Darkness of Fears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A description of how the night can provide an oppurtunity to confide.

Submitted: January 05, 2010

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Submitted: January 05, 2010



Late at night, the moon floats high.

The stars all sparkle and twinkle,

Shadows cover our Earth’s imperfections

And isolates us from all else.

White noise is muted and senses heightened.

For, in the night, secrets are whispered

Atop pillows, from windows.

In daylight, it's like spotlight

Exposing my cracked flaws.

But, in this dark security blanket

I'm not scrutinised anymore.

Like fireflies, captivated in a glass jar

For all the world to see

I set my fears tothe wind

Released from prying eyes

Into the darkness, from whence they came.

Into the darkness, where they'll stay.

© Copyright 2017 Charlotte Jayne. All rights reserved.