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Evolution revolution mankind has departed
Revolution evolution lets get this party started.

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013




Slowly it crawled along the carpet, stealthlike and silent. The family watching tv had no idea it was there, or that it had been there for some time.

Houses with carpets or huge rugs were the best. Wooden flooring was slippery and cold and there was more chance of leaving a trail, like slugs across a garden path.

Also wood equalled splinters which were painful and deadly to the creatures. To the naked eye they were hideous, if you came across one by chance you were surely done for. The barbs, which contained a poison unknown to anything known to man, shot out and hit you. They embedded deep, sinking into flesh and contaminating the bloodstream in seconds. No venomous snake could ever match these hungry little monsters who hid under the bed or in a cupboard just waiting to strike.

Doctors were baffled, experts were called in to identify and rectify but didn't have a clue.

"Mummy, there's a monster under my bed," little Lexie shouted through the crack in the door that was left open every night along with the nightlite of Winnie the Pooh which gave the cream room an orange glow.

When Lexie's mother finally got up to check on her four year old daughter it was too late, she screamed and yelled as it made it's way out of the door, ready to wipe out the rest of the family.

All night they struck out and rendered a whole species to dust.

By the time a task force was set up to eliminate them there was no one left to protect. Special suits were made to stop the sharp needle like barbs which flew about hitting their targets. A full blown game of darts without the oche.

They slid along now wanting to be seen, wanting a fight to the death and hoping to secure a victory in this godforsaken place.

They wiped out the human race in a matter of days, they learnt to walk upright on their hind legs and threw sticks at the moon.

The new inhabitants of earth had plenty of food to keep them going for quite a time and before long they'd be driving cars and taking the kids to school. They'd be opening banks and drinking coffee from a mug.

The new human race would evolve in time and start the whole process over again, until they got too comfortable and forgot to see what was right in front of them.

© Copyright 2017 Charlie J Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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