Tell Me the Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A scavenger is walking toward the garbage bin as he smells the rotten meat and is so curious to find out what is inside it. He takes a black plastic bag and to his surprise there are some parts of a human’s mutilated body; legs, arms and a male genital.

Alexis Cooper is a transgender and has been a prostitute for three years. She walks alone in the middle of the night and finds something suspicious. She reaches the box near the car park and opens it. She is aghast as she sees a woman’s mutilated body without the head.

The headlines in all the morning newspapers and the TV news mentioned that the victims are all prostitutes.

Alexis is scared like hell, she has just moved to Perth for three and a half years. Who did this serial gruesome and brutal murder? Oh, God, please find me a man who will marry me so I can stay at home safely, no more hanging around at night!

She is married finally, and does she think that she will be safe from the ruthless killer and bloodthirsty?



Alexis Cooper is not the original name; he was born as a boy. When he was seven years old, he liked wearing girl’s stuffs and acting like a girl. He knew that he did not feel what he was supposed to be and it frustrated him. When he was twenty years old, he decided to run away from home to look for his freedom and found out what really made him comfortable and safe. He sneaked out and jumped into the boat which was crossing to the other continent to live in as he was hoping to make his dream come true.

He arrived in Perth. He was amazed with this beautiful city. He had never imagined there was a city which was so gorgeous like he always saw it in the magazine or television. He was homeless. No friends and families. He slept on the street. He stole the food and money. Only one thing which made him survived because he wanted to be what he had been dreamed of. He wanted to change his gender identity. He wanted to be a woman; a woman that he dreamed about. Beautiful, slim, long hair and attractive.

Alexis was actually smart and good looking young man. Though he was homeless, he could manage to keep his body clean.

On one night, when he was sleeping on the street which was near the bar, he had heard people yelling at each other. He woke up. He saw three men standing face to face ready to fight and talking sarcastically.  One man wore a nice suit and it looked so expensive and one man wore white T-shirt and blue jean jacket and the other one wore black leather jacket and blue jeans pants. Alexis thought that this man with a nice suit was not going to win as he looked like “a mommy’s boy”. They could not manage their temper and they finally fought. The mommy‘s boy got punched right on the nose and stomach. The blood came out from the nose. He was trying to get up, but before he could manage to get up, the blue jean jacket took the gun and ready to shoot him. Alexis got up and ran to cover him, and he got shot! Blood soaked his dirty shirt.  Alexis fell down. And the blue jean jacket and the other man panicked and ran.


“Where am I?”Alexis looked around and tried to remember.

“You are in the hospital. You got shot in your stomach. You lost a lot of blood and lucky that you are still alive”

“Who are you?”

“Oh ya, Sorry, my name is Sam. You helped me when I fought with those bastards last night! You saved my life. Thank you so much. I could have died by now if you were not there and I owe you something”.

Alexis remembered and said “u-uh…the fighting was not fair. Two people against one.

Sam smiled “Oh, by the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Alex, Alex Cooper”

“I am Sam Ferguson”

Alexis tried to sit “Sam, I do not have money to pay for the doctor and this hospital and…

“Hey, no worries mate, I will cover everything”. You have a family or friends here?” so I will tell them that you are with me?”

“No, I have nobody”

Sam looked at him a bit longer and said” I will call the nurse to clean your face and body, okay?”

Alexis agreed and nodded.


An hour later, Sam looked at him once again. He is good looking and sweet. “Heya, I have asked the doctor and he said that you could be home within a couple of weeks.



Sam Ferguson was the only son of a millionaire banker in Australia. He had two older sisters. And they were all married and lived with their husbands. Sam was late twenties and spoiled young man whose life simply throwing his parents money and playing around with lots of women. He went to Burswood Casino every single night to spend the money for poker. He had one bodyguard who always was with him and it made him uncomfortable. He asked the father that he could take care of himself, but the request had been rejected. And after the incident happened, the father added one more bodyguard for him.  

He sat down with two ladies around him. He wore very expensive crème color suit and was ready to have fun at the poker table. If he won the game, he would just spend the money for only one minute, but if he lost, it did not mean anything to him, he would start playing again and again for the next days.

“Lock it up”, he said the poker host.

“Post?” the dealer asked.

“No, later, just wait for the big fish, mate!” he blinked.


After two hours played, Sam wanted to stop and he left the table and the two ladies walked beside him. He won only $ 1 million that he knew that he would spend that night. But then, he had suddenly changed his mind, he left the ladies and decided to go home.


“Morning, mate! How are you today? And how is your feeling right now?” Sam greeted Alexis, who was ready to go with him.

“I am feeling much, much better now, thanks!”

“Good, and… well, I think you need to cut your hair a bit and afterward, we can drop by the Target to get you some new clothes, pants and whatever you need, Alex”

“Oh, thank you so much, Sam, it is very kind of you”

“Hey, please do not mention it, you saved my life and I owe you” Sam smiled.


Sam’s house was big and elegant and surrounding with beautiful flowers and palm trees along the way to the house.The beautiful bedroom which was located on the first floor had been prepared for Alexis. He was amazed and grateful for what he got.

“So, Alex, if you need anything, please just lemme know, I will be there for you  and one more thing, just make yourself comfortable, okay?

“Okay, I will”, he smiled. If you need anything, please lemme know. I think I am very close to my dream.


The next three days, Alexis approached Sam, who was sitting on his patio enjoying the afternoon tea alone.

“Sam, can I talk to you?”

“Oh, Alex, yes, of course, have a seat!”

He pulled out the chair and sat next to Sam. “There is something that I want to ask you”

“Yes, sure!”

“I want to ask you to help me, please?”

“Hey, mate, tell me, remember, whatever you want, I will help as long as I can, okay?”

“I want to have surgery actually”

“What?’...Ahem... Sam cleared his throat. “I mean, what kind of surgery would you like to have? Is this related to the gunshot wound which made you uncomfortable or-?”

“No, I am totally recovered from the gunshot wound, but something else”


Alex started to tell him the story right from the start until he was in Perth.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, hundred percent. If I could get this done, I promise that I am not going to disturb you anymore, I mean, I am on my own”

Sam paused a moment and said “if this is what you asked me to help then I can help you. So when are you going to do this?”



Alexis lived in a small beautiful apartment that she rented. The apartment had a balcony facing to Perth city. It was an amazing view at night. She had been working as a prostitute for three years now. After finding the mutilated body, she had a thought for not to work every night. She was scared. She kept thinking that she could be the next victim. She did not do anything and just stayed at her apartment for a week.

The next morning, she woke up and suddenly thought that she ran out of the money. She did not work for a week and on the other hand, she had to buy all the daily necessaries such as food, milk, etc. I think I have to start working again.


Alexis had been on the street again, waiting for the potential customers. A red Holden walked slowly on the roadside. She looked at the car and approached it. The man behind the wheel opened the window.

“Hallo handsome, how are you today?”Alexis greeted with her beautiful smile.

“I am okay”

“Would you like me to accompany you walking around the city?”

That man looked at her and said “Okay, pop in!”

“Thank you. By the way, my name is Alexis and you?”

“Just call me, Derek”

After a while, Alexis started to touch him. Her hand rubbed his thigh and she kissed his cheek.

“Well, I’ll take you to my apartment, is that okay Alexis?”



Two hours later.

They were lying on the bed. Alexis felt so comfortable with him. She put her head on his chest.

“You are incredible! And how much do I have to pay you?”

Alexis was quiet for a moment and said “whatever you have”

Derek was surprised with the answer and said “You do not have the price?” and do you do this to all men you fuck?

“No, no, no…. I have the price, of course, but for you I’ll give you a special price” she flirted.

Derek Halter was handsome. He always looked clean and tidy. He worked as a sales agent in one of the real estate company. And most of people liked him as he was very friendly and good to be his companion.

Ever since, Alexis always came to his apartment. They had the same emotions and feelings. They liked each other’s companionship. They liked spending time together. And they eventually fell in love.

Derek asked her to move into his apartment. They had been together for six months. And one day, He proposed her to marry him. Alexis did not expect that he asked her to be his wife.

Oh, God, thank you, I found my man who is going to marry me finally.

They got married in Europe and had the honeymoon in Paris and Venice. After spending two weeks in Europe, they came back to Perth to start a new life. And Alexis decided to stay at home taking care of her husband. They were a lovely couple. Their friends were so happy to know that they got married.


Alexis watched the news and was shocked as she read one headline saying “a jogger had found a black plastic bag with the flies all over it near the King’s park. He opened it and was shocked as he saw a woman’s mutilated body; only the head and the body, No legs and hands. And she was a prostitute. Gosh, who did this hideous murder? And why he or she killed a prostitute? Thank God, I am no longer hanging around at night. Derek saved me from my nightmare.

Alexis was proud of her husband. She loved him so much and wondered how lucky she was. Derek was a busy man. He had a business trip for once a week. He travelled a lot, hence she promised to herself that she always wanted to make him happy.


Today was their one year wedding anniversary. Derek surprised her by giving a set of diamond jewelry. Alexis was so happy and gave him the best thing she had. They made love and lying down on the bed exhausted. Alexis knew it was not the best time to ask, but her fears made her to tell him.

“Darling, did you know about the serial killer that has been happening here? The killer mutilated the victims and they were all prostitutes”

“Yes, I knew it. Why you worry? You are not a….sorry I mean, the victims were all prostitutes, so nothing to worry, okay?” he kissed her forehead.

“Yeah, but I do not know, I am just…um... you were right, no need to worry” she kissed his lips.

“Thank you …and by the way, I am going out of the country tomorrow and will come back in two weeks time”

“Oh… why will it take so long?

“My new boss assigned me to be the company’s representative so I cannot reject though”

“Okay, just be safe”


Two weeks later.

Alexis and Derek were preparing their lunch. She had been learning a lot about how to cook. And she wanted to surprise him by making a special soup and fish barbeque. Derek helped her in the kitchen. Without his knowledge, Alexis had been noticed that something was wrong with him. He looked so different.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am okay” he said without looking at her. He kept cutting the fishes and vegetables with a butcher knife.

“But you do not seem alright?”

There was a silence.

He ignored her. Alexis approached and stood next to him. With a quick movement, he grabbed her arm, put on the cutting board and cut it.

Alexis screamed, but he gagged her mouth with a kitchen towel.  

“Do not scream or I will kill and cook you!” he stared at her with angry looked. “You are fake, Alex!” I knew you. You are transgender! There is nothing wrong with that, but you did not tell me the truth!”

She took off the kitchen towel and said ““I-I am so sorry that I did not tell you the truth, I-I am just afraid if you know about me then you will leave me…” she cried and held her bloody arm and looked at the other one on the cutting board.

“Alex, I fucked prostitutes before I met you. One day, I fell in love with one of them. I wanted to marry her but then she cheated on me. I killed her and the new boyfriend. And I killed all the prostitutes who hurt me. I have never travelled, but I hid from you in order to kill them. A week before our anniversary, I met Sam Ferguson. He is my client. He always contacts me when he wants to buy a house. He has recently bought a house for his girlfriend. He knew that I am married. And he asked about my wife. I told him about you. And he remembered Alexis Cooper. He told me the story. And I have been waiting for you to tell me the truth, I gave you the jewelry and hoping that you would tell me your secret. But you had preferred to keep your secret. You keep your secret from your husband.  No one that I trust now, Alex. And you hurt me!”

Her face looked pale and her voice trembled “Di-did you kill those prostitutes?”

“Yes, I did! I cannot tolerate with the people who hurt me. No one loves me. My mother did not love and want me. She was a prostitute and she was pregnant. I do not know who my father is. She had tortured me since I was a kid. She hit and slapped me when I did not do the right things. I was just five years old. And she left me when I was ten. I lived alone in my mother’s house. I stole everything to survive. And when I was fifteen, I decided to work at Woolworths at Victoria Park.

Derek looked at his miserable wife and said “I am very disappointed with you and…I will get you out of my life, Alex!”

“No-no, please, Derek, please, do not kill me. I love you with all my heart. We can fix this up, right?” she cried and trying to run.

He grabbed her hair and said “Sorry, my wife, Alex, you hurt me, just like my mother!”

He tore her dress and sliced her breast. Alexis screamed again, but Derek shut her mouth with his big hand.

“You scream and I will cook you!”

Alexis was in pain and she kept screaming “H-help…help…!” Derek stabbed her stomach and sliced the other breast. Alexis bathed in blood and she fell down in great pain.

Derek walked toward the pot of boiling water. He put her severed arm in the pot and two slices of her breasts. Alexis was lying on the floor and just watched what he was doing. She could not do anything, her limbs too weak to stand and her voice too weak to scream “De-Derek, ple-please...”

He approached her and said “I am cooking some part of your body and I will do the rest!”

He pulled her hair and cut her throat. He took off her dress completely as well as the underwear. He started to cut her other arm, legs, thighs and stomach and took out the entrails. He took the pan and started to cook the other arm and the legs. He looked satisfied. He put the thighs, the head and the rest of the body in a black plastic bag.

He took a shower and went out. He threw the plastic bag under the bridge. He drove away from Victoria Park and heading toward Fremantle. He stood at the edge of the bridge with the gun on his hand. Alexis, I love you so much, but you hurt me. I cannot tolerate with people who hurt me. And I have had enough. I am not ready to get hurt again.

He put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Derek Halter is dead.




Submitted: May 16, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Charlotte Beau. All rights reserved.

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