What's wrong with being smart?

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What's so wrong with being smart? Why do us smart people get the boot while the athletic people get praise? Is it so wrong to love your education?

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



So, I walk into class one day and I hear these kids talking about tag. If you don't already know tag stands for talented and gifted. It's an extended learning program for those who get a high test score. The thing is they were saying things like, "what gives them the right to say they're better than us," and "Are we not good enough or something?" The thing is I used to say that about people who were in tag, but now that I was actually in it I felt that I should defend myself. Tag is for people who have a deep love for learning. It's for those who find themselves getting lost inside a test because they fall in love with the passage. It's for those who strive for academic greatness. It's not for people who think they're better than you. They love their education. Really though why do we give them such a hard time? I honestly think that saying someone is athletically elite is no different than saying that someone is talented and gifted. So why do we give them such a hard time? What's wrong with being smart? Do you remember back when you were in grade school you probably got angry when someone else won, but your teachers taught you that you should have good sportsmanship and tell that person they did a good job. This situation is no different. Although I do not agree that it should be called tag. In other schools, they call it elp (extended learning program). I think they should call it that where I go to school as well, because everyone is talented and gifted, am I right? Some are just talented in their own way, it may not be through education. I am talented through my writing, how are you talented? I would love to hear all your replies. So we're back to that awkward moment when that group insulted the tag kids. The thing is I'm such a strong writer, but when it comes to talking I fail. Just give me a pen and pencil and I'll write you an award-winning book. Give me a microphone and I'll die of shame. So when it came time for me to speak up all I could say was, "They don't think they're better than you, they love their education!" I feel like I could have said so much more. If it were you, what would you say? Would you say anything, or would you just be a bystander standing in the crowd? Will you speak up? It is a choice only you can make and to answer my question, nothing. There is nothing wrong with being smart. whether your an aspiring writer or a girl genius you go girl! (or other sex) what's holding you back? 

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