, he could look at a bag of notes and he knew instinctively how much was in there, to the penny.

Bob the memory man he knew stuff, that's all I'm saying.

Jack, or Jackpot ,eminent safecracker.

That was us, the five who never got caught, we had a good life living off the rich. We were there before all this internet scamming or card cloning, we did it old school and we were successful.

Like I said, WERE.


Been here for nearly a year now, the others followed one by one.Strange how they put us all together, probably so they could keep an eye on us in case we got up to no good.

Haha, they don't know us, I hatched an escape plan the moment I was banged up.

With Bob memorising the layout and Jackpot taking care of the locks we can be out in no time.

I asked Peter how much we had and he said 'enough' that's all I need to know, I think maybe it'll happen very soon.


Harry might be a charmer but he doesn't half snore. I had to wake him three times to remind him he was on lookout duty, if the others get wind of what we're doing they'll want to join in, no room for slackers in this game.

It's quiet now, finally we can put our plan into action.

Balaclavas on, we don't want to be seen especially not by the warders. Eyes in the back of their heads they have, you wouldn't think to look at them.

We could have done with a trigger man, someone to take care of anyone tailing us, but it's too late now. Jackpot has done it, the door is ours, we're out.

We scatter in different directions and plan to meet up at the safe house.

They might think we are old and incapable but we proved them wrong.


The residents of 'Homesteads' were nodding off after a nice lunch of steak pie with veg, followed by apple crumble and custard.

Annie Graham had been the manager for five years and liked to think she knew her guests well.

'Oh no' she laughed, calling over Stephan.

He smiled as he surveyed the CCTV footage

'Do they think they're in an old movie?'

'No, they're just reliving the past bless 'em'

They gathered the rest of the staff around to watch as the five old men 'escaped' from the residential home.

'So gangsta' said Annie, 'we'll go and collect them from the Feathers later.



Laughter rang around the pub as the group, now well into their eighties and still going strong had made their bid for freedom and had succeeded.

Harry thought a while and rubbed his knee, his arthritis was playing up.

'I've missed my dinner'


© Copyright 2020 Charlie J Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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