My Darling Rose

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Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



I put it in a simple, tall, slim glass. No decorations, no nothings, just see through glass. Anything else would've taken from it. The stalk was green, dark green, but it got lighter as it went up. Until some parts were white. About half way up there's a leaf, well, three leaves, but on the same stalk. They're a dark shade, and there's another leaf only a few more centimetres away. Until it reaches the top, and the head sits on three blades. I'm not sure how to describe that part, but they fan out a bit, a part from one, which is pressed up against one of the blood red petals, as if holding it in place. Some of the petals are soft, perfectly coloured, a deep crimson red. Other petals have dark parts on the edges, its not dying, and its not unhealthy, its just imperfections. What makes it real.

The positioning of the petals, however, that's perfection. For me. They start out vaguely loose, sort of... sitting against each other for support, but the closer you go to the centre....the more they seem to hug each other closely. Packed tighter together, but still just as comfortable, they did, after all, grow like that.

"She was workin' from age nine, at a flower shop in town,

workin' not just to survive, but life was throwing her around.

In the rose garden, where the rain is fallin'  and the thorns are sharpen'

Rose Garden"

Compression. Opression. Depression. Perfection.

My Rose.

I never mentioned the thorns. I kept catching my fingers when I picked it up. I don't know if its because im older, or if its because i have a stronger pain threshold....but it didn't hurt as much as I remember. Doesn't everyone have to go through the small pricks... before they make it to the softness of the petals above? Its so we appericate the petals for all they are, not take them for granted.

I will never take the petals of my Rose for granted.

And I'll love them all the more for it.

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