The Summer Camp Love

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Two scout troops go camping and Eve and Cally fall in love.

Submitted: May 26, 2015

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Submitted: May 26, 2015



The Summer Camp Love

by Charlotte Graham

Eve had always loved summer camps with her scout troop, the tall graceful trees swaying in the summer wind. It was a place where she could just be herself. She was a cute, patient coffee drinker with long blonde wavy hair and an amazing toned body. her schoolmates saw her as one of the hot bitches but she was one of the kindest people you could meet. 

Eve unzipped the tent and stretched as she refelcted the stunning surroundings. The sun shone bright and you could hear the lions roar in the nearby safari park. she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. it was the figure of Cally Madison. Cally was very popular and a loving, gentle girl like an angel. Eve gulped, she wasnt prepeared for Cally. As Eve zipped the tent back up Cally came closer and Eve could see the radient smile accross her face.

Cally gazed with the affection of one thousand adorable kittens. She said in hushed tones "I want you Eve you're the only thing on my mind and i can't stop thinking about you and staring at you is that not clear?" Cally blushed and Eve looked up, she couldnt believe what she just heard. The girl she had been daydreaming about all week had just told her she loved her. "I - I Love you." Eve replied. They stared into each others eyes, Cally came closer but suddenly the boys ran and tackled Cally to the ground. Eve fell backwards onto their tent, Cally shoved off the boys and helped Eve up. "GIRLS INSTEAD OF EATING YOU WILL FIX THAT TENT TONIGHT!" Shouted steve the scout leader. Eves head dropped, Cally lifted her chin and said "it's ok we will fix it together it won't take that long. Eve gave a little smile and they got started.

When they finished putting up the tent they went inside the main markee to get a coffee. The boys called Cally over but she refused and sat at a bench with Eve. They talked and talked, Eve saw Cally's gorgeous green eyes slowly closing so she grabbed her hand and they went to the tent. there was only two girls on camp so it was only them in a tent. It was a cold night so they quickly brushed their teeth and got in their sleeping bags. Eve heard Cally's teeth chattering, she figured she fell asleep so she finally got the guts to cuddle up to her. She kissed her on the cheek and whispered "goodnight, I love you." Cally smiled and said "I love you too."





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