Do You Remember When First We Met?

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Again, not 100% sure this is even classed as poetry, but it's a nice little chapter of my life so far. This is a real life story, as true as a I remember it to be anyway. Love you always Mr. Tickle

Submitted: November 18, 2009

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Submitted: November 18, 2009



Do you remember how we met?
Socialising with strangers on a late night chat room
MSN notifies me the same persistant pest wants my attention


Had been the automatic action so many countless time before
The cursor now hovers over that icon once more,
Only to be swayed by my curiosity.


Within minutes a message is recieved

'Hey I was looking through peoples profiles and I recognise your profile pic from school'

Do I ignore and pass this off again?
Do I explore and take the chance?

Months pass by and I get to know you
Thirteen, fifteen, two-thousand and three.
You're the secret I wanted to keep
I didn't know your face but, all I'd do is face hunt
Staring out strangers, convinced i could coax a giveaway smile

'I'll show you who I am tomorrow'

Do you remember the day you saw me on that sunny winter morning?
Schoolgirl giggles and anxious anticipation made it so hard to look the part
I joked to my friends that you were just a mate
Then I saw you. I was dumbfounded. He's real.

Everyday after that I'd look for you,
Wait for you,
And if you weren't there, I'd search for you.
Others flitted in and fell out of my life
Not you. You knew me for me.
No pretences
You patched me up when the cracks began to show,
You stuck me back together when i started to fall apart.

Do you remember the first time we kissed?
That field, that sun, that innocent attraction.
I never wanted that kiss to end.
I can see your green-blue eyes and the way they locked into mine that day,
Like you were reading my soul, assuring me that we'll always be together.
I loved you holding my hand, so strong and proud.
With that lingering sweet scent of your youth i loved,
And still do
We both wore blue, so similar even then.
And remember the daisies? I hooked them behind your ears and nearly let you walk home with them!
That special place will always be ours. Only ours.
It was spring two-thousand and four.

I remember it so vivid, like a glossy polariod, forever in my memory
I love you as much today as I ever did back then <3

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