Love at the Second Night

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Rachel Burton works as a Team Leader at a five-star hotel. It is the best business hotel in the Middle East. One day, she is assigned by her Manager to be in charge at the Club Executive Lounge, which she does not like it. She thinks, it is kind of bored and yet, she has no experience for Food & Beverages field. She counts the days every day, cannot wait to get back to her role. And she has been single for a long time and decides not to have any relationship anymore.

Mike Paxton is one of the VIP guests and very regular. He is handsome, charming and polite. He divorces his wife for three years now and remains being single. Most of the female colleagues in the Lounge like him and two or three have even fallen in love with.

In the second night working at the Lounge, Rachel meets him and unexpectedly, he invites her to come to the room to send a movie that he would like to watch.

When Rachel meets Mike, can he make her fall in love with him? Or he scares the hell out of her?

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It was 09:45 o’clock at night; I woke up when my alarm rang for the second time. I was too lazy to get up. I heard the raindrops kept falling down on my roof and the air conditioner was still on adding to my laziness to get up. I was tempted to pull up my blanket to cover all over my body and continue my dream. It was my second night doing the night shift and I found myself was still hard to adjust the timing from doing the morning shift to night shift. My brain was on a bit of a “roller-coaster” due to my sleep patterns. I could not complain as I had been working at the hotel I joined for 5 years now.  And it was one of the best business hotels in Dubai.

I got up finally and walking toward my bathroom with a half asleep. I felt like someone put glue in my eyes; it was just hard to open. I walked into my shower and turned the cold water and let it streaming my body. I did it as just to make me awake completely.

Twenty minutes later, I dressed and put a light make up. That was a good decision I made to cut my hair very short the other day, as it would not take my more time to do something for it. All the female colleagues who had long hair should have made a bun or net on it. It was just wasting the time. 

I had checked everything, and all set. I closed and locked my door and heading toward the bus stop. I did not bother to use an umbrella, just a jacket with hood to cover my head, would be enough for me to protect myself from having the flu later on.

The bus came exactly at 10:30 p.m., as usual, I chose to sit in front; it was just making easier for me to get off of the bus.

Fifteen minutes later, I had arrived at the hotel, I walked through the security and punched in and heading toward the ladies locker. Before I started to work by 11:00 p.m., I passed by our cafeteria, which was open 24 hours. And I grabbed a cup of coffee and some snacks. It was the ritual I did during the night shift.


I worked in the Front Office department, but this month, I was in charge in our Club Executive Lounge on the 42nd floor which was a really new experience for me. The lounge was exquisite; the design was classic and suitable for the business meeting. We spoiled our guests from breakfast to supper with our delicious food and the spectacular view that we could see through the windows.

By 01:00 a.m., when I was checking my inbox, one male guest that I recognized approaching me.

“Morning, Mr. Paxton, how are you, sir?” I greeted him politely.

He smiled and said “I am very well, Rachel, and what about you, is all fine?”

“Yes, definitely!”

He was sitting in front of me and asking whether we had rooms available for the next visit. After checking, I ensured that we had rooms available and made a booking immediately. He felt a relief and left.

Mike Paxton was a businessman from Liverpool. He was in late thirty and handsome. He had an athletic body and bright blue eyes. He was one of my female colleague’s favorites at the Executive Club, but I had never thought of any relationship anymore. No matter how handsome a man, I was not interested. I did not think my dating life had not exactly been stellar since the divorce, hence I was willing to give up on romance in my life and be satisfied with just work.

I looked at my watch and it was already 02:00 a.m., and it was the hardest thing for me to stay awake. I walked to the pantry and made a cup of cappuccino for myself.  What else can I do? I got bored already and still 3 days to go. I could not stay in the pantry for a long time and decided to check my inbox again or Google some benefits articles that I could read for the rest of my shift.

I was surprised to see Mr. Paxton (again) was sitting in the corner, near my desk. I greeted him as a courtesy “Hi, Mr. Paxton, you are still awake? Could I make you a cup of coffee probably?”

He smiled and said “Yes, I could not sleep; I had a jet-lag. There was a big time difference between New York and Dubai. I had a business trip in New York and stayed there for two weeks and flight here for some business. And yes, please, would you mind making me a cup of Café Latte? And no sugar”

“Yes, definitely, sir”, I responded politely. And I offered him some snacks as well, which he would love to have them and appreciated.

Shortly after, I served him his café latte and cookies. Even though it was still hot, he sipped the coffee immediately and said “I love your café latte, this is the crispest latte I have ever had, and you are really good at making this, Rachel”

I smiled and brutally honest to him “Well, Mr. Paxton, I actually did not make this coffee, well, yes, I did, but what I did was just press “Café latte” button and put a bit of milk. I made only the foam, sir?”

He laughed and said “Well, at least you did not press the wrong button!”

I nodded and said shyly “Yeah, you were right, sir?”

When I was just about to leave, he asked me to accompany him for a while. He told me the story when he was in Iraq and Afghanistan. And apparently, he was former Major of British Army and served the country for twenty years. After he divorced, he turned out to be an Entrepreneur. He had his own company. And from what I had heard, he was a very successful businessman and had the title of Member of Excellence of British Empire from the Queen.

“That’s my story and what about you, you have anything to share?” he asked me looking pleased.

“No, I am sorry, I do not have one to share with you. Your story is so amazing!”I said politely.

“Well, everyone has a story, bad and good. And I am sure you have one as well. But do not worry, you do not need to share with me anything if you do not want to”, he said warmly.

Geez, he is a very good and polite man. And the way he told me the stories or talked, I knew that he is intelligent. I liked intelligent people; they inspired me about any things in life. And I did not feel that I wasted my time talking with him.

He glanced at his gold watch and looked at me and said “Well, it is already 3:30, and I think I need to go to my room. And it was nice talking to you. You are a bright and lovely lady. So Goodnight, and have a lovely work!”

I felt my face turned red and said quietly, “Thank you, sir; it was nice listening to your brave stories, and yes, Goodnight!”


Ten minutes later, the phone rang in the Lounge. I picked up the phone and from the screen, I knew that was Mr. Paxton and I greeted him by name, “Morning, Mr. Paxton, did you leave something in the Lounge?”

“No, I did not, I just cannot sleep. Do you have King Kong Movie that I can borrow?”

“King Kong?” I frowned. And he realized that it was weird to ask that movie, and he said “I know, sounds weird, but I just want to watch “a light” movie that I do not need to think of, beside I like King Kong, it reminds me when I was young to watch that!”

And I could hear that he laughed when he said that.

“That’s alright, sir, people have something to remember....and well, let me check and a moment, please?” And after a while, I got back to him and said “You are lucky, sir and yes, we do have”

“Would you mind sending up to my room, please?”

“Certainly, sir, I’ll be right there!” I felt doubt for a while and thinking who was going to be here, in the Lounge.  Well, I am not going to take for long anyway.


The door elevator opened and I walked through the corridor heading toward his room. I knew there were some surveillance cameras around, but I still kept thinking positive as I did not do anything, just sent a movie to a guest’s request.

I rang the bell, and he opened the door and let me get inside. He was wearing a bathrobe and seemed to be ready to sleep.

“Mr. Paxton, here is the movie, and I hope you enjoy and sleep well”, I smiled warmly.

He looked into my eyes deeply, and grabbed my hand and kissed my lips. I was shocked as did not expect a sudden attack, but I could not help as his kiss was so tender and his breath smelt sweet and fresh.

And he stopped and looked guilty “I am so sorry, Rachel, I did not mean to –“

Without thinking anything else, I kissed him back. I tasted his sweet lips and thinking that he had washed his mouth with mouthwash. And we kissed passionately and our tongue danced together.

He grabbed my hand to the living room. We sat together, kissing and looking at the beautiful view from the windows in the dark. It was a romantic scene, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me as we lay making out on the couch. He finally unzipped my blouse and unhooked my bra. I was shy when he was looking at my half naked body and then I was taking his bathrobe off. I could see in the moonlight that he looked just as athletic. And we kissed again and his hands started to take my skirt off. And the next thing we knew that we were both naked on the couch. And a moment later, we had made love. He smiled and said “You are wonderful, and I have never felt like this before, and I thought that you are going to kill me!” he was out of breath lying next to me.

“I have not done this in a long time”, I kissed him again. And all of a sudden, I realized that I should have come back to the Lounge, hopefully, there was no any guest waiting for me to be served for probably early breakfast.

I got up and rushed to dress up. He held my hand and said “Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow?”

I looked at him and said innocently, “tomorrow night, sir?”

He got up, hugged and kissed me and said “Just call me Mike. And please do not get me wrong, I like everything about you. You are honest, bright and lovely. You are really good accompany, and I think we have a lot in common”

“Umm…Mike” I smiled when I called him “Mike”. I had never gone out for shopping or even hang out with my friends when I was doing the night shift, and I even skipped my dinner many times. I just need to sleep all day long to just keep my body fit and fresh.

“What time do you think, we can have the dinner tomorrow?” Geez, I could not say no, he is so gorgeous, no wonder most of my female colleagues like him so bad.

He smiled as if he understood the time consideration “I know that you are doing night shift tomorrow and I do not want to force you if you think that you need more sleep”

“No, no, it is not what I mean, I mean I would love to have dinner with you and I think I just need to arrange my time before I do the night shift”

“That is your call, darling”, he kissed me.

“Okay, let’s make it at 08:00 p.m., and I think that would be a good idea if we can have the dinner at TGI Friday which is crossed the road so I can still catch my time by then”

“Wonderful and thank you. You have made my day,” he kissed me again and suddenly he remembered something and said “well, I do not think I will watch King Kong, and I am sure that I can sleep like a baby now”! “And one more thing, I do like you and I have noticed about you for a long time.”

I smiled and said,“ Thank you and I am happy to hear that!” . We hugged and kissed again.

I looked at the watch and it was already 05:00. Oh geez, I should have prepared the breakfast by now. I hurried to the pantry and looking at the mirror, smiling alone. Rachel, how could you sleep with a handsome owner, intelligence, charming and polite? I think I am just lucky and he invited me for dinner tomorrow. And you know what? He liked me!!! It was really wonderful and great experience to me during the night shift at the Club Executive Lounge. I thanked to my Manager who had assigned me to be in charge in the Club Executive Lounge for one month, which was the highest price that I got finally!



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