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It didn't take the seven witches of the fourth floor long to find their next victim, it was just their luck he'd spotted them first.

Submitted: November 05, 2012

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Submitted: November 05, 2012




"He's a total god" screamed Ellen, "I want his babies", her heart pounded and tears pricked her eyes as she told of her encounter with the blond adonis.

The girls on the fourth floor were used to new people coming and going and rated them accordingly.

James, new to accountancy and sharp suits grinned and went a very light shade of red.

Al showed him around his workspace and warned him about the coven.

"There's seven of them, all lusting after you and making suggestions, it get's on your nerves after a while, but in the beginning, man it's a blast"

Sitting at his desk James could feel their eyes boring into him and tried to get on with his work, at lunchtime the pack descended.

"Do you like tuna?" asked Zoe the amazon in bondage.

He shook his head.

"Chicken!, oh no I didn't mean you were a chicken I mean do you like chi..." blurted Jenny, not as forward as the others and a little mousy, she blushed and slunk back.

"Yes" laughed James "I like chicken and ham and cheese"

Al called him over to go out.

"Don't sit with them to begin with" he advised, "let them stew in their cauldron"

So he left them wanting, he made his own coffee and did his own errands much to their annoyance. He asked around if they really were witches and most of his work colleagues either shrugged their shoulders or just laughed and motioned that they were a little crazy.

Barbara said he had to be gay.

"Oh no" demanded Hula, yes, that was her name. "I've seen him look at Stella on reception but he's got to be way too good for her".

And so a team of two were sent to pump poor Stella for information.

"Oh he's very nice" she replied "but I'm seeing someone"

They clattered back with their news, smiles all round as the threat was admonished and the decks cleared for another trial run.

"We've got to get him when he least expects it" they decided unanimously.

A plan of action was set up with military precision, they discovered where he lived,shopped and who he socialised with.

Paloma and Grace were sent to spy on him, report back who he drank with and most importantly keep hidden.

"I'd make a good Bond girl" giggled Grace while Paloma watched him through her antique opera glasses.

A log was made of the times and the places her went to and for the next week they stategically planned when they would go in for the kill.

Zoe wanted to be first but Ellen being the eldest and of course head witch had other ideas. She'd steered the other six onto her path and knew that they'd comply with her wishes, they were too scared not to.

The bar was busy that night and as she sidled up to him wearing her new bodycon dress, a little tight for her but she did look good for her age, James turned and noticed her.

"Hello Ellen, I didn't know you came here" his smile knocked her sideways. That mop of blond silky hair swished and swayed among the other revellers until he was the only man in the room.

She stammered then regained her composure, taking a deep breath she spoke "I thought I'd try somewhere new"

He bought her a drink and she relaxed, it occurred to her how easy he was to get along with, how flattered he made her feel and when he asked her to go home with him it was all she could do to contain her excitement.

Next morning they waited to hear from Ellen but she'd phoned in sick.

"He must have worn her out" laughed Zoe who said yes as soon as James asked her to go for a drink after work. If putting on her coat had been Olympic event then she'd have won gold.

It was Saturday and as much as she tried Barbara couldn't get an answer from either Ellen or Zoe.

Jenny liked to spend her weekends in art galleries and museums and funnily enough so did James.

"Monet is so wishywashy isn't he" he asked creeping up on her almost scaring her to death.

"Oh no I love him" she replied, they walked the four flights to the top of the gallery and down again and before Jenny knew it she was on her way home, taking James with her.

"When's it my turn?" screamed Hula, and she didn't have to wait long as he bumped into her in the pet shop.

"I love cats" was all she had to say and James was on his way to conquering number four.

Barbara was still agonising over Ellen and come Monday morning she had three others to worry about.

"What have you done with my staff?" she demanded from James as her sat at his desk.

"I don't know what you mean" he answered with a twinkle in his sky blue eyes that made you think of summer days and cool long drinks.

Barbara felt her knees tremble as he took her hand and lead her to the storeroom.

Paloma was the easiest, she grabbed her bag and followed him home like a puppy.

Grace didn't want to get involved. "You've had all of my friends and you expect me to be number seven? no I'm not taken in, you may be good looking and charming but you don't fool me"

James cupped her face in his hands and kissed her, he left her hanging there holding onto nothing in particular trying to catch her breath.Suddenly her hair started to turn grey in front of everyone and the lines on her face became deeper.

When her six friends finally plucked up the courage to go back to work everyone noticed the thick gloopy make up that covered their ravaged faces.

He'd fed off their vanity and stupidity and he'd answered their call.The seven would be witches now had what they'd wished for.

Bent and crone like, stiff spindly bones protruded from their designer jackets. Expensive bags hung from flaky mottled arms and the seven witches of the fourth floor now mused on their predicament.

James had left as quickly as he'd arrived, he was beauty in reverse and he'd given them a taste of his power.

The spell that had summoned him was as old as he was and just as deadly.

They'd asked for the coven to be acknowledged and now it was, something had to give and it was the thing they treasured the most.

Hula scrutinised her hooked nose and wondered how long it would take her to save up the money to put it right. The others were too tired and weepy to do anything

about it, this malevolent being had shown them real beauty and they felt sad because they knew they'd never see him again.

Stella put her hand on his shoulder, he'd been waiting for her until she'd finished work and the small bistro was ideal.

"So glad you could make it" she said as James kissed her.

"Anything for my girl, are things alright at work now?" he asked

She nodded, those seven bitches had made her life hell over the past six months but she knew her old friend would help her out if she just asked nicely.

© Copyright 2017 Charlie J Gibbs. All rights reserved.

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