Is it a crime to have passion?

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Is it a crime though?

Submitted: November 22, 2010

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Submitted: November 22, 2010



Is it a crime? Is it a crime to have passion, to love something? Is it a crime to have a voice and use it to it's fullest? Is it a crime to love someone? No? It's not? Then why do we discourage people from loving soccer, or books, or writing, or drawing? Why do we say not to speak up for what you believe in? Why do we say \"You're too young to know that you love boys\" when we understand fully that they are not? Is it a crime to be furious, to have strong feelings of any kind, really? No. Why, then, do we act like it is? Why do we force people to live in detached cold bubbles of secrets we keep for fear of being made fun of? I say enough. I will fly my flag proudly. My flag is red for the blood shed by soldiers who died to give us rights we ourselves deny. My flag has white for peace and innocence, even though I am far from innocent. My flag is blue for the vigilance of the oncoming night. Is that too a crime?

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