The jade mask:an original tombraider story

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lara croft adventures to china to uncover the fabled jade mask.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




Bamboo leaves shook in a steady warm breeze as the bright yellow sun lit up the sky like it was on fire.a soft gentle rain fell onto the ground dampening the grass and the droplets shone like small jewels of light.dark clouds split the sky moving with the breeze and casting shadows along the tall grasses and wild bamboo branches.a sudden clap of thunder shook the sky and a flock of birds scattered into the air their wings almost joining one another as they took flight from their perches in the trees and bushes.Her soft boots made hardly a sound as she trod through the mud and wet grass of the lush chinese landscape.the sudden silence had made her stop in her tracks and look toward the sky.


she stood stock still.her hands hovering just above her holsters ready to grip and remove the twin silver pistols which she favoured over her other guns.looking around and realising there was no immediate danger she brushed the hair from her face and checked her backpack for supplies.flares-check,spare ammo-check,first aid kit-check she never knew when and if she'd need that but even she wasnt immune to scrapes and falls. she had come close a few times. once when shed been exploring st francis folly in peru. she'd been chasing pierre du'pont when she'd nearly lost her grip on the stone platform she'd been stood on not minutes before. a flock of bats had flew from the ceiling startled by the gun fire.she'd cursed him out loud and his laughter had rang through the room making her grind her teeth and just manage to pull herself back up. ''oh cherie you nearly fell'' he'd mocked '' be more carefull next time or this chase will be your last,'' au revoir''. he'd regreted that once she'd made it to Tihocan's tomb though.she didnt dislike the man but didnt want to kill him either. it was the fact he had worked for natla and was out to get the scion for natlas own evil purpose. ''no point dwelling on the past girl'' she told herself as she hoisted her backpack and continued through the tall wet grass.


As she moved further into the china country side she saw what she had been searching for. the large stone temple was battered by age and weather but made an impossing sight against the darkened sky. lara was in awe as she'd thought it would of been less impressive. having her fair share of tombs to explore and old ship wrecks she'd been used to finding them in bad repair and virtually impossible to recognise.

The temple rose up like a stone creature.the large columns were a golden yellow, four of them supported the front of the temple rising up to the large red roof.the familiar pagoda shape filled laras vision as she looked up at it and moved toward the large stone stairs.small cracks littered the stairs and grass and ivy had pushed its way through the stones,but this didnt alter the fact that it still looked almost as it did hundreds of years ago.Lara took in the columns and noticed large jade dragons wrapped round each one. thier claws and eyes shone with huge red stones,more than likely rubies and there legs gripped onto the columns as if they had been sculptered from the same material not placed on later.thier massive tails where whipped round the entire columns and as lara moved toward one a flash of red glared from one of the eyes. lara stepped back agast. she looked up slowly toward the jade dragons head expecting the worst. but there was red glow.not a flicker. must of been a trick of the light she thought.sighing she gathered her thoughts and continued toward the large green wooden doors.


Battered by weather the large green doors still seemed forbodding to lara as she placed a gloved hand against the large wood panels.a large symbol not unlike the one she'd seen in the great wall was painted in red across both doors. Obviously the same emporer had had this temple made in honour of Xian.after her fight there lara was a little shaken. it wasnt every day you saw somone stab themselves with a mythical dagger and transform into a dragon after all.With all her stength she pushed the right hand door till it creaked.a huge whoosh of air almost knocked her down the steps she grabbed the edge of the door just in time. her hand sheilding her face from the wind.steadying herself lara pushed the door open as wide as she could and stepped between the gap into the darkness away beyond the feilds and rain.


Lighting a flare from her backpack (you could never have too many) the orange light lit up part of the room she'd entered.laras eyes adjusted to the dim light and she noticed two jade dragons not unlike those outside seated just inside the room. moving between them she noticed they too had ruby red eyes and wicked looking claws.but no flicker of light came from either.with a sigh of relief lara moved past the dragons and into what she assumed was the middle of the room. In its centre nestled between huge golden columns and hanging red banners adorned with chinese dragons and symbols a solid jade plinth lay. lara walked toward it and gasped.the entire top was covered in gold and silver dragons. all intertwined and surrounding the same symbol that was on the large doors.frowning she played the flare across the lid and noticed some small chinese symbols.unsure of what they meant (chinese wasnt one of laras forte's) she shrugged and moved round the plinth to the back of the room and to what looked like a large archway carved into the wall. as she got closer it was indeed an archway and as she walked under the ancient stones a sound of water lapping echoed along the tunnel toward wasnt unsual for temples to house pools or small ponds for whoever built it to use at their leisure or have large koi or fish in the lara moved further down the tunnel the smell of stagnent water filled her nostrils and somthing else underneath almost like decay made her grimace and cover her mouth with her free hand.Almost suddenly the tunnel stopped and opened up into a large oval room.


Four golden columns like the ones in the main room held up the large roof.lara was surprised to find large silver torches on the walls in the shape of snakes these were all lit with an orange light which cast weird shadows across the ceiling.the smell of water drew laras eyes to the floor where a large round green pool decked with golden tiles at its edges lay.the  dark green water seemed to house dark shdows which flitted beneath its surface. lara doubted they would be fish as they would of been long dead by now.frowning she edged her way toward the pools edge and kneeled on the cold tiles.the floor around the pool was a deep red and the rooms walls where the colour of jade.lara was thirsty but didnt dare try the water as she didnt fancy being ill in this strange but beautiful place.


Blinking lara rubbed and opened her eyes.what had happened? she must of drifted off whilst watching the shadows in the water.her hand felt wet and she realised it had been trailing in the thick water the entire time.pulling it out she checked for any marks or bites.nothing.she sat up and dried her hand on her brown cargo jeans.

Almost without warning a strange sucking noise like a bath being drained made her look up. lara looked on in horror and was taken aback when she saw the shadows in the water moving and twirling faster and faster.the whole pool seemed to writh and turn deep red.large droplets hung in the air like falling leaves. lara quickly jumped up and moved toward the archway. there she watched in horror as the shadows showed themselves to be long dead koi fish. demon fish with red eyes snarling lips and scales of pure deep green all glinting with sharp claws and mouths filled with razor sharp teeth.

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