The Lottery

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“Please, don’t-don’t take me” You cannot take my life with you”, Ziya Hing is wriggling and crying when the guard grabs her hand and brings her to a truck which is waiting for her to take to the slaughter place. And her older sister, Sieny Hing, stood frozen looking at her without saying a word.

Derek Njou was silence, tears rolling down on his cheeks and looking at his parents for help, but no one could help. He is brought in a truck and joins the other people.

A large place to be called as a slaughter place is waiting for them. The executor is standing next to the hundred victims ready to slash their throat by a sword. The massacred victims would be dragged and collected in a big hole and buried them together...

Submitted: April 30, 2015

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Submitted: April 30, 2015




Capstone Island was found 500 years ago by the East Asian sailors. They built the island from zero until they had all the facilities that 10 Million of the population could live happily without poverty. It was small, beautiful and greeny and it was surrounded by the beautiful blue water, birds flying all over it and the beautiful mountains and highlands entirely adding to the amazing scenery this island. And the most valuable thing for this island and for the people who live here was a gold mine. The island is known to be rich in gold. And they built “The Empire”.

The civilization had changed and their generation now lived in modern time. They built housing complex, offices, worships so forth. The leader was elected by their own people and the name was Han Choo. He was fifty, tall and charismatic. He was nice and wise. He led by example and people just loved him.

Until one day, people who had lived in harmony, peace and prosperous suddenly turned to be suffering. Leader Han Choo realized that the population grew up uncontrollably and he was worried that their resources would finish. And he became ruthless and inhumane. He announced to reduce the population by terminating one of the family members every year. They had to take the lottery and the one who got the unlucky day would be brought up in a slaughter place to be executed. People protested, but the one who protested would be killed immediately.  There was no choice. A rule was a rule.


Sieny Hing used to be fun, happy and joyous. She was eighteen, bright and beautiful.  It had been two years her sister dead and she still could not accept for what happened. She felt guilty because she could not help. Her mother was a massacred victim five years ago. She lived with the father in a small beautiful house.

“We need to do something!” She said to her teammate. “I just had the feelings that something went wrong. I kept thinking why Leader Han Choo became so cruel and savaged. What did we do? We are civilized and always follow the rules, right?”

“What are we going to do?” Jevin asked. “Yeah, what is our plan?” Win added. “My two brothers and father were killed too. And I am sick of this” Kim said angrily.

Sieny walked back and forth thinking “I always trust my gut!”… Okay, guys, I have an idea. Who is going to join gold miner?”

They were staring at each other. “What you mean?” Jevin asked.

“You know that every month, there will be hundreds of people from other island will be digging our resources, right? And they will be working for two weeks, gold panning and sluicing, dredging so forth.

“I am in”, Jevin said. “Me too”, Kim added.

Sieny felt relieved “Cool!” so let’s plan before the “the big day” comes!


Another big day came. As the usual days, all the guards who were given to execute knocked on every house and gave the lottery box. One by one was brought in a truck to which could be filled by ten to fifteen people and heading toward the slaughter place.

Sieny, Jevin and Win followed them to watch from the long distance. They did not expect to be seen.

“Sieny, look!” Jevin pointed out at Kim.

“Oh God!” Please do not kill her”.  Please stop them!!! “Sieny was ready to run, but Jevin grabbed her to stay. “If you were there, you will be killed and you will screw up what we have planned!”

“He is right!” I know it’s very sad for all of us, but nothing we can do except moving on with our plan”, Jevin said.

A guard held Kim’s head and slashed her throat.  Kim held the throat with her hands and the blood spouting through her fingers. She collapsed and died.

They looked at Kim’s dead body. Silence. Thinking. Angry. Sieny wiped her tears “Let’s get the hell out of here”

“So, who is going to replace, Kim”, Jevin asked. “Me”! Yes, I am going to be with you, Jevin”, Sieny said.


A big ship brought hundreds of workers arrived. They came from some of the island which was not as rich as Capstone Island. They would start digging at the gold mine by tomorrow morning. They stayed at a big accommodation provided by Leader Han Choo. Sieny and Jevin ducked and sneaked in the house. They joined the others queuing to get a blanket, towel and toiletries. The rooms were separated between males and females and each room provided four beds and one bathroom.

The next morning, all the workers attended a big hall to be briefed. There were three white people standing in front and looking at each worker.  Leader Han Choo introduced General Ruddiman as the key person for the project. Jevin and Sieny were standing next to each other.

Jevin whispered “What are they doing?”

“I had no idea, this is that we are going to find out”

“I thought, this project was purely from Leader Han Choo”

“I thought so. Okay, we know what we have to do, right?” I will be watching the General”, Sieny instructed and looked at him a glance. He had a good looking face and body. I have never thought about it before. And he was a very nice person.

“Okay” Jevin nodded.


Thirty minutes later, they were already at the gold mine. They took the shovel, pan and cradle. They started digging and digging down to heavy layer. They needed to reach this heavy mineral and that was the hardest thing to do. Most placer gold is found within fifty feet of the surface of the ground.

One of the worker approached Jevin,” Is it your first time?”

“Yes, it is”. “How did you find this job so far?”, said Vin. He was a black teenager, tall and has a good shape. “Okay” and what about you? Did you do this a lot?

“Yeah, quite a lot. I need money to continue studying, you know? Where you from? “Oh, by the way, I am Vincent, but just call me Vin”

“I am Jevin. I am just from crossed this island”

“You know, Jevin, even this is a hard job, I like it. I tell you something to make our life easier,” Vin grinned. First thing to do, we need to move the piles of gravels and sand before we reach them heavy nuggets.  Afterwards, we need to do gold panning, sluicing and dredging.

“And how long will it take?”


“On what?”

 “It depends on how large the hard rock gold we found”, Vin continued the work.

In another area, for female workers, they do what it called “Hard-Hat Roles”, they drive trucks, dump truck operators or mobile plant operators such as driving front-end loaders, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, graders, scrapers and forklift trucks.

Sieny was busy driving a forklift truck moved goods package on the pallets and in crates around the storage facilities. She made it back and forth.

She heard people were talking behind the warehouse. She stopped and got down and ducked toward the voices.

“How many of the population now, Han?” I really need you to clean up the people immediately. I cannot wait any longer because this place is mine and I want to build my own empire here”

“We do consistently as you asked, General” We terminated our people a hundred every year”

“It takes so long, huh?” Did you ask your people to stop “produce” children? Because when we reduced and the other produced, it does not make any effort though. Remember, if you do not do what I said, your family will be the next! And you agreed to the deal, right?

“Right.” Han said weakly.

Sieny listened with disbelief. What the hell were they talking about? What is the deal? Why on earth did they General say that this place belongs to him?


Jevin, Sieny and Vin were on the table ready to have their dinner at the big dining room. All the workers have the breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

“I need to talk to you privately. This is very important”, Sieny whispered in his ear. Jevin nodded.


Twenty minutes later, they were already in the rest area. Sieny told what she had heard the conversation between the General and Leader Han.

“So, you mean that General Ruddiman bought our island to Leader Han?”

“I do not know exactly, but what I heard that General commanded Leader Han to terminate our people and if he does not do what he asked, his family would be the next victim, I guess”

“Shit! What are we going to do now?”

“Let’s wait until this fucking job finished and we make a plan, okay?”


Two weeks passed. Jevin and Sieny sneaked out of the accommodation to get back home. They called Win and explained about what was happening and the plan that need to be done. They talked to their community “Jiushizhu” carefully. They were shocked and horrified. And all of a sudden, there was someone approaching the community. Some of them rose and ready to catch him because they recognized him as one of Leader Han’s guards.

He jerked away and lifted hands up. “Wait the minute. I am Jamlick Njou. My two cousins, my niece and my five years nephew, Derek Njou were the massacred victims as well. They killed them. Yes, I am the guard. I do not want to do this. But I have no choice. They will kill my family if I refused” Jamlick cried. His body was shaking “I do not want to do this!” Please, I want to join you against them to the end, no matter what”

Jevin and Sieny were looking at each other. Bai Cheng the oldest of the community rose and said “Tell us, what you know?”

Jamlick wiped the tears on his cheek “Ten years ago, General Ruddiman came and visited Leader Han. He was interested in our Island, because it produces gold. He asked Leader Han to kill his people and if he does not….

“And if he does not do, they will kill his family…!” Win added. He saved his own family instead. Cruel!

Leader Han had no choice. He was so frustrated. He loved his people and his own family. And that was the moment, he had changed his leadership to become ruthless and inhumane.

“What I do not understand is why is Leader Han so tractable to him”, Sieny asked.

“Because they are in the same descendants!” Wh-what??? Sieny and Jevin asked together. General Ruddiman’s great-grand father was a leader sailor and found this island, his name was General Don Choo. He asked his brother to take care of this island who was Leader Han’s great-grand father. And now, he came here to take over the island and will build his own empire.

“What are we going to do now?” Jevin asked and looked at Sieny.

“War!” we have to fight with them, no matter what!” and we will invite the other communities to join us!” Sieny said bravely.

“Yes, and I will be the volunteer for the “war” strategy” if you all agree with me” Jamlick said.

“We all agree”, Bai Cheng said.



One year later, “The lottery day” began again. The guards knocked on the door which had been selected to do the lottery. A hundred victims were already in the trucks. Two guards at the back, one was in front sitting with the driver. A half way heading toward the slaughter place, they were attacked by Jiushizhu and other communities under Bai Cheng’s command. The war began. They stabbed their stomach and slashed their throat. Sieny and Jevin commanded the others to release the victims and replace them as well as the guards and drivers with their community members. They took over the trip.

Leader Han was waiting for them and ready for the speech and apologized for what happened. He always made before the execution. He looked at his people getting out of the truck and walked toward the slaughter place and next to it there was a big hole wide open waiting for them to be buried there. After the speech, he nodded to the executors to do their job.

The “victims” took their sword which had hidden behind the clothes. They slashed the executor’s throat as fast as they could. All of them died. They did not prepare for the sudden and fast attack. The palace was attacked. And Leader Han jumped out of the chair and ran. Jamlick was already there and stopped him.

“You cannot run from us, Leader Han? You got to be responsible for what had happened”

“Y-you are the guard, right?” Leader Han asked.

“Yes, and I am sick of you, Han!” You killed the innocent people and we want you to pay this all!”… Call your brother, Ruddiman, Tell him that you want to have an important meeting with him but he should come alone, Jamlick said with the deep voice.

“Do it now!!!” Sieny came suddenly. You killed my little sister and mother! And we want a justice!


Leader Han grabbed his phone and called Ruddiman.

Six hours later, Ruddiman and his two guards landed on the Heli pad near the palace. He showed up alone. It seemed that was nothing happened. He was escorted by the guard heading toward the living room. Leader Han was waiting for him.

“Okay, what is the important meeting, brother?” I hope, I will have good news, huh?

“I have good and bad news”

“And what is the bad news”

“The bad news is I will give you a quarter of the Capstone Island to you”

“Why is that?” This island is mine, you know? Well, anyway, we will talk about it later. “And what is the good news?”

“We need to stop killing people!”

“No, Han!” You know that this island belongs to me entirely. My great-grand father the one who found it and gave to your great-grand father. And you the one who take care but does not mean that you own this place. I will reject!

“No, you cannot reject!” Bai Cheng showed up. Jamlick put the sword on Ruddiman’s throat and Jevin did the same to Leader Han. You killed hundreds of innocent people and you got to pay this!

“Who-who the hell are you?”

“It does not matter!  You killed my cousins, niece and my five years old nephew. And we got to stop for what you have been doing, General! Jamlick did not waste his time and he slashed the General’s throat. He held his throat and fell down.

Han wanted to help but could not. Jevin held him tightly and looked at Sieny “You wanna do this?”

Sieny came forward and took the sword “Sorry, Han, you are no longer our leader, we will take this island! She did not waste her time and slashed his throat. Blood spouting and soaking his clothes and carpet. He fell down and died. Jamlick and Jevin dragged them to the big wide open hole and buried them.

Jamlick approached Sieny “Thank you for trusting me”

“No, please do not mention it. We are just the victim”

Bai Cheng joined them and said “Let’s build our island with trust and integrity. We have to start all over again.



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