Naked Ice

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I just liked the idea of naked ice eyes...

Submitted: November 11, 2010

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Submitted: November 11, 2010



"Naked Ice. That's what I call them. Your eyes I mean." she stated. He shifted uncomfortabley, she said it so easily, like she wasn't even embarassed by what she'd just said, or afraid he'd laugh at her. When he said nothing in response, she continued, not bothered wheather he wanted to hear it or not.

"They're crystal and clear, and innocent, some what of a rareity now a days. I've been told they're a lovely colour, but there's nothing extraordinary about them. That can't be right, can it? They're so simple, like a mist, no real shading, just a solid colour." He half-smiled at her and looked away quickly, he knew she liked eyes, but she was speaking like she'd swallowed a thesaurus.

"I've seen some beautiful eyes, hazelnut swirls, mood changing eyes, one's that go from brown to green depending on how close you are, wall eyes and butterfly eyes, eyes that smile, and some that cry, I've even seen dead eyes on a walking person. I have seen eyes like yours before, they're not the first. But they are different somehow." He avoided her gaze, choosing to look at his shoes instead.

"Eyes are the windows to our souls. They show others how we lie with our mouths. Eyes smile when we have no enery to express our happiness with the rest of our body. Your eyes smile. Your eyes smile alot. More than most people anyway." He raised his eyerows slightly, trying to see her from under his fringe. She wasn't looking at him anymore. She'd turned away, looking at something distant.

"I've been told your eyes aren't as amazing as others, and maybe that's true. I think its the brightness of them that everyone see's, and after they over that, they're easily described in one word. Blue." He swallowed and looked at her properly now. She seemed to have calmed down from her rant. He even allowed himself a nervous smile. She was talking softly now, so he had to strain to hear.

"But if people have to look for long enough to get over the inital shock... it means they've noticed, it means they've looked. Even if only for a little longer than usual. So, technically, you've made a first impression, and you could only be passing by." He tilted his head slightly, considering what she'd just said, he'd never thought about it like that before.

"Through your eyes alone, you've made people look twice... so you can hardy say they're not...some sort of amazing, can you?" He took it as a retorical question and stayed quiet, not wanting to spoil the moment she was having, talking more to herself than anyone around her.

"You can't take a picture of how cold Ice is... you have to touch it to feel the temperature. You can't take a picture of your eyes for the same reason. You need to feel the gaze to know it. That, of Naked Ice."

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