Todays The Day

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'If you go down to the woods tonight, your sure of a big surprise' - It's basicly about taking a long walk to clear your head, and discovering all the things about yourself that you either didn't know, or thought you had forgotten. Behind my door was poetry, and the love of writing. What's behind yours?

Submitted: November 19, 2009

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Submitted: November 19, 2009



Today's the day.

Down the way, through the trees

I'm forcing open that dormant door

Tarnishing my boots with autumn dew

Traipsing lases through overgrown mazes

Leaving the crystal set spider webs behind

Bending below branches & rummaging round roots.

Where morning fog whispers secrets through fir trees

Birds call out my presence and startled squirrels scurry.

The scent of woodlands pulsing with fine rain fills the air

And I feel the sharp pinch of cold on my nose and fingertips

I watch each exhale of breath rise to the treetops, then disappear.

My door.

I see it.

In the distance.

Quickened bootsteps bound between toadstools

The early chill buffers at my cheeks

And wind tussles with my hair

Just like I remembered it,

But much older now.

It still stands.


© Copyright 2018 Charlotte Jayne. All rights reserved.

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