this never actually happened to me. i must have just been thinking about something like this and it came into my head. being a writer i wrote it down XD


tears roll down her cheeks,
but the feelings disappear.
you tell her that you're sorry,
but in your heart you cheer.
you tell her that you love her.
has she heard this?
no one needs to know,
that you would hardly miss.
her smile, her eyes, her lips.
so soft and kissable.
but you dont have a clue,
that she is beautiful.
you think you have her figured out,
when she says goodbye.
but what doesn't leave her lips,
is that she knew you were a lie.
she secretly knows the truth,
behind your painful mask.
but keeping it together
is such a tedious task.
she knows it isn't worth it,
loving someone like you.
but she knows for sure,
those words you said weren't true.

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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