Slayer Quest

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It is about a young man going on a quest, the reward is to become the king of his land...

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



I was in my backyard when a man came through the gate and confronted me. He asked me “Would you be willing to help me go on an epic quest, it would mean you would be away from home for a very long time but the reward is great”. I asked him “Whats this umm great reward your talking about, im interested” “Well it’s the deed to the kings throne”. “What” I yelled extaticly, are you for real” “Yes of course i am” He laughed. I sadly told him “I can’t risk my life, i have family to look after and i don’t want my kids growing up without a father as i did, it was horrible”. “Very well then, but please think about it. I will return in the morning to recieve your final answer”.

 I went inside and told my wife “Some man came into the backyard, he gave me an offer. It was to go on a quest with him, i don’t know what but it must be dangerous for the reward i would get”. She asked “Whats the reward, please tell me” “Ok It’s the deed to the kings throne, i could be the king of the land”.  “Did you accept it” “No of course not, i don’t want our kids to have no father” i replied. She was angry, she yelled out “Who cares about the damn kids, you could be bloody king, thats the best reward any one can get. You mad to not accept that, do it or im leaving you”. The man looked depressed so he told her “Good leave see if i care, the kids come first in this family”. The wife was mad and stomped out of the room.

 In the morning the kids and the mans wife and money had disapeared, he didn’t care because he decided to accept the quest, not to get back his wife but for himself, if he could accomplish this he would be so proud of himself.

 The old man came at the same time as yesterday to ask for his final answer. “Yes i’ll do it on one condition” “Whats that young man” “If you teach me everything i need to know”  “Of course i will” replied the old man. “Whats the quest” “To kill and evil dragon and his army before they invade the city”  Ok i accept”. The old man got me a sword and a shield. We started training by practising hitting old, raggy dummies and then started hitting each other. after training he got me a set of armour and a better weapon and shield. He locked me in a room then opened a hatch wich let out a few demons and other monsters. I was so scared my first instinct was to kill them, i pulled out my blade then just sliced and diced them. I screamed out “Yipee, Give me some more action” “Thats enough for today my young boy, we will resume training tommorow”. We both went to bed.

 Weeks past and training was complete. We woke up early today and packed our gear into a bag. We left about an hour later after we were prepared, the journey had started. In the first hour of our journey we ran into many creatures that were sent by the dark dragon to fight us and try to kill us so we would not succeed in our quest. We managed to get about three quarters of the way to the dragons lair when the old man was stabbed from behind by a small, quiet elf. I screamed “You evil bastard, Die”. I turned around and swung as hard as i could with my sword, his head came flying off, it was a perfect cut. i sat down for a bit wondering what i would do without the old man and how i would succeede in the quest.

 I burried the old man and set up camp. i went straight to sleep, i didn’t even make a sound. In the morning i woke up and my canvas tarp was shreaded to pieces, i didn’t know what did it but i was scared. I carefully walked for about a kilometre then i was fine. I could see the lair in the distance now, it was huge. It had smoke comming from the ground around it. As i got closer i could see it had a mote around it full of lava. I started shivering with fear and every step i took closer the numbness of my body got worse and the coldness down my spine got colder and colder. When i arived at the gates i looked around to see if anyone was watching or would see me. I jumped the massive gates and ran to the doors of the lair. I touched the door and it was scorching hot. I put on some gloves and opened the door. I bolted into the lair with fear. I opened the door to the closest room and hid under the huge bed. The door opened and the dragon lord came into the room and layed on the bed. I had a plan. I pulled out my sword and stabbed it through the bed and into the dragons back.  i stabbed him 3 more times to be sure. I got out from under the bed and looked at the dragon, he was dead. I ran out of the room and saw a machine which looked dangerouse. It read “Do NOT stick anything in machine, will result in explosion”
“Perfect, the army in the lair will all die” i said. I threw my sword into it and ran for my life. I jumped the gates and watched the explosion. It was massive, I started my journey back home. It was relaxing and calm, no monsters attacked me and i didn’t see anyone from the evil army. I went home and became the king of my land. I was so proud. I stopped any evil army evil comming back to my peoples land. It was all over

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