Avion: Battle with the Jusel

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Dominus, the Lord of the Slaters, has a son. A child eating monster, known as the Jusel, is caught up in a battle with Avion, Dominus's son.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011




For more than a thousand years, the Jusel roamed the Earth with a hunger that could never be satisfied. It would crawl in through windows of huts, eating anything it could find. Only, it didn’t want what was in the ice box or cabinets, it wanted children. Male children to be exact and sometimes, if the family didn’t have any male children, it would change female children to the menu.

People would often keep moving to different villages when they heard that one of their neighbors and lost their children the night before. They never realized that the Jusel was always following them until every child in that village was in its stomach. Families would mourn after losing such loved ones and often thought about war against the Jusel, but they knew much better.

Nobody could defeat the Jusel. It had a cobra’s body and was as long as great white shark. It had legs that were short and bony with razor sharp claws attached to them. Its head was too big for its body to carry, but it always managed to keep it held high. The head looked like a dragon’s only it looked more evil and horrifying. It had spikes along its back that went two feet up when it was about to attack. The scales were green, but turned red when it became angry. The mouth large enough to fit a baby’s head inside and its teeth were always covered in blood. It had fangs as sharp as a sword and could easily bite a bone in half. After a thousand years of it roaming the Earth, a thousand years of eating children, in twenty years, it would meet its death.

A small farm family, about thirteen miles away from the village of Camelot, is where a young baby was born. It was no ordinary baby, though. It was the child of a mythical creature known as a Slater. A Slater was believed to be a human-like creature that would turn invisible and helped all of the villages near Camelot win wars. This child’s father happened to be the lord of those creatures, known as Dominus. Nine months before the child was born, Dominus was told he would only live for twenty more years and would have to conceive a child to be the new lord of the Slaters. A week later, Dominus lead other Slaters into a war against another mythical creature known as the Juwons. The Slaters had to kill all of them off for they believed they were coming to invade the humans of Camelot. Dominus was accidentally not invisible like he should have been.

The battle took place in a field twenty miles away from the village, but a farm was right near the field. While doing laundry outside, Kamilla could see Dominus fighting. To her, Dominus looked like a knight just running around and acting crazy. She could not see the battle going on because everybody else was invisible. She did not know what Dominus was doing. She was not frightened, but enlightened. Dominus and the rest of the Slaters had killed off all the Juwons. They were tired and were about to go back to their invisible village in the woods when suddenly Kamilla came running into the field.

“Wait, strange knight, you dropped your helmet!”, she called as he started to walk away. He stopped, noticed there was nothing on his head and ran back. That is when he finally noticed he was not invisible. That’s also when he noticed how beautiful she was.  He knew that this had to be the mother of the future lord of the Slaters. They soon fell in love and now nine months later had their baby.

The couple was trying to think of names. Dominus had remembered what the Oracle, the being who had told Dominus to conceive a baby, had said.

“You must name him Avion, meaning battle of freedom.”

Dominus mentioned the name Avion while Kamilla was rambling on about names. She stopped, looked at her son, and then smiled.

“I love the name Avion. It suits him quite well.”, she said.

Years later, the minute Avion began to walk, Dominus started training Avion how to fight. Avion had taken on his father’s strength and was able to lift a fat pig by the time he was four. He also had his father’s speed and could run from Camelot and back in under half an hour. He became amazing at fencing and fighting. By the age of nineteen, he was ready to battle.

On the fourth day of the ancient third month was the day of the battle against the Jusel. Avion was twenty years old and his father was still quite alive. Avion wanted his father as well the rest of the Slaters to fight alongside him in battle. The battle took place in the same field where the Dominus had killed off the Juwons. The Jusel came in and was red with angry and his spikes were half way up, ready to attack at any moment.  The Jusel lunged forward and battle began.

The Jusel had taken down five Slaters within the first twenty minutes. Dominus ran towards the Jusel with one hand holding a sword and the other hand holding a shield. The Jusel bit the shield, but was aiming for the stomach. Dominus tried swinging his sword through the creature’s back, but the spikes blocked them like armor. Avion looked towards his father and then saw the Jusel bite into his rib and swallowed him whole.

Avion, in disbelief, turn red with anger like the Jusel. He grabbed a spear and without the Jusel noticing, he ran up behind and stabbed the Jusel in the rib, like where his father was bitten. The creature let out a tremendous roar and then turned to fire. It disintegrated and slowly faded away. In the ashes of the Jusel showed all the people who was eaten by the Jusel. The last face was Dominus.  Avion cried joy, sadness, and anger all at the same time.

After that, he was known as the Lord of the Slaters and the Slayer of the Jusel. He was knighted by the king, and  to this day, still help mankind win any battles.

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