Love Ending

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kathy is in her mid twenties, a very attractive young woman, intelligent and sharp. She is a brilliant trader in Europe. Gary is handsome and has beautiful green eyes.He is one of the top business men in town and produces automotive spare parts around the globe. They have been in romance and sweet relationship for three years, until the terrible thing happens that Kathy feels that someone is running after her. She is scared, and someone holds her hands to save her.... or kill her?

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“Love Ending(Thriller)


Kathy is running and running without looking back as if someone is trying to kill her. She opens the window and tries to reach a handle so that she would not fall down from the 21st floor of the Financial Stock Exchange building in the heart of Glasgow city. The crowd below starts to scream and pointing out at Kathy, who is now walking on a ledge.

“Oh My Lord!!! Someone please call the police”!!! Call the police, she is trying to commit suicide!!!” ..a panicked woman screams. Noooo!!!! Noooo!

Gary Smith is her lover fell down in shocked watching the news about a young woman who is committed suicide. He is crazy about her and promising to himself to searching and killing the murder of his prospective wife.


Kathy was in her mid twenties, a very attractive young woman, intelligent and sharp. She was a brilliant trader at The Millenium Stock Exchange, where she had been working for 5 years, one of the largest primary stock exchange in Europe. She was really good at examining the trading prospects of companies, planning for the future and accurately predicting share values and markets. Kathy’s office was on the 20th floor and she had to go down and up to the trading floor on to the 18th level as the transactions were carried out there, with the traders wildly throwing their arms up, waving, yelling and signaling to each other. A stock market was nothing more than a super-sophisticated farmer’s market linking buyers and sellers. And Kathy just loved her job and was the most successful woman trader in Europe.


“Darling, why do not you just put your device away, I need to talk to you for a minute, please?”, Gary demanded her attention but Kathy was focused on the market profile charts in her computer’s network.

Gary lived in the same building as Kathy’s, two floors apart. They met for the first time at the social community hosted by The Anchor apartment  where they both lived.

He was handsome and has beautiful green eyes and five years older than Kathy . He was one of the top business men in town and produced automotive spare parts around the globe.

Kathy stopped and looking at Gary’s worried expression. “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

Gary sat next to her, “Yes,I am alright, just need to talk about our future”.

Kathy knew exactly what he was going to talk about and smiled. “Please, darling, we have been talking about it many times and I thought that you understood that I need to focus on my job for at least another one or two years, right?”

They had been together for three years and never argued. People were just jealous to see how sweet their relationship was and how they were so much in love.

Gary nodded and kissed her lips. Kathy rose and sat on his lap with her long legs open. They kissed deeply and passionately. She took off his shirt and kissed him again. She slid down and unzipped his pants and pulled them off. She started touching and licking his sensitive area . Garry moaned ad smiled down at her. He pulled her body up to sit her back on his lap. He was pulling her shirt over her head and kissing down her neck. His hands caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples and slowly pulling off her panties.

She felt his inside hers now. She was moving her body up and down faster with the arms around his neck. She was squealing when she came. And Gary was in control now, he was holding her hips and moving her up and down even faster. He moaned when he came. It was a great excitement. They stared at each other’s eyes, smiled and kissed again.

“You are great, my love”, Gary praised her.

“No, we are great and you are the most wonderful man I have ever had in my life”


Gary had been thinking a lot about his relationship with Kathy and he loved her so much and very protective. He was afraid that Kathy would stop loving him.

“Gary , what are you doing here?” Kathy was aghast knowing that Gary was in the ladies room.”You scared the hell out of me!”

As though reading her thought, he said hopelessly “I miss you, I cannot stop thinking about you”.

Kathy smiled “Sweetheart, we will meet for dinner tonight, right? And I will cook for you”

She was approaching Gary to kiss, but he pushed her away. Her mouth fell open in surprise, “Gary, what is wrong with you? Is everything alright?”

Gary took out the pocket knife from his jacket “Kathy, you drive me nuts!” I know that you will leave me”...

Kathy jerked away from him “You know I love you and you know that I will marry you”, Kathy choked.

Gary locked the door and exploring the room, making sure there was no one there. The knife was still on his hand.

Her eyes kept staring at the blade. “Please, don’t-don’t- do anything, put the knife away!” she begged with a terrified face.

“I am crazy  for you and I am obsessed with you! I have to take an ecstasy every day just to get you out of my head!  I could not focus on my job! This morning I lost $1 million because I kept thinking about you, about us and our future!!!! You ruined my business and you are not even sure that you will marry me, right? Gary blamed her for what happened.

Kathy stunned  and could barely believe for what she heard from a man that she truly loved for three years.

“Gary,I gave my love to you, I spent every night only for you and you have my word that I am going to marry you” She was sobbing uncontrollably. Gary was not Gary what she knew, he had changed.

Gary approached and pulling her closer  “Please, do not ever leave me,” Gary kissed her forehead, moving into her temple and down to the lips.

Kathy shuddered and did not waste the chance to escape, she kicked his balls hard until he collapsed. She could manage to get out and ran. She could not wait for the elevator and decided to take the stairs to reach her office on the 20th floor.

“I am going to kill you”!!! Gary screamed angrily and running after her.

Kathy kept running and running without looking back and she reached the 21st floor, but confused herself,that was not her office. She wanted to get back down to the 20th floor, but hearing the footsteps behind. She panicked and opened the window and managed to get out and hid. She was hoping people would see her and get some help.

She saw the crowd below pointing out in her and she could hear a woman screaming and telling someone to call the police. Thank God, please save me! She felt relieved.

She was walking on the ledge toward the facade to get more space whilst waiting for the police to come. She did not realise there was a window ajar behind her.

A pair of big hands held her hips and telling her sarcastically “ I love you,darling and I will set you free!”. Someone pushed her.

“Noooo!!!! Noooo! “People were running here and there trying to get something to save her but nothing!

Kathy’s body was sliding down and slammed into the asphalt, cracked bone sound, fresh blood spouting from her head and her eyes staring up empty and slowly the blood came out of her ears and nose...

Kathy Morgan is dead by committing suicide.


The next 30 minutes, the Scotland Yard arrived at the crime scene. The police line was installed on the side of the road where Kathy’s body was lying down there as well as on the 21st floor where Kathy’s body fell down.

Detective Peter Lambert was busy talking on the phone and giving the code to the Medical Examiner team to start doing their job and the two officers were so busy instructing people not to very close to the body and another officer taking the picture of it.

Tony Anderson was examining the Kathy’s body. He was checking her body and eyes. He instructed the other officers to move the body to the ambulance and take it to the hospital right away.

Meanwhile, Detective Linda Hobbs had been already on the 21st floor where Kathy’s body sliding down and crushed the road. She grabbed the latex gloves from the tools and wore them and checked every inch of the windows with latent fingerprint powder and dusted it. She also used the magnifying glass to find out about the footprints which could be identified the new mark left on the floor.



The next morning, all the newspapers and TV news made the headlines about Kathy Morgan, the female very successful trader in the entire Europe had committed suicide.

Gary’s mouth fell open and could not believe what he heard in the news. He took his drugs to calm him down. He had no idea who killed his lover. He promised himself to find out the killer.

Ever since, he could not sleep and dreamed about Kathy every single night and lost his concentrate on his business. He took some time off.


In Scotland Yard, Detective Peter and his partner, Detective Linda were still waiting for the result of their investigation and medical examination. Tony Anderson came up and telling them that Kathy had committed suicide as he did not find any physical violation. She was pure jumped from the 21st floor.

Five minutes later, Jeff Miroslav came up “Hold on!” It must be a mistaken”. He was approaching Peter and Linda showed the result and convinced that there was someone else on the floor at the same time before Kathy’s body sliding down. Peter and Linda were staring each other.

“So, you mean, there was someone else before she fell down?”, Peter asked.

Jeff showed the detectives the footprint’s result “Look at the size and the shoes; I believe it was a man”.

Linda took the result and studied it “You think that she has a boyfriend and…” And killed her?” Peter added.

“Well, let’s find out who killed Kathy Morgan”, Peter said and heading toward his PC.

“Linda grabbed her coat from the chair and said “I will go to her apartment and let’s see what I got. I will interrogate right from the receptionist and the neighbors”.


It seems so quiet the Anchor apartment on Sunday morning. People had preferred to be on the bed, wrapping their body with a blanket and enjoying their sleep in the cold air with the drizzling outside adding to the gorgeous atmosphere around.

Only Gary could not enjoy this situation. He woke up with clothes wet because of sweating. He dreamed about Kathy again. And this time he did not take his drugs. He sat on the bed and thinking. It was a nightmare. Why did I dream about her most of the time? Did I kill her? Or someone killed her, but I could not help? Gary could not find the answer, he kept thinking and thinking until he heard someone knocking on his door. Gary got up from the bed reluctantly and looked at the watch. It was 08:00 a.m. Who the hell was it, knocking on my door early Sunday morning? Damn it!

He opened the door and … “Morning, Gary Smith, Sorry to disturb you early Sunday morning”, Detective Peter and Linda showed the badge.

I have been coming to your apartment on the weekdays, but seemed that you were not at home”, Linda said.

“Yes, I was working for the whole weekdays”. What can I do for you, detectives?

Peter folded the badge and put it in his pocket. Can we come in?

Gary was still questioning himself as if he did something wrong “Oh, yes, sure, please come in!”

Peter and Linda were looking around in the living room. The fragrant Lavender was spreading throughout the room and it had modern architecture with white long sofa in the middle, a 42 inch of Sony placed very nicely on the contemporary wooden desk with four remote control on it. One pair of the Oaks wooden chairs and a coffee table placed near the small path towards to the other room.

“Please, have a seat?”. Detective Peter and Linda chose to sit on the Oaks wooden chairs.

“Well, Mr. Smith, we came here with regards to your girlfriend, Kathy Morgan. And we believe that you knew already about what happened to her”, Peter started to interrogate.

Gary looked so sad and depressed. “She was my lover and we had a plan to get married”,

“Were you there that day she was killed?”, detective Linda asked him straight forward.

Gary gasped and said “No, I was at my office the day she was killed?”, Was she killed or committed suicide? I watched the news that she had committed suicide?

“We assumed that at the beginning, but we found footprints on the floor and that was man’s shoes. What is your size? Linda asked.

“I beg your pardon?”…

Your size, your shoes size?”

“Oh, I am 43”, do you think that I killed her?

“No, we just need to get all the information to find out about the killer”, detective Peter explained.

“Would you mind if we have a look around your apartment?”

“Yes, of course”



The next three days in Scotland Yard, detective Linda was busy checking out about Gary Smith. He seemed weird to her and when she checked his office the day Kathy died, he was not at the office, according to his associate and colleagues.

Two hours later…”Hey, Pete, please have a look at this!”

“What is it?”

“Gary Smith had been suffering from DID (dissociative identity disorder), known previously as multiple personality disorder. I was wondering that every time we asked he convinced us that he knew nothing. People who suffer from DID can’t remember what they have done or said. They have a tendency to dissociate or lose track of minutes or hours”

“Geez”! So there is any possibility that he killed his lover. And the shoes size and the footprints were matched to the one that we found”, Peter said.

“C’mon Linda, let’s go and get him!”


They could not find Gary in his office and according to his colleagues; he has not shown up since morning. They were heading toward his apartment.

Peter knocked on the door...”Gary, open the door!, It’s Peter here! Silence. The two detectives were holding their guns and Linda nodded to Peter to break down the door. It was open. Peter pointed at her to look for him in another room whilst he was searching him from the living room.

Linda entered the main bedroom and the bathroom.

“Oh Lord!” Linda’s mouth open. Pete! C’mon and have a look at this!”

“Oh holy shit!”

Gary was found lying naked in the bathtub with a gun in his hand. Kathy’s and his photos were floating over on the bloodstain. He shot his mouth to end his life. The blood spurted spreading all over the walls.

“Pete, look!” Linda showed a piece of paper with Gary’s handwriting.


“Dear my love, Kathy”

I am so sorry for what I did to you. I did not realize and remember that I have ever hurt you. I met Dr. Frederick Baird. He hypnotized me and I saw very clear what had happened that day you were killed. And it was me who killed you, and I am so sorry and I will never ever forgive myself!!! I AM VERY SORRY, MY DARLING.






Submitted: April 27, 2015

© Copyright 2020 Charlotte Beau. All rights reserved.

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