For Naught

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Scott, I made him up but. If your truly believe Scott is just fiction, then it seem this was all for naught.

Submitted: December 09, 2014

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Submitted: December 09, 2014




Life, it can seem so grand but is it so? Perhaps its not. Maybe so. Whos to say? You're to say of course. But so can I.

So here is a story of sorts, its not true, but then again. Isnt it?


He was just a man. But not at first. He was born as you or I, and greeted with smiles by his parents. But his mom was young, and his dad was bad, they could not take care of this little boy. So they did what they thought was best, or at least what his grandmother thought at least. So the boy, who was given the name of Scott was given to an orphanage, and there he grew up with the other children with stories similar to his, but not the same. Dont worry about young Scott though. He was found by a good family. The Stephan family of two, They were and older two well into their fourties. They loved children but due to medical reasons they could have none of their own. And so Scott was taken in and given the name of Scott Stephan. Charming isnt it? Well Scott was a happy kid. His new parents were good people and he never cared to look for his old family. Its not that kinda story, and even if it was, there was no family to go to. His real parents are dead. His daddy killed mommy and the cops shot him down in turn. So all in all his new life was for the best. Scott grew up with the Stephans as a Stephan and he loved them so.

He grew up to be a good man, he found a wife and they were married. Scott was a Teacher working for the very highschool he went to. He loved it, he taught history. History was important you see. But the Present doesnt seem so. You see Scott died. Stabbed in a dark alley, he wasnt dong bad. No he was a good man, there was a homeless man there shivering against a trashbag, and he was offering the man his jacket. Yes the man took the jacket but he also took so much more, including his shoes and wallet. And of course. His life. But you see when Scott died there was no uproar, or riot. In fact when he died, nobody knew. His wife was at home calling Scott on the phone, holding a a stick that read II there were tears in here eyes but not in sadness but for joy! But of course, she didn't know that Scott had died. Who knew Scott had died? Well it was a man walking his dog a three in the morning, an odd thing to do but that man had insomnia. So when he saw the body stripped naked in the street he thought he was hallucinating and went home  to take a much needed nap. But you say didn't Scott know he died first? Or at the very least that homeless man? No no no. The homeless man ran off he knew not of Scott's life, sure he assumed but assumptions are not always right. And Scott? Oh Scott thought he was just drifting away and soon he'd wake in a hospital bed. He assumed as well. Then who, you ask knew that Scott was dead? That would be Bryan the garbage collector, early that next morning, he called the police and that is that.

The days after Scott's death were very normal In fact. It happens everyday after all. His wife had cried, as all wife's do, and so did his parents, as all parents do. But that was all. No one else cried. Well not tears of grief after all. The cried because it felt nice to cry. This one day crying was fine, it was not odd at after all. This sadness did nothing though eventually they stopped and life went on. His wife remarried, his students they graduated, the school found a new teacher who taught just what he taught. You may think that his parents were sad for the rest of their lives and well you'd be true, because they got into a crash and died. Life went on for most anyway, except for those like Scott who all died. And you will realize that life. It is all worth naught. 

Except it is not worth naught. Because you fail to see everything that came from that. The man who killed him? Well he was caught, and sent to prison and got off of drugs. His parents? They died visiting him in the cementary on there way home his dad's eyes were blurry from tears and missed the stop sign. His wife she ever forgot, she just got over the sadness and got back on here feet, she married a man but she loved Scott still. So did her daughter, named Mary Anne after Scott's mother. Little Mary Anne she never forgot her father, even if she never knew him. She to visits her daddy's grave, and it makes her promise to herself to ever be mean, to not be bad. Because one day there will come a time when you can't apologize to those you love so you must be gracious to them and never forget. Life is never for naught.



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