this dark black figure?

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its about this guy trying to find his way back after mudering someone but he cant find his way out

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



theres this dark black figure i see in my dream what could it be i ask myself when i wake up could it be a demon from my past from all this sining as i lay back just to fall a sleep i keep seeing this dark figure as i dig fruther into my thoughts more further i relieze what has to be done i most escape to the forest of forgivness as i set for my quest i see these deathy shadows that wont stop following me i scream i tell these deathy shadows to go away i lay here on this cold path i pray to god to these deathy shadows to go they make me feel so low as i continue walking though this dark path i see these scenes from my past life all this sining i did i cant belive it, could that really be me i hope when i escape to the forest of forgiveness that god will forgive me from all this sining. i came across this past part of my life where i say is the worst i was cursed by this witch i dident mean to what i did i tryed saving her i really did try but it was to late for kate later that week i fell into this deep sleep i couldent wake up i tryed escapeing i really did but this dark black figure grabed me it made me look into its deep dead eyes i saw what will become of me im scared i asked god could i change? i prayed hard i still see these deathy shadows following me everywhere i go i run as fast as i can but i guess its all ment to be.

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