Too Bamn Dackwards

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Before you mention, yes - I am very aware of the spelling mistakes in this poem! IT WAS INTENTIONAL! Try reading it and you'll understand why.

Haha, welcome to a snippet of the life of a dyslexic poet :/

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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Submitted: July 08, 2010



Two long spent


Playing that sc - sck - skipping record

Paniking as the ticking clock

Breathes anxiously down your coller.

Two long spent

Repeating, replaying, and retyping.

Check, check, checking and "better check again"

It wasall ways abowt nwoung there wasomething woring but never quitw shure whot it wase.

[Scratch that]

It was always about knowing there was something wrong, but never quite sure what it was.

So I set out to prove myself rong

To denie all knowledge of who I am.

Race against time to quick fire excuses,

To why this poet/teacher/human, can't spell?

I guess this is how some people "take the escalator".

But your hart sinks like grades

Eyes well and mind rases

You concentrate on the wall

(Oh, the envy of its blank state)

For fear of tears, tell-tale

But the pitter-patter of faete

Splashes upon your cheeks,

Raining on your parade.

Horns of titans clash

Oppositions of olde:

Cause Vs Effect.

Coulde have been over,

Coulde have been through.

Its times like this you

Got to count your cards;

Hold your royalty close.

Discard all others.

Journey's only uphill from here,

So just keep climbing.

Times not over yet,

So just keep scribing.

© Copyright 2017 Charlotte Jayne. All rights reserved.

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